with links to British India

“Thank you for posting the information…. Sadly l think that too much time has elapsed since the majority of Anglo Indians took the option to leave, after the Independence of India and the following generation, now in their late 60's+, possibly having a family of their own, have lost the significance of their heritage and at some time in the future the following generations will be unaware of the past. Were it not for sites, such as yours, F.I.B.S. and Family Search, etc, who are recording the past events these important periods of history would be completely forgotten, for this we thank you all.”….Michael S.


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St Thomas the Apostle is said to have arrived in India in 54 A.D. Later, with the advent of the Portuguese, the French and the British in India, there was further Christian influence. In India, Christians are basically converts, although there are descendants of European settlers and Anglo-Indians. In Goa, which had long been a Portuguese domain, Christians form the majority of the population there.



Hi Russel, I am searching for the place of birth of my great-great-grandfather, Alexander Thomas Fernandez (DOB 1875). Spouse name was Amy Liah Trek and his father's name was John Fernandez . I have tried searching across various websites, but to no avail. Could you please help me out? Thanks in advance. Much appreciated! Chantelle Gawde


John FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Alexander Thomas Fernandez (b 1875)

Next Generation

Alexander Thomas FERNANDEZ (b 1875) at 23yrs on 18 May 1898 in Ooregaum, Madras married Emelia TREK (b 1880, daughter of Frederick Trek), children:

  1. Merlin Clare Bernadette Fernandez (b 9 Mar 1911, c 18 Mar 1911 Madras)

Alexander Thomas FERNANDEZ (b 1875) widowed, at 40yrs on 6 May 1916 in Salem married 38yr Henrietta Jane Maud O'LEARY (b 1878 daughter of Daniel O'Leary)



info from enid dcruz <dcruzenid@gmail.com>

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Valentine Fernandez

Next Generation

Valentine FERNANDEZ (b 1920 Bolghatty, Ernakulam) married Teresa D’COUTHO (b 1926 Bolghatty, Ernakulam), Children:

  1. Enid Fernandez (b 1944)

  2. Joyce Fernandez(b 1946)

  3. Harry Fernandez (b 1948)

  4. Green Fernandez(b 1950)

Next Generation

Enid Fernandez (b 1944 Bolghatty, Ernakulam) married Alphy D’CRUZ (1937, Mulavukad Ernakulam, Children:

  1. Crescentia D’Cruz (1971 Mumbai) married Austin Durando (1968 Mumbai)

  2. Troyden D’Cruz     (1973 Mumbai) married Cherry Phanwar (Shillong)

  3. Carolyn D’Cruz      (1981 Mumbai) married Burt Reynolds (Mumbai



info from Tony Fernandez <tony.fernandez@ccamatil.com


?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Paul Edwin Fernandez

Next Generation

Paul Edwin FERNANDEZ married Myra Dorothy PIGG in Bangalore in 1925 they had 7 children 

  1. Gertrude Fernandez – deceased

  2. Vincent Fernandez – (Buddu) deceased

  3. Olga Fernandez

  4. Thelma Fernandez – deceased

  5. Basil Fernandez – deceased

  6. Patsy Fernandez – deceased

  7. Gwen Fernandez

Next Generation

Vincent FERNANDEZ (Buddu) married Joan HELDT in 1949 they had 6 children


1.     Desmond Fernandez – b Bangalore 1950 married Cynthia O’Brien in 1974

2.     Joyce Fernandez – b Bangalore 1952 married George Peberdy in 1974

3.     Christopher Fernandez – b Bangalore 1954 married Brenda Aden in 1979

4.     Tony Fernandez – b Bangalore 1957 married Charlene Surrao in 1983

5.     Bobby Fernandez – b Bangalore 1959 married Anita Wheeler in 1985

6.     Bernie Fernandez – b Bangalore 1961 married Rex Pigg in 1983


Next Generation

Tony FERNANDEZ married Charlene SURRAO in 1983 in Bangalore  they had 2 children


1.     Melissa Fernandez – born in UAE 1984

2.     Nicole Fernandez – born in Perth Australia 1995


info from 24kirk@gmail.com

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Aubrey G Fernandez (b 1955)

Next Generation

Aubrey G FERNANDEZ (b 1955) married Elizabeth M Andrades (b 1947) . Children:

1. Steve A Fernandez (b 1981)
2. Kirk D Fernandez (b 1985)



info from tracelfernandez@gmail.com  


?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Clement Fernandez

Next Generation

Clement FERNANDEZ married Birdie REBEIRO, Children:

  1. Dexter Fernandez

  2. Cheryl Fernandez

  3. Warren Fernandez

Next Generation

Dexter FERNANDEZ married Deborah Mary ?, children:

  1. Tanya Fernandez

  2. Tracel Angela Fernandez

Cheryl FERNANDEZ married Junior Decouto, children:

  1. Chanelle Decouto

Warren FERNANDEZ married Sonali ?, their kid:

  1. Zara Milly Fernandez

  2. Zachary Fernandez

Next Generation

Tanya FERNANDEZ married Johnathan Jeremiah



info from tangerinej@hotmail.com

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Marian Yvonne Fernandez

Next Generation

Marian Yvonne FERNANDEZ (b Bangalore) married Ronald Anthony SUARES. 3 Children:

  1. Wade Howard SUARES (b 1967 Bangalore)

  2. Fabian Norbert SUARES (b 1969 Bangalore)

  3. Tangerine Maria SUARES (b 1971 Bangalore)


info from Joyanna Marilyn Menezes <joyannamarilyn@yahoo.co.in & fenton luiz fenton.luiz@gmail.com


?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. John Fernandez

Next Generation

John FERNANDEZ married Philomina ?? settled in Cochin. He had four Children.


1) Edward Fernandez (Deceased)

2) Joachim Fernandez (Deceased)

3) Lawrence Fernandez

4) Vincent Fernandez (my grandfather) born on 12th May 1926


Next Generation

Edward FERNANDEZ married Dorris ROZARIO. They had 8 children.


1) Denzil Fernandez

2) Noel Fernandez

3) FloryFernandez

4) Iona Fernandez

5) Honorine Fernandez

6) Linus Fernandez

7) Eugene Fernandez

8) Kevin Fernandez


Joachim FERNANDEZ married Lilly ISSACS (Alleppey). They had 3 children.


1) Dorris Fernandez

2) Dunstan Fernandez (Deceased)

3) Veera Fernandez


Lawrence FERNANDEZ married Mairow. They had 2 children.


1) Finny Fernandez

2) Patty Fernandez


Vincent FERNANDEZ of (Mavelikkara, Kerala) married Englantine Teresa Rebeiro (born in Palliport, Kerala - studied in Tuticorin and grew up in Alleppy - deceased on 10th Nov' 2001) and settled in Cochin. They had 11 children.


