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info courtesy of Mike Larkum , homepage , (Oriental and India Office, Records)

info from Janelle Boyton Mark Suares , Belinda Suares , Neal Guy Augustus Suares

Anthony SUARES married ??, children:

  1. Martin SUARES,

  2. Augustine SUARES

  3. Joseph SUARES

  4. John SUARES

  5. Edward SUARES (b abt 1852, India)

  6. Anthony SUARES (Jnr) (b abt 1858, India)

  7. Bella SUARES

  8. Mercy SUARES

Next Generation

Joseph SUARES married ??, children

  1. Heron SUARES (married SMITH)

John SUARES married Merci LAZARO, children:

  1. Augustus Bernard SUARES (b1882)

  2. Patrick George SUARES (b abt 1883 India)

  3. Thomas Wellington SUARES (b abt 1884)

  4. Richard William SUARES (b abt 1886)

  5. Victoria Clementine SUARES (b abt 1891)

  6. Mary Dorothy SUARES (b 1899 Nursingapuram, India.

  7. Sylvie SUARES

  8. Eugene SUARES

  9. Lazarus SUARES (b 1902 Royapettah, India.)

Edward SUARES (b abt 1852) married ??, children:

  1. Adolphus Fred SUARES (b abt 1882)

  2. Clifford Joseph SUARES (b abt 1883, d 20 May 1938 North George Town Madras)

  3. Josephine Mary SUARES (b abt 1887)

Edward SUARES (his 2nd marriage) married Mary LAZARO on 21 Sep 1889, St.Francis Xavier Church, Madras, India., children:

  1. John Edward SUARES (b 3 Oct 1898, North Black Town, Madras, India)

Anthony SUARES on 12/7/1882 in Madras, married Emma QUINTUALL (father. John QUINTUALL). children:

  1. Francis Terrence SUARES (b abt 1883, India)

  2. Christopher Gabriel SUARES (b abt 1885, India)

  3. Florence SUARES (b abt 1891, India)

Anthony SUARES on 31/3/192, St.Francis Xavier Church, Madras married (2nd marriage) Anne QUINTUALL (b abt 1875, India, father. John QUINTUALL), children:

  1. Egbert Vincent SUARES (Birth  1913, North George Town, India.)

  2. Gladys Clara SUARES (Birth : abt 1915 India.)

  3. Ethel Josephine SUARES (b 1919, George Town, Madras, India.)

Bella SUARES married DHILLON.


Next Generation

Augustus Bernard SUARES (Birth : 26 Aug 1882 India. Death : 23 Jul 1965, 9 Benson Cross Road, Bangalore, India. Source: Grave Stone) on 18 Jul 1904 in Purification Church, Wallapettah, India, married Ivy Genevive FLORY (Birth : 19 Jan 1887 ,Death : 18 Aug 1954, 9 Benson Cross Road, Bangalore, India. Source: Grave Stone), children:

  1. SUARES, Harold Joseph Birth : 5 1905 India.

  2. SUARES, Anthony Eric Augustus (b1906, Royapettah, Madras. Dec 30.11.2004)

  3. SUARES, Arthur Bernard (b 1908 Vizagapatam, India. d 1968 Bangalore, India.)

  4. SUARES, Millicent Emily (b 1910 India., d 1994 Bangalore, India).

  5. SUARES, Olive Blanche (b 1912 India).

  6. SUARES, Phillis Teresa (b 1914 North George Town, Madras, India.)

  7. SUARES, Lawrence Percival (b 1915 India.)

  8. SUARES, Brian Claude Augustus (b1919 Washmanpet, Madras, India.)

  9. SUARES, Herman Augustus (b 1920 Jolarpet, India.)

  10. SUARES, Marjorie Teresa

  11. SUARES, Doreen Francisca

  12. Russell Augustus Suares

  13. Yvonne Teresa Suares

  14. Hazel Teresa Suares

Patrick George SUARES (b abt 1883 India) married Edna Iris DUNCAN (b abt 1895, d 1919 Madras, India. father, Adrian Duncan), children:

  1. Mary Patricia Johanna SUARES  (b 1913 Royapetta, India.)

  2. Joseph Clarrence SUARES (b1915 Royapetah, India.)

  3. Thelma Josaphine SUARES (b 1917 Royapetah, India.)

  4. George Cliford SUARES (b 1919 Royapetta, India.)

Thomas Wellington SUARES on 11/6/1913 married Mary Ann D'MONTE, children:

  1. Bell Thomas SUARES (b 1914)

  2. Hugh George SUARES (b 1915)

  3. Cuthbert Lawrence SUARES (b 1916)

  4. Roy Suares

  5. Joy Mercy Gabriel SUARES

  6. Mavis Blanche SUARES

  7. Hycinthus Xavier Suares - (b 1923)

  8. Anthony Ignatius Kenneth SUARES (b 1925)

Thomas Wellington SUARES married for the second time after the death of his first wife Mary Ann D'Monte. He married Alice PINTO (my grand mother). They went on to have two children.

  1. Colleen Olga Josephine SUARES

  2. Hazel Joyce SUARES

(above info from Rodney Srinivasan )

Richard William SUARES (b abt 1886) married Irene Barbara LOVERY (b abt 1891. Father, Henry Lovery), children:

  1. Noel John SUARES  (b 1912, Royapetta, India.)

  2. Anthony Mark Leslie SUARES (b 1914, Royapetta, India.)

  3. Enid Mary SUARES (b 1918, Arkonan, India.)

  4. Mary Antonette SUARES (b 1920, India.)

  5. Merci SUARES

  6. John Henry Francis SUARES (b 1930, Katgudo, India.)

Victoria Clementine SUARES (b abt 1891) married 1st cousin Christopher Gabriel SUARES (b abt 1885, India), children:

  1. Joseph Mervyn SUARES, (b 1915 North George Town, Madras, India.)

  2. Anthony Leslie SUARES, (b 1918 Washermanpet, India.)

  3. Michael Ronald SUARES (b 1920 Washermanpet, India.)

  4. Frances Merlyn SUARES (b 1923 in George Town, Madras, India.)

Mary Dorothy SUARES (b 25 Apr 1899 Nursingapuram, India.) married Patrick FLEURY, children:

  1. Mona FLEURY

Sylvie SUARES married Joseph LOVERY, children:

  1. Beryl LOVERY

  2. George LOVERY

  3. Duggie LOVERY

Adolphus Fred SUARES (b abt 1882) at 22yrs on 13 Apr 1904 in North Blacktown, Madras married 18yr Violet Georgiana BRASS (b 1886 daughter of Albert Brass), children:

  1. Stanislaus William Suares (b 23 Aug 1917 Champion Reefs, Madras)

Clifford Joseph SUARES (b abt 1883, d 20 May 1938 North George Town Madras) at 21yrs on 5 Sep 1904 in Madras married 20yr Maude Beatrice BRASS (b 1884, d 17 Oct 1923 Madras, daughter of Albert Brass), children:

  1. Hubert Suares (b 5 Apr 1913 Madras)

  2. Craften Alexander Suares (b 24 Feb 1915 Madras)

  3. Mary Suares (b 1 Jan 1917 Madras)

  4. Goswell Denrie Joseph Suares (b 17 Oct 1923 Madras)

Francis Terrence SUARES married Winifred Leonora MARTIN (b abt 1893) on 5/11/1913 at Assumption Church, Madras. children:

  1. Mary Constance SUARES (b 1914, George Town, Madras)

  2. Clarrissa Emelia SUARES (b 1915, North George Town, Madras, India.

  3. Frelis Antonia SUARES , (b 1918, George Town, Madras, India.

  4. Vincent Christie SUARES (b 1920, North George Town, Madras, India. d 1921, Madras, India.)

  5. Cecilia Daphne SUARES, (b 1922, George Town, Madras, India.)

  6. Bridget Eugene SUARES , (b 1924, George Town, Madras, India.)

  7. Anthony George SUARES

Florence SUARES married James ANDERSON (b abt 1890), children:

  1. Gweny ANDERSON

Egbert Vincent SUARES (b 1913, North George Town, India.) married (eldest daughter of his 1st cousin Patrick George Suares) Mary Patricia Johanna SUARES (b 1913 Royapetta, India)

Gladys Clara SUARES (b abt 1915 India.) married Joseph Peter MASCARENHAS (b abt 1906 India. Father, Paul Mascarenhas) on 2 Jan 1937, St.Patrick's Cathedral, Bangalore, India.


Next Generation

Harold Joseph SUARES (b 1905 India.) married on 14 Mar 1934 in St.Joseph's Church, Podanur, India, Beryl Maude Mary BLAIZEY (b abt 1910 India.)


Hycinthus Xavier SUARES  (b 1923) married Tyra Gonzales, children:

  1. Suares, Christopher Gregory Married  Maria Conyers

  2. Suares, Pamela Ann Married Michael Lel

Hycinthus Xavier SUARES   Remarried after his first wife Tyra Gonzales passed away,he Married Edna Gonzales and went on to have two children

  1. Suares, Brian Raymond.   Married Antonette Cheryl Smith

  2. Suares, Michael Russel    Married Belinda Dimmney

    (info from )

Anthony Eric Augustus SUARES (born 13/12/1906, Royapettah, Madras. Dec 30.11.2004) married Edith Marie PRAZER (b1909, Vizag. d 1985, Bangalore) in June 1936 at St.Francis Xavier's Church, Bangalore. Children:

  1. Lilith Maria SUARES (b1937)

  2. Glenn Augustus SUARES (b1939 Bangalore, Dec 1967, Kuppam train accident)

  3. Winston Jesse Augustus SUARES (b1940 Bangalore, Dec 1974, industrial accident, Sydney, Australia)

  4. Neal Guy Augustus Suares (b1942, Bangalore)

  5. Joan Rosalie SUARES (b.1943,Bangalore)

  6. Peter Augustus SUARES (b1945, Bangalore)

  7. Barbara Anne SUARES (b1946, Bangalore)

  8. June SUARES (b1947, d1948)

  9. Theodore Martin SUARES (b1948, Bangalore)

  10. Dorothy Bernadette SUARES (b 1951, Bangalore)

  11. Kevin Leo SUARES (b1954, Bangalore)

Olive Blanche SUARES (birth 30 Jan 1912 India, death 28 Dec 2000 Bangalore, India.)  married Anthony Mark Leslie SUARES (b 1914 Royapetta, India, d 1996 Bangalore, India.), children:

1.Earle Mark SUARES (b 1935, Bangalore, India,  d 2006)
2. Bruce Mark SUARES

3.Tyrone Lawrence SUARES (b 1939, Bangalore, India, d 2000)
4. Richard Wavell SUARES (b1942)
5. Ninette Marina SUARES (b1948)
6. Mark SUARES (b1951)


Phillis Teresa SUARES (b 1914 North George Town, Madras, India.) on 18 May 1938, Bangalore, India, married Cyril Hector SYME (b 1913, Trichinopoly, India.)

Lawrence Percival SUARES
(b 1915 India. d 1997 Bangalore, India.) married on 14 Jan 1942 in St.Francis Xavier's Cathedral, Bangalore, India, Phyllis Elizabeth BROWNE

Brian Claude Augustus SUARES ( Birth : 8 Mar 1919 Washmanpet, Madras, India. Death : 26 Apr 1960 Bangalore, India.) at St.Francis Xavier's Cathedral, Bangalore, India, married  Eveline Iona FERNANDEZ (father, Maurice Donald Fernandes)


Herman Augustus SUARES (Birth : 22 May 1920 Jolarpet, India.) married on 11 Jun 1941, St.Francis Xavier Cathedral, Bangalore, India.(Source: Oriental and India Office, Records Ref N/2/169 fol 273) Dorothy Theresa BINNY (Birth :abt 1922, India. Father, Fredrick Thomas Binny)