1) Jeanne Antonette Fernandez

2) Hansel Aloysious Kester Fernandez

3) Jennifer Mary Fernandez

4) Jacqueline Celestina Fernandez

5) Holiwell Peter Fernandez

6) Janice Babara Fernandez

7) Joan Susan Fernandez

8) Jewel Rita Fernandez

9) Elvira Fernandez (deceased)

10) Della Fernandez (deceased)

11) A blue eyed baby boy (deceased at birth)


Next Generation


Dorris FERNANDEZ married Joseph LOPEZ, children:



Dunstan FERNANDEZ married Edina LOPEZ, children:



  3. JOHN FERNANDEZ (b 1984 Trivandrum)

Jeanne Antonette FERNANDEZ (my mother) married Jeffrey Marion MENEZES - settled in Bangalore. They have 2 children.


1) Joyanna Marilyn Menezes

2) Jeraline Maria Menezes


Hansel FERNANDEZ married Diana De'Rose- settled in Cochin. They have 2 children.


1) Denver Alexander Fernandez

2) Herman Savio Fernandez


Jennifer FERNANDEZ married Prasad Gopinath - settled in Canada. They have 2 children.


1) Manu Savio Gopinath

2) Ajay Bosco Gopinath


Jaquelyn FERNANDEZ married John MANION - settled in Australia. They have 2 children,


1) Nikita Fabiola Manion

2) Natalia Katherine Manion


Holiwell FERNANDEZ married Tina De'Cruz- settled in Cochin. They Have 1 son.


1) Calvin Fernandez


Janice FERNANDEZ married Leonard PATRICK - settled in Bangalore. They have 1 daughter.


1) Jessica Lenora Leonard


Joan FERNANDEZ married Gary D'SOUZA- settled in Dubai. They have 2 children.


1) Jonathan Garfield D'souza

2) Gwenyth D'souza


Jewel Rita FERNANDEZ married Ajay Michael Singh - settled in Bangalore. They have 1 son.


1) Raunak Ian Singh


Next Generation

Edstan FERNANDEZ married Meenu HARRY, children:


Aaron FERNANDEZ married Dew VAAZ


John FERNANDEZ (b 1984 Trivandrum) married Mary Joeal BARUVA (b 1985 Kochi)

Veera FERNANDEZ married AGUSTINE LUIZ (Ernakulam), children:

  1. FENTON LUIZ married JOSHNA D'SILVA, children; NEIL LUIZ




info from george feliciouz <gefeliciouz@yahoo.co.in

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. John Fernandez

Next Generation

John FERNANDEZ (c.1810, Tangy Quilon) married Francesca ?? (c.1815 Surname not known),  Children( not in right order)

  1. Mary Fernandez

  2. Virginie Fernandez

  3. Joquim Fernandez (not married)

  4. Margaret Fernandez (Aunty Vava. Did not marry) 

  5. Eliza Fernandez

Next Generation 

Mary FERNANDEZ married ?? Jacobs


Virginie FERNANDEZ married ?? Rozario, her one daughter:

  1. Francy Jacobs married Dan Gonzago

Eliza FERNANDEZ married J Clements-Feliciouz (Clements part of the family is not known)



info from Jon Chua <cheeseaddictsforlife@gmail.com

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Olive Frances Fernandez

Next Generation

Olive Frances FERNANDEZ (born in Cochin, 9/3/1914, d 4th August 2006 at age 92) married Ben Robert FERNANDEZ (born in Quilon, 28/8/1905).  Children:

  1. Petronella Maria Fernandez (born in Malaysia, now in Sydney, Australia)

  2. Joseph Albert Fernandez (born in Malaysia)

  3. Jerome Robert Fernandez (born in Malaysia now working in Dacca, Bangladesh)

  4. Harold Eugene Fernandez (born in Malaysia, now in Sydney, Australia)

  5. Marcel Paul Fernandez (born in Malaysia)

  6. Frederick John Fernandez (born in Malaysia)

  7. Justina Clare Fernandez (born in Malaysia, now in Melbourne, Australia)

  8. Rosita Marie Fernandez (born in Malaysia, now in Singapore)

  9. Sylvia Olive Fernandez (born in Malaysia)

Next Generation
Petronella Maria FERNANDEZ married Robert Alan NESS, Children:

  1. Robert Alan Ness

  2. Christine Ness

  3. Maria Ness

Joseph Albert FERNANDEZ married TAN Saw Peng Ivy, Children: -Nil-

Jerome Robert FERNANDEZ married Devina ??, Children:
1. Mark Fernandez (born in Brisbane, Australia; currently in Sydney, Australia)
2. Derek Fernandez (born in Brisbane, Australia)

Harold Eugene FERNANDEZ married Avril ??, Children:
1. Harvey Fernandez (born in Sydney, Australia, currently in Missouri, United States)
2. Ava Fernandez (born in Sydney, Australia)
3. Duane Fernandez (born in Sydney, Australia)

Marcel Paul FERNANDEZ married LIM Chiu Neo Audrey, Children:
1. Elaine Frances Fernandez (born in Malaysia)
2. David Paul Fernandez (born in Malaysia)

Frederick John FERNANDEZ married Jeannette LAWS Elizabeth, Children:
1. Ryan Fernandez (born in Malaysia)
2. Brandon Fernandez (born in Malaysia)
3. Ethan Reese Fernandez (born in Malaysia)
4. Ashely Megan Fernandez (born in Malaysia)

Justina Claire FERNANDEZ married Kit Gumtorn DURONGPISITKUL, Children:
1. Diane Durongpisitkul (born in Melbourne, Australia)
2. David Durongpisitkul (born in Melbourne, Australia)
3. Kathleen Durongpisitkul (born in Melbourne, Australia)
4. Cheryl Durongpisitkul (born in Melbourne, Australia)

Rosita Marie FERNANDEZ married CHUA Kock Yong, Children:

  1. Jonathan Chua (born in Singapore)

  2. Frederick Chua (born in Singapore)


info from  Conrad Fernandez  macon@asianetindia.com

Joseph FERNANDEZ married Victoria ??, children:

  1. Michael Joseph Fernandez

Next Generation

Michael Joseph Fernandez son of Joseph & Victoria Fernandez, Tangissery, Quilon married Amy ROSS daughter of Antony & Victoria Ross, Fort Cochin. Their children are :

  1. Bryan Fernandez

  2. Trevor Fernandez

  3. Horace Fernandez - Bachelor

  4. Conrad Fernandez

  5. Alma Fernandez married Kevin Dobinson in Cairns, Australia

  6. Norman Fernandez

  7. Beryl Fernandez

Next Generation

Bryan Fernandez married Alice BARTON of Chembur, Bombay:

  1. Vivek Fernandez

  2. Neha Fernandez

Trevor Fernandez married Diana Mendez of Edacochn, children:

  1. Chiquitita Fernandez married Victor Lloyd LOBO of Thoppumpady in Cochin,

  2. Savio Fernandez

  3. Shean Fernandez

  (info from Chiquitita Lobo <chiquititalobo@gmail.com )

Conrad Fernandez married Margaret BURNABY (Mavis) of Coimbatore, children:

  1. Delano Fernandez

  2. Craig Fernandez

  3. Adelle Fernandez

Beryl Fernandez married Bertrand Dcruz of Fort Cochin, children:

  1. Antoinette Dcruz

Norman Fernandez married Anita Dsouza of Mangalore, children:

  1. Vanessa Fernandez

  2. Samantha Fernandez


info from Candida candifeg@clientlogic.com
?? FERNANDEZ married Esmie ??, 6 children:

  1. Carlton Fernandez

  2. Ruddy Fernandez

  3. Trevor Fernandez

  4. Ivan Fernandez

  5. Lavonne Fernandez

  6. Colleen Fernandez

Next Generation

Carlton Fernandez married ??, children:

  1. Jude Fernandez

  2. Joel Fernandez

Ruddy Fernandez married ??, children:

  1. Lewallan Fernandez,

  2. Alester Fernandez,

  3. Tina Fernandez

  4. Anna Fernandez

Trevor Fernandez married ??, Children:

  1. Elvis Fernandez,

  2. Aldren Fernandez

  3. Andrea Fernandez

Ivan Fernandez married ??, Children:

  1. Michelle Fernandez,

  2. Michael Fernandez

  3. Melissa Fernandez

Lavonne Fernandez married ?? BURBY, children:

  1. David Burby

  2. Alison Burby

Colleen Fernandez married ?? Fegradoe, children:

  1. Candida Fegradoe

  2. Craydon Fegradoe


info from Robinson Fernandez   robinsonfernandez@gmail.com

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Rocky Fernandez (b 1928,Thumba,Kerala - 4/4/1997)

Next Generation

Rocky FERNANDEZ  married Pauline D'CRUZ (b1948,Kerala) on 31/8/1966 at St.Peter's Church, Trivandrum, Kerala. Children:

  1. Mary Ileen (born 12/6/1967)

  2. Robinson Fernandez (born 23/1/1971, Kerala) Now residing in Singapore.

  3. Juliet Fernandez (born 06/7/1973,Singapore)

Next Generation

Mary Ileen FERNANDEZ (born 12/6/1967) married Kennedy SILVA .(Now settled in Melbourne)


Juliet Fernandez (born 06/7/1973,Singapore) married Then Pandiyan. Children:

  1. Ashiley

  2. Arthena


info from Myrvin FERNANDEZ  myrvinf@yahoo.com

Michael FERNANDEZ (born 24/06/1934, Thumba, Kerela, India) married Mary ANTHONY (born 20/10/1946, Singapore) on 15/12/1973 at Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace, Singapore,  Children:

  1. Myrvin Fernandez (born 24/07/1975, Singapore)

  2. Michalle Fernandez (born 27/01/1978, Singapore)

  3. Melissa Fernandez (borh 16/11/1980, Singapore)

  4. Mark Fernandez (borh 03/02/1987, Singapore)

Next Generation

Myrvin Fernandez (born 24/07/1975, Singapore) married Aseesa Sheik


Michalle Fernandez (born 27/01/1978, Singapore) married Martin Anthony with 2 children,

  1. Matthew Anthony and

  2. Max Anthony


info from Lesleyann  lesleyann.pereira@abcconsultants.net

Charles FERNANDEZ married Irene ??, children:

  1. Leslie Fernandez

Next Generation

Leslie FERNANDEZ married Brenda ??, children:

  1. Lesleyann Fernandez

  2. Juanpaul Fernandez

Next Generation
Lesleyann FERNANDEZ on 27 Dec 2003 married Ashley PEREIRA


info from Eric Flavian Fernandez  sfer82@hotmail.com

I would like to get in-touch with anyone known to us or with any information regards to my family, please e-mail me on sfer82@hotmail.com.

Eric Flavian
FERNANDEZ (Born 28th January 1934, Malaysia) Parents born in Tangasseri, Kerala India. married Dawn STAPLES from Madras. Children :

  1. Gordon Fernandez (Now living in New York)

  2. Charmaine Fernandez (Now living in New York)

  3. Kevin Fernandez (living in Madras)

  4. Shane Fernandez (now living in England with us, UK).


info from Anne Fernandez  caspar_69@hotmail.com.au
?? FERNANDEZ married Anne ?? (born madras) children:

  1. Simon Anthony Fernandez

  2. Nikita Anne Fernandez

  3. Melanie Crystal,

  4. Christopher Dale,

  5. Lindin Douglas.


info from Maria deRosario  mia_derosario@yahoo.com

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Colin Fernandez

Next Generation

Colin FERNANDEZ married Dyllis McCOY. Children:

  1. Elstan Fernandes

  2. Sharlene Fernandez

Next Generation

Elstan Fernandez married Lorraine ALWEYN. Children:

  1. Shane Fernandez,

  2. Andre Fernandez

Sharlene Fernandez married Lawrence NETTO. Children:

  1. Leandra Netto,

  2. Chennelle Netto



Anthony FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Stanislaus Fernandez (b 1869)

Next Generation

Stanislaus FERNANDEZ (b 1869) at 21yrs on 28 Jul 1890 in Vepery married 24yr Clementina Clarissa JOHNSTON (b 20 Oct 1866 Madras, daughter of John William & Letitia Johnston), children:

  1. Joseph Adolphus Fernandez (b 24 Apr 1891,c 17 May 1891 Madras, d 11 Jun 1891 Vepery)

  2. Alan De Joseph Fernandez (b 19 Jul 1892 Pudupet)

  3. Mabel Laura Anna Fernandez (b 1896)

Next Generation

Mabel Laura Anna FERNANDEZ (b 11 Nov 1896 Madras, d 27 Nov 1920 Cannanore) at 22yrs on  2/9/1918 in Madras married 30yr Sgt. SNTC Thomas William RUSSELL (born 29 Mar 1888, c 25 Feb 1913 Cannanore), children:

  1. George William Russell (born 29/4/1919, d 21/12/2004 Perth). George was orphaned at the age of about 2 and was brought up by his grand parents. He studied under the Jesuits and distinguished himself in various fields. He served in the British Army in the 2nd world war in the middle east.)