Russel Augustus SUARES (born 6/4/1925, Belgaum, Karnataka), (s/o August Bernard Suares) married Yvonne Teresa GALLYOT (born 31/1/1929), (d/o Mervin Norbert Gallyot and Josephine Constance Barre). Child:

  1. David Augustus Gerard Suares (born 26/2/1964, Calcutta, West Bengal)

Yvonne Teresa SUARES married 27 Dec 1948, St.Francis Xavier R.C.Cathedral, Bangalore, India. , Cyril Peter HENNESSY (Birth : 6 Jul 1916 Mamyo, Burma. Death : 25 Jan 1985 Calcutta, India.), children:

  1. Milford Peter HENNESSY (Birth : 15 Oct 1949 Bangalore, India. Death : 9 Mar 1995 Calcutta, India.)

  2. Anne Teresa HENNESSY

Hazel Teresa SUARES married at Holy Ghost Church, Bangalore, India to Henry James BROOKS (Birth : 1 Jun 1923 India. Death : 25 Feb 1994 Bangalore, India.)

Joseph Clarrence SUARES Birth : 10 Sep 1915 Royapetah, India on 29 Dec 1941 in Mater Delorosa Church, Madras, India, married Phillis


Veronica O'SULLIVAN (Birth : abt 1921 India. Father Philip O'SULLIVAN)


Bell Thomas SUARES (b1914) married Merle Alexandria McGRADY, children:

  1. Jennifer Ann Suares (studied at Sacred Heart, Yercaud, Salem District, Madras)

  2. Keith Anthony Charles Suares (studied at Montfort, Yercaud, Salem District, Madras)

  3. Roger David Suares (studied at Montfort, Yercaud, Salem District, Madras)

    (info from Erica Ann Suares )

Hugh George SUARES (b 19/3/1915) married Iris D'MONTE, children:

  1. SUARES, Cheryl Ann

  2. SUARES, Brenda Ann

  3. SUARES, Anita Joan

Cuthbert Lawrence SUARES (b1916, Chetput, India.) married Trilby ??, children:

  1. Valerie Anne Suares (b 22 June 1958)

  2. Christine Judith Suares ( b 25 Dec 1959)

  3. Cuthbert Lawrence Suares (Jr) (b 7 Nov 1961)

Mavis Blanche SUARES (b 8 May 1921 Adoni, India.) on 27 Dec 1939 in St. Mary's Cathedral, Madras, India, married John Stanislaus PINTO (b 12 Jun 1905 Cannanore, India.), children

  1. PINTO, Audrey

  2. PINTO, Peter

  3. PINTO, Denver

Anthony Ignatius Kenneth SUARES (b 30 Jan 1925, Royapettah, India.) married Philomena BLAZEY, children

  1. SUARES, Sandra

  2. SUARES, Margurite

  3. SUARES, Peter

  4. SUARES, Paul

  5. SUARES, Suzanne

Colleen Olga Josephine SUARES   married in June 1958 to Triplicane (Thomas) Natarajan Srinivasan (b 10 July 1930, Triplicane, Madras, India) and had the following children:

  1. John David Srinivasan,

  2. Robert Anthony Srinivasan

  3. Rodney Jude Srinivasan

(above info from )


Hazel Joyce SUARES married Joseph GORDON and they had the following children:

  1. Patricia Gordon

  2. David Gordon. .

Noel John SUARES married Helen GONSALVES of Karachi, children :

  1. Irene SUARES

Enid Mary SUARES (b 18 Aug 1918 Arkonan, India.) married ? EMANUEL


Mary Antonette SUARES (b abt 1920) on 15 May 1939 in St.Mary's Cathedral, Madras, India married Ernest John POTTER (b abt 1911), then ? MYERS


Mercy SUARES married Patrick REILLY (this is the way I knew it was spelt).  I was a good friend of their eldest daughter Dylis, while we in school and well after that.  Mercy and Patrick had four children: 

  1. Dyliss Reilly (married to Clifford SCURVILLE and who died in the 1970's after I left Madras, India);

  2. Gerard