?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Gustave Edward Fernandez

Next Generation

Gustave Edward FERNANDEZ married Ruth Cherry ?, children:

  1. Gladys Muriel Fernandez (b 14 Aug 1923, c 8 Sep 1923 Salem)

Next Generation

Gladys Muriel FERNANDEZ (b 14 Aug 1923, c 8 Sep 1923 Salem) at 19yrs on 5 May 1943 in Bangalore married Russell John BEADLE (b 8 Apr 1922, c 16 Apr 1922 Westridge, son of Edward John & Kathleen Maud Beadle, brother of Leslie John Beadle), children:

  1. Leonard Edward Beadle (b 4 Dec 1943, c 28 Dec 1943 Poona)



info submitted by  rdesmier@bigpond.net.au

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Louis Jules Clarence Fernandez

Next Generation

Louis Jules Clarence FERNANDEZ on. 8 May 1922 at St Mary's Cathedral, Rangoon, Burma, married Dorothy Marie Therese DESMIER (b. 4 Feb 1901 Burma) . Now lives in San Francisco USA. The family name was changed from Fernandez to EDWINSON by deed poll in 1949. Dorothy's great grandparent is believed to have married a Miss Roberts who was the daughter of a Dr Roberts and the daughter of the Nizam of Hyderabad. person referred to may be Theophilus Desmier. According to Herman (#224) Dorothy's middle name is Violet. children:

  1. Ivan Randolph Edwinson b. 1924 Burma            

  2. Stella Edwinson b.  1926 Burma d. 1945 Burma               

  3. Richard Edwinson b. 24 Jul 1928 Burma . Also worked in Journalism. Now lives in a suburb of San Francisco, operates a card shop and drives a taxi.               

  4. Edwin Edwinson b1930 Burma d.  1939 Burma               

  5. Louise Edwinson b 1932 Burma 

  6. Lionel Cedric Edwinson b. 18 May1936 in Burma


info from ronfer@nw.com.au & Anne Fernandez  caspar_69@hotmail.com.au

My name is Anne Fernandez. My dad Francis Fernandez lived in Madras, married Patricia Ireland. I do not remember his parents, they lived in Ootacamund. His other siblings Tony, Manuel (max) had 3 children- Ronald, Gillian, Emberline. The whereabouts of Peter, Betty and Loumaine Fernandez are not known. I would love to hear from anyone who can help me find them or any information. I live in Victoria, Australia.

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, Children:

  1. Francis Fernandez

  2. Tony Fernandez

  3. Manuel (Max) Fernandez

  4. Peter Fernandez

  5. Betty Fernandez

  6. Loumaine Fernandez

Next Generation

Francis Fernandez from Madras, married Patricia Ireland, children:

  1. Anne Fernandez (born Madras)

Manuel (Max) FERNANDEZ married Lilian BAKER (b 25/2/1926 Coimbatore, d 28/3/1999 Perth), children: 

  1. Ronald FERNANDEZ , 

  2. Gillian FERNANDEZ, 

  3. Teresa Emberline FERNANDEZ.

Next Generation

Ronald FERNANDEZ married Jan ?? in Perth, Australia


Anne FERNANDEZ and ??, children:

  1. Simon Anthony Fernandez,  

  2. Nikita Anne Fernandez,  

  3. Melanie Crystal,

  4. Christopher Dale,

  5. Lindin Douglas.


info from    faustinlewis.co.in

Fernandez -Seeking any info. on Sebastian George Fernandez. I would like to find out his wife's name and any other details. He had several children. They lived mostly in Cochin and Cannanore.
His son Lawrence Fernandez married Francina Morris in 1905 the daughter of Francis Morris.  Lawrence Fernandez (my grandfather) who lived in Cannanore,India. He married Francine ? My grandmother worked as a postmistress in Cannanore, India. (I believe his ancestors came from Spain or Portugal).
My dad Vincent Fernandez was his son. My grandfather Lawrence had many siblings. He passed away when my dad was 5 years old. Their children were Ida, Bertram, Vincent and Elaine(nun)
I know they were related to the Noronoho's (sp) They were related to the Norohonas living in Pondicherry or Villipuram. When young they lived in Cannanore. Most of their relatives lived in Cochin and Madras.
Any help would be most appreciated.
Regards,  Maureen

I'm trying to find out any information on the ancestors of Francis Fernandez who was born, about 1827, in the Portugese territory of Daman, which is in India. He moved to Australia and lived in Victoria. He changed his name to Francis Vernon. I know of his descendants but know nothing of his ancestors. Any information would be of great use.

I'm in Penang Malaysia and I'm very keen in tracing my roots. My grandfather came from Kerala, India.

pulis@iprimus.com.au My maiden name was Fernandez and I was originally from Malaysia. I know my great grandparents originally came from India. I am also very interested to know the origin of the surname. Did your family originally come from Malaysia too ?

Similar to Karen, my wifes grandfather was a Fernandez born in Goa died in Taiping 12 Mar 1937. Married to Lavinia had two sons (Philip and Paul)and seven daughters. He was a rail track inspector.

would like to know or meet others with the same surname. Since my roots are lost. Am also interested in know more about the origins of the family name. Age 23 from Singapore.


info from Jenny Boyle desmier1956@hotmail.com rick.desmier@bigpond.com

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Denis (Denys) Arthur Fernandez

Next Generation

Denis (Denys) Arthur FERNANDEZ from Goa married Harriet Letisha ? Children as follows:

  1. Reuben FERNANDEZ

  2. Alfred Ernest FERNANDEZ

  3. Grace FERNANDEZ


  5. William FERNANDEZ (May have changed surname to MARKHAM)

  6. Minna FERNANDEZ (May have been known under surname of MARKHAM)

This family of FERNANDEZ's is said to have originated in Goa and moved to Ootacamund in late 1880's.


Next Generation

Reuben FERNANDEZ married Louise May MAXWORTH, children:

  1. Mervyne (Barney) Dudley MAXWORTH (Is it Maxworth or Fernandez ??),

  2. Bert MAXWORTH.

  3. Clarence MAXWORTH, 

  4. Aileen MAXWORTH

(They (the children) are christened under the name of Maxworth and go by that surname.  We know that their mother's (Louise) maiden name was Maxworth but their father (Reuben) was definitely Fernandez. He too went by the name Maxworth upon meeting Louise.  I have my grandfathers wedding extract which shows his brother, Reuben, signing as a witness under the name Fernandez.  This is well after his 4 children were born.  I am awaiting a death record which I believe again shows he was buried under the name Fernandez not Maxworth.  It doesn't appear that he changed his name to Maxworth legally and for some reason, unknown to us, the children were given their mother's maiden name as their surnames instead of his.  Is that as confusing as it sounds?
Apparently there is also a wedding record for Reuben but I haven't received that either.  It's possible that it may turn out not to be the wedding record of Reuben and Louise. Regards Jenny.) desmier1956@hotmail.com


Alfred Ernest FERNANDEZ married Ethel May McMAHON Children as follows:

  1. Gwen Hope FERNANDEZ married Pat MYERS. Had 2 children

  2. Noel FERNANDEZ married Mary KITTO. Had 2 children

  3. Rosalind Harriet FERNANDEZ married Gerald PHILLIPS. Had 1 child

  4. Kate FERNANDEZ married Louie BALLANTYNE. Had 8 children

  5. Joan Philomena FERNANDEZ married Francis Patrick DESMIER. Had 3 children

  6. Marlene FERNANDEZ married Douglas Kenneth DESMIER. Had 3 children

  7. Winton FERNANDEZ married Lesie O'BRIEN. Had 4 children

  8. Shirley FERNANDEZ spinster

Grace FERNANDEZ married ?HEREFORD. Children as follows:

  1. Dolly HEREFORD married ?

  2. Harold HEREFORD bachelor

  3. Vivian HEREFORD bachelor

Ella FERNANDEZ married Cecil SMITH. Children as follows:

  1. Ella SMITH

  2. Fred SMITH

  3. Joan SMITH married Clarence MAXWORTH. Had 1 child

Next Generation

Joan Philomena FERNANDEZ (b. 1932 Tanjore, d. 11/10/2020) married Francis (Frank) Patrick DESMIER (b.22/4/1929 in Trichy). Had 3 children

  1. Patricia Joan FREIBERG b. 1955 married to Kenneth Michael FREIBERG. They had 2 children, Michael Shane FREIBERG b. and Steven Patrick FREIBERG  d. 6/1/98,

  2. Jennifer Margaret BOYLE b. 1956 married to Peter William BOYLE. They have 2 children, David Peter Boyle b. 27/6/76 and Rebecca Leigh Boyle b. 18/5/82

  3. Diane Christine JONES b. 1958 married to Errol JONES. They have 2 children, Renee JONES and Aaron JONES.

Joan Philomena FERNANDEZ (b. 1932 Tanjore, d. 10/10/2020) was divorced from Frank (Pat) early 1970's and later married Albert "Bill" WILLIAMS. Frank later married Patricia (Bunny) Linnell. Bill sadly passed away only a short few years later but from that union, another child was born.

  1.  Joan Edith Leslie Williams (b 1973) married Michael MORGAN. They have 1 child: Harry MORGAN

At the time of Joan's recent passing, she is survived by 4 daughters, 4 sons in laws, 6 grandchildren and 7 great grand children.


Marlene FERNANDEZ married Douglas Kenneth DESMIER (b. 7 Aug 1930 Tiruchirappalli d 17 June 1996 Melbourne Australia) .children:              

  1. Julie Ann Desmier b. 1957 Australia m. Gary Cromie, children: 1) Adam David Cromie b. 1987. 2) Michelle Cromie b.1990              

  2. Francis Charles Desmier b. 1960              

  3. Sandra Louise Desmier b. 1963  married Phillip Barnes   


info submitted by rick.desmier@bigpond.com

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Mary Therese FERNANDEZ

Next Generation

Mary Therese FERNANDEZ married Thomas A DESMIER (b 1867) on 27 Jul 1892.  Uncle Tom, as he was known to many of the Desmiers in Trichy worked for the railways. In addition he was the organist at St Mary's Cathedral. The pipe organ is still in the Cathedral - but untouched. He was also instrumental in the planning of the Railway Colony at Golden Rock, Trichy, children:

  1. Mary Desmier b 1893 d.  Kenya  m. Jimmy Gallyot   m. ----- Renaux    Mary's nickname was Girlie. After marriage they emigrated to Kenya. Their daughter returned to India.            

  2. Merlyn Renaux   Encouraged by her mother to return to India because of the trouble in Africa; Merlyn did so and taught at Stella Maris School for about a year. She had some trouble with her throat which turned out to be cancer she eventually died of it. Her husband eventually remarried.          

  3. Bertram Desmier b 1895 d. 1 Feb 1966  m. I d'Laselle b1906 d. 12 Jul 1990 

Next Generation

Mary Therese FERNANDEZ (b 1908)  on  14 May 1930 married Cyril A DESMIER (b. 1 Jul 1900 d. 28 May 1965)            


Pamela FERNANDEZ (b.1932) on 6th Jan 1958 married  Douglas G DESMIER (b. 1931), children:

  1. Lindsay Desmier b 1959

  2. Jennifer Desmier b 1961

  3. Caroline Desmier (b 1964) on 20 Aug 1988 married Paola Boscorato (b 1958) 

  4. Mark Desmier b 1970             


info from Colin Fernandez  choirman@msn.com

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. John Alban Fernandez

  2. Reginald Francis Fernandez

  3. Eugene Joseph Fernandez (Babs)

  4. May Fernandez

Next Generation

John Alban FERNANDEZ of Trichinopoly, married Ina May FIRTH (b May 1911 London) in July 1933 at St Mathias' Church, in Worcester Park Surrey.   Six children:

  1. Denise Marie Fernandez (b. 1934 d.1935)

  2. Yvonne Teresa Fernandez (b 1935)

  3. Anthony John Fernandez (b. 1938)

  4. Barbara Anne Fernandez (b. 1942 d. 2001)

  5. Diane Veronica Fernandez (b. 1944)

  6. Colin Patrick Fernandez (b. 1949)

Next Generation
Yvonne Teresa FERNANDEZ (b 1935) married ?



info from juinb@hotmail.com

 Horace is a first cousin to my mother Adele Footman.

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Herbert Fernandez

Next Generation

Herbert FERNANDEZ married Ivy ??, children:

  1. Horace Fernandez (twin)

  2. Max Fernandez (twin)

  3. Rita Fernandez

Horace FERNANDEZ married Thelma NIPPS in London.



info from lyndnick@hotmail.com and Michael Larkum http://www.larkumnet.freeserve.co.uk/main.html

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children

  1. Maurice Donald FERNANDEZ

Next Generation

Maurice Donald FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Evelyn Iona Fernandez

  2. Rene Duncan Fernandez

Next Generation

Evelyn Iona FERNANDEZ married Brian Claude Augustus SUARES (Birth : 8 Mar 1919 Washmanpet, Madras, India. Death : 26 Apr 1960 Bangalore, India.) at St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral, Bangalore, India, children:

  1. Lincoln SUARES

  2. Jennifer SUARES

  3. Everton SUARES

  4. Sandy SUARES

  5. Beverly SUARES

Rene Duncan FERNANDEZ married Merlyn Maureen TRECK, Children:

  1. Charmine Fernandez

  2. Wayne Fernandez

  3. Kevin Fernandez

  4. Glenford Fernandez

  5. Patricia Fernandez

  6. Virginia Fernandez

          (info from Dale Peacock  dalepeacock@yahoo.com & patricia_peacock@greyindia.com )

Next Generation

Charmine Fernandez married Sonu EDWARDSChildren:

  1. Russel Edwards

  2. Nicole Edwards

Wayne Fernandez married Melanie KAPPER, Children:

  1. Steffi Fernandez

  2. Sarah Fernandez

Kevin Fernandez married Roslyn MILLS, Children:

  1. Rene Fernandez 

  2. Katarina Fernandez

Patricia FERNANDEZ married Dale PEACOCK, Children:

  1. Candice Peacock

  2. Samantha Peacock

Virginia Fernandez married John GAWDE, Children:

  1. Chantelle  Gawde

  2. Chyrse Gawde


info from Tony Fernandez  anthony.fernandez@nec.com.au

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Cyril Jerome Fernandez

Next Generation

Cyril Jerome FERNANDEZ married Rhoda Elizabeth ??(owners of tea estates in Kottayam district in the State of Kerala.), children:

  1. Mary C. Fernandez

  2. Leo Fernandez (late) died 1995

  3. Barbara Fernandez

  4. Terrence J. Fernandez

  5. Antony J. Fernandez

  6. Della F. Fernandez

  7. Godfrey J. Fernandez

(The family has now settled down in Melbourne Australia.)

Next Generation



Barbara FERNANDEZ married ?? D'COUTO


Anthony FERNANDEZ married Judaline ?, they have two daughters

  1. Sonia Fernandez

  2. Sarah Fernandez

Della F. FERNANDEZ married ?? D'ROZARIO


info from Wayne David waynesgonenextdoor@hotmail.com ,Chester Rebeiro chetrebeiro@yahoo.com

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Myrtle Fernandez

Next Generation

Myrtle FERNANDEZ married Bernard Oscar REBEIRO, children:

  1. Mervyn Rebeiro

  2. Avril Rebeiro

  3. Glynn Rebeiro

  4. Vivian Rebeiro


info from Chester Rebeiro chetrebeiro@yahoo.com

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Dean Fernandez

Next Generation

Dean FERNANDEZ married Mervyn Rebeiro on 29/12/1974,  children -

  1. Chester Dominic Rebeiro

  2. Basil Oscar Rebeiro


Info supplied by Maria Hendricks  hendricm@bupa-intl.com  hendricm@hotmail.com

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Phyllis Fernandez

Next Generation

Phyllis FERNANDEZ married Peter HENDRICKS , children :

  1. Ashlyn Hendricks

  2. Eslyn Hendricks

  3. Maria Hendricks


Info supplied by Maria Hendricks  hendricm@bupa-intl.com  hendricm@hotmail.com

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Veeda Fernandez

Next Generation

Veeda FERNANDEZ married Bobby Hendricks  - one daughter

  1. Annette Hendricks


info from Sandra D'Souza  bitwise_sandy@yahoo.com )

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Margaret Fernandez

Next Generation

Margaret FERNANDEZ married Francis William LETHBRIDGE Children :

  1. Ferdinand LETHBRIDGE

  2. Celine LETHBRIDGE

  3. Anthony LETHBRIDGE

  4. Sandra LETHBRIDGE

  5. Cheryl LETHBRIDGE


info from glen_ferns@hotmail.com , Deanna.Gomez@qr.com.au & kervin_ferns@hotmail.com

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Norman David Fernandez (School: 1939 to 1947 St. Bedes, Mylapore Madras  1948 to 1950 St. Mary's Armenian Street, Madras, Worked in Bombay in 1952.  Recruited to Indian Railways from 1953.  Worked in Hubli, Madras, Secunderabad and back to Hubli.  Retired in 1992 from Hubli. Migrated to Brisbane, Australia in 1995, passed away on 3rd March 2005 in Hubli, India. )

Next Generation

Norman David FERNANDEZ of Hubli, married Glenda CURTIS (studied at Sacred Heart Convent, Hubli 1950's) now living in Brisbane, children:

  1. Dean Fernandez (Studied in St. Mary's School, Hubli and La Martinere College, Lucknow - now living in Canberra, Australia)

  2. Deanna Fernandez (Studied in Sacred Heart Convent, Hubli.  Completed University at the Women's College, Hubli and QUT Brisbane - now living in Brisbane, Australia.

  3. Kerwin Fernandez (Studied in St. Mary's School, Hubli.  Completed university at JGCC, Hubli and Post Graduation at Shivaji University, Kholapur - now living in Brisbane, Australia)

Next Generation

Dean Fernandez married Racquel GOMEZ of Baroda and has 2 daughters:

  1. Jade

  2. Sarah

Deanna Fernandez married Errol GOMEZ , children:

  1. Zane

  2. Zara


info from eugenes@eftel.com.au

?? FERNANDEZ  married ??, children:

  1. Mary Bridget Clotild FERNANDEZ (b.Chittagong East Pakistan)

Next Generation

Mary Bridget Clotild FERNANDEZ (b.Chittagong East Pakistan) married Julius Louis SIBELLE (b 1889. Port Louis d. Calcutta 1957)  , children:

  1. Louis Nemrode Francis Sibelle (b 31 Oct 1919)

  2. Eric Percy Joseph Sibelle (b 14 Oct 1922)

  3. Frank Reginald Sibelle (b 22 June 1927)

  4. Charles Melville Sibelle (b July 1929)

  5. Douglas John Sibelle (b 28 April 1935)

  6. Edmund Vincent Sibelle (b 15 April 1937)

  7. Muriel Irene Sibelle (Cantopher) (b 26 December 1925)

  8. Mae Constance Sibelle (West) (b 22 June 1932)


info from Glen Nigli glennigli@sancharnet.in and Faustin Lewis

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. John Fernandez (born 1805)

Next Generation

John FERNANDEZ (born 1805) came to India via Goa and later went to south India in Kerala via sea and landed at Purakkad near Cochin with a Missionary. He married Mary FERNANDEZ (Born 1810) (was this her maiden name??) Their only son was 

  1. Daniel Fernandez (1843-1921)

Next Generation

Daniel FERNANDEZ (1843-1921) married Philomena D'CRUZ (1847-1915, daughter of Captian CAPTIAN D'Cruz) from Vypeen in Cochin, children:

  1. Matilda Fernandez

  2. Jerome Fernandez

  3. Eugene Fernandez

  4. Marceline Fernandez

  5. Felicita Fernandez

  6. Josephine Fernandez

  7. Vincent Charles Fernandez

  8. Grace Mary Fernandez

Next Generation

Matilda FERNANDEZ married Kayithan SMAIL, children:

  1. Anthony Henry Smail

  2. Robert Smail

Jerome FERNANDEZ married Mary D'CRUZ, children:

  1. Gilbert Fernandez

  2. Kitty Fernandez

  3. Vincent Fernandez (became a priest)

  4. Denny Fernandez married Ida ?

  5. Mathew Fernandez

  6. Lilly Fernandez

info from Glen Nigli glennigli@sancharnet.in

Eugene FERNANDEZ married Annetta NORONHA, children:

  1. Joseph Fernandez (Jossy)

  2. Cyril Fernandez (Bachelor)

  3. Irence Fernandez

Marceline FERNANDEZ married Regina VAZ, children

  1. Marie Stella Fernandez

  2. Romalda Fernandez (Violet)

Felicita FERNANDEZ married Ponney FERNANDEZ, children:

  1. Charles Fernandez (Reggie)

  2. Lizzie Fernandez

  3. Joseph Tessie Fernandez

  4. Maurice Fernandez (Bachelor)

  5. Herbert Edward Fernandez married Joyce Mary Rose

  6. Rose Fernandez

  7. Norbert Fernandez

  8. Tommie Fernandez (living in Bangalore)

  9. William Benedict Fernandez (living in Bangalore)

  10. Caroline Lily Fernandez

Josephine FERNANDEZ married Bernard NIGLI, children:

  1. Elsie Nigli married Norman Fernandez, children: Desmond

  2. Rose Margaret Nigli (became a Nun)

  3. Richard Nigli

  4. Anto Nigli

  5. Henry Nigli

  6. Stephen Nigli

  7. Robin Nigli

  8. Berty Nigli

  9. Dolly Nigli

Vincent Charles FERNANDEZ married Elizabeth VAZ, children:

  1. Georgy Fernandez

  2. Melville Fernandez

Grace Mary FERNANDEZ married Dominic Mathew NORONHA, children:

  1. Florrie Grainger Noranho

  2. Vincent Antony Noranho

  3. Rose Marie Noranho (became a nun)

  4. Berty Noranho

  5. Dan Noranho

  6. Jeery Noranho

Next Generation

Gilbert FERNANDEZ married Margret VAZ, children:

  1. Clifford Fernandez

  2. Douglas Fernandez

  3. Hedred Fernandez

Kitty FERNANDEZ married Joseph John NORONHA, children:

  1. Nelson Noronha

  2. Sybil Noronha

  3. Doris Noronha

Kitty FERNANDEZ married John ROZARIO, children:

  1. Christy Rozario

  2. Hilda Rozario

  3. Teddy Rozario

  4. Harold Rozario

  5. Duncan Rozario (became a priest, Fr Augustine)

  6. Pearl Rozario (became a nun Sr Theodosia)

  7. Stanley Rozario

  8. Mertie Rozario

Mathew Fernandez married Gladis Sylvia PEREIRA


Lilly Fernandez married Antony Cardoza


Joseph Fernandez (Jossy) married Catherine VAZ (Baby)


Irence Fernandez married Cyril Mendez


Marie Stella Fernandez married Elias Cardoza (Harry)


Romalda Fernandez (Violet) married Stephen VAZ (Stenny)


Lizzie Fernandez married Francis HURTIS


Joseph Tessie Fernandez married Winifred Hessing now Lewis


Herbert Edward Fernandez married Joyce Mary Rose


Norbert FERNANDEZ of Mavelikara (worked with Ronald Ross Nobel prize winner 1902) married Girely LOPEZ children 5, 1 boy died 4 girls, also changed his surname to SINCLAIR,

  1. Iren Mona Sinclair married Shervel Laport Wypeen worked in  railways Calcutta  .children, 4 boys

  2. Shirly Seraphia Sinclair married Francis Paul Lewis also known as Percy, 6 children 1 girl 5 boys

  3. Eleanor Sinclair married Wallty Roberts, Ernakulam editor, residing at Sydney, 1 girl

  4. June Sinclair married Glen D Cruz, Fort Cochin captain, residing at Melbourne, 2 children 1 boy,1 girl.

      (info from Faustin Patrick Lewis  faustinlewis@yahoo.co.in )

Caroline Lily FERNANDEZ married Elwyn PEREIRA, 8 children. They then moved to Madras, and now uncle and aunt are no more.   

  1. Nigel, is an Accountant.

  2. Barney, is still in Fort Cochin and works for a Bank as a Chartered Accountant

  3. Norma,

  4. Sandra, is in America

  5. Gail,

  6. Ann

  7. and I am not sure of the other names


info submitted by conway@esc.net.au

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Mavis Ruth FERNANDEZ

Next Generation

Mavis Ruth FERNANDEZ married Albert Victor CONWAY (b 1932) at St. Francis Xavier's Church, Bangalore, children:

  1. Fitzgerald Anthony CONWAY (b 1964)

  2. Conrad John CONWAY (b1965, Cox Town, Bangalore)

  3. Louanna Sophia CONWAY (b1971, Bangalore)

Info submitted by  cindex@optusnet.com.au

Marc FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Percival Fernandez (Percy)

  2. William Fernandez

Next Generation

Percival FERNANDEZ from Rajahmundry India,  married Ivy CONWAY ,children:

  1. Denzil Fernandez

  2. Beryl Fernandez

  3. Daphne Fernandez

  4. Celine Fernandez

  5. Rosalind Fernandez

  6. Allwyn Fernandez

  7. Errol Fernandez

William FERNANDEZ married ??, Children:

  1. Dagma FERNANDEZ

?? FERNANDEZ married ??. children:

  1. Carlton FERNANDEZ (born?)

Carlton FERNANDEZ (born?) (1 child), in 1970 at Cochin, South India, married Maureen FIGREDO (born 29 Dec.1947),  

  1. Kenneth Fernandez (born 17 Oct.1970)

Next Generation

Denzil FERNANDEZ married Joan ?? -children

  1. Gerard Fernandez,

  2. Michael Fernandez,

  3. Tony Fernandez(s)

  4. Renshaw Fernandez(s)

Beryl FERNANDEZ married Percival Lawrence D'GAMA

Daphne FERNANDEZ married Desmond ROBERTS-children

  1. Pandora Roberts,

  2. Earl Roberts

  3. Desiree Roberts

Celine Antoinette FERNANDEZ married Llewellyn Albert MOSES,  children:

  1. Marilyn Moses

  2. Dean Moses

  3. Rickardo Moses

  4. Clayton Jude Moses (twin)

  5. Cindy Lou Moses (twin)

Celine Antoinette FERNANDEZ married Cecil David MARTINZ-children

  1. Trindale Martinz

  2. Melissa Martinz

Rosalind Fernandez married Duncan BARTHOLOMEUSZ-children

  1. Clinton Bartholomeusz

  2. Simmone Bartholomeusz

Allwyn Fernandez married Rita JENKINS


Errol Fernandez married Patsy JEREMIAH-children

  1. Beverly Fernandez,

  2. Marsha Fernandez

  3. Amy Fernandez

Dagma FERNANDEZ married Earl FIGREDO (b 1929?), children, 

  1. Eric Figredo (Gulf),

  2. Edsel "Bobby" Figredo……Madras,

  3. Greta Figredo……..Sydney,

  4. Dominic Figredo…….Madras


info submitted by cmckinnon@vtown.com.au
?? FERNANDEZ married ??, Children:

  1. Blanche Irene FERNANDEZ (b1905)

Next Generation

Blanche Irene FERNANDEZ (b1905 (Madras) married Alexandra Joseph MacKINNON (b1901) ,Children;

  1. Yola MacKINNON (b 13/02/1932, Bangalore)

  2. Colin MacKINNON (b 16/07/1933, Lahore)

  3. Aster MacKINNON (b 21/09/1935 Bangalore)

  4. Dawn MacKINNON (b 28/06/1937 Madras)

  5. Dexter MacKINNON (b.9/08/1939)

  6. Treasure MacKINNON (b.14/07/1943 Puna)

  7. Charles MacKINNON (b. 24/3/1946 Vishakhapatnam)


info from Virgil Fernandez virgil.fernandez@tinyworld.co.uk

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, Children:

  1. Patrick FERNANDEZ

Next Generation

Patrick FERNANDEZ married Phyllis MURPHY: 

  1. Shirley Marie Fernandez 

  2. Ronald Patrick Fernandez 

  3. Noreen Fernandez 

  4. Evonne Fernandez 

  5. Leo Anthony FERNANDEZ (10/7/1945).

Next Generation

Shirely Marie FERNANDEZ married Kenneth NORDMANN


Ronald Patrick FERNANDEZ married Margaret MARLER, children:

  1. Michael Norbet Fernandez

  2. Virgil Andy Fernandez

  3. Michelle Ann Fernandez

  4. Blase Anton Fernandez

Noreen FERNANDEZ married Sylvester MENDEZ


Evonne FERNANDEZ married Ronald SUARES


Leo Anthony FERNANDEZ  married Wendy CARROLL



?? FERNANDEZ married ??, Children:


Next Generation

John FERNANDEZ married Kathleen Elizabeth FONCECA, children : 

  1. David Fernandez 

  2. Maryanne Fernandez 

  3. Kimberley Fernandez


info from Mary Patricia Denniz mary@nuaire-me.com

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, Children:

  1. Pearl FERNANDEZ

Next Generation

Pearl FERNANDEZ  from Tangasseri married Francis Xavier ROSS (from Cochin, and who worked his entire life in the Railways while in Darjeeling). They have settled in Mt.Carmel Rd, Tangasseri, children:  

  1. Mary Patricia ROSS


info from Cathy ckannedy@optusnet.com.au.

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, Children:


Next Generation

Mark FERNANDEZ married Adelaide De GAMA, children :

  1. Kingsley Fernandez

  2. Cecil Fernandez

  3. Doris Fernandez

  4. Willie Fernandez

  5. Percy Fernandez

  6. Robbie Fernandez

  7. Malcolm Fernandez

Next Generation

Kingsley FERNANDEZ married May VARDON, children :

  1. Margaret Fernandez

  2. Gwendoline Fernandez

  3. Philip Fernandez

  4. Elsie Fernandez

  5. Heather Fernandez

  6. Paul Fernandez

  7. Susan Fernandez

  8. Charles Fernandez

  9. Christopher Fernandez

Cecil FERNANDEZ married ? VANSPALL, children : 

  1. Lyra Fernandez, 

  2. Nadine Fernandez

Percy FERNANDEZ married Sheila ROACH



?? FERNANDEZ married ??, Children:

  1. Marine FERNANDEZ

Next Generation

Marine FERNANDEZ (b.1935) married Brian BROUGHTON (b.1936)


Gwen FERNANDEZ (b. ??) married Malcolm BROUGHTON (b.??)



info submitted by vanessacoelho_uk@hotmail.com
?? FERNANDEZ married ??, Children:

  1. William FERNANDEZ

Next Generation

William FERNANDEZ (born in Kerala 25/06/early 1990's) married Nova EDMONDS (born in Trichy 26/04/early 1990's), lives in Perambur from 1996, Madras...Children,

  1. Arlene Fernandez (born Madras 07/12/1956)

  2. Asilita Fernandez born Madras 25/05/1959,

  3. Jennifer Fernandez (passed away at the age of 2)

  4. Belinda Fernandez (passed away at the age of 21)

Next Generation
Arlene Fernandez (born Madras 07/12/1956 moved to London) married ?? COELHO, child

  1. Vanessa COELHO born Madras 16/03/1985

Asilita Fernandez (born Madras 25/05/1959) married ?? CORRIE, child

  1. Natasha CORRIE born Madras 07/03/1983


?? FERNANDEZ married ??, Children:


Next Generation

Jude FERNANDEZ married Bernadette ALWEYN, They had 1 child

  1. Caroline FERNANDEZ


info from cherfern@hotmail.com
?? FERNANDEZ married ??, Children:

  1. Aubrey FERNANDEZ

Next Generation

Aubrey FERNANDEZ married Cheryl D'NETTO, Children:



info from Kay kef@planet-interkom.de

?FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. James FERNANDEZ (born James FONCECA..adopted)

Next Generation

James FERNANDEZ (formerly James FONCECA) married Hilda D'COSTA , children:

  1. Barbara FERNANDEZ

  2. Rhone FERNANDEZ

  3. Edward FERNANDEZ

  4. Miranda FERNANDEZ


info from boylep@hypermax.net.au
??FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Reuben FERNANDEZ

Next Generation

Reuben FERNANDEZ of Ootacamund, married Louisa May MAXWORTH (died in Bangalore, India in either 1948 or 1949) after her first husband Michael returned to Ireland, in Bangalore, (Reuben Fernandez dropped his name Fernandez and went under the name Maxworth prior to meeting Louisa May Maxworth. Do not think he legally changed his name. His mothers maiden name may have been Maxworth also.  Mothers name was Harriet Letisha ?) 4 children:

  1. Barney Maxworth

  2. Bert Maxworth

  3. Clarence Maxworth

  4. Aileen Maxworth


info from lfernz@rediffmail.com

??FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Michael Fernandez (b.1935, Mangalore)

Next Generation

Michael FERNANDEZ (born 09.12.1935, Mangalore) married to Marie LEWIS (born 20.05.40) on 30.10.68 at Milagres Church, Kallianpur, Udupi. Children:

  1. Lionel Norbert Fernandez(b1969 at Bombay).

  2. Rohan David Fernandez (b1971 at Bangalore).

  3. Denzil Joydeep Fernandez (b1972 at Udupi).


info from richlynn26@hotmail.com

?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Leslie FERNANDEZ

Next Generation

Leslie FERNANDEZ of Guntakal married Estelle ??, children:

  1.  Lynn Fernandez


?? FERNANDEZ married ??, children:

  1. Cheryl Fernandez

Next Generation

Cheryl FERNANDEZ married Allan Raymond REBELLO (b 1951), children:

  1. Bruce Rebello (b 7/4/1978)

  2. Deanne Rebello (b 12/11/1989)


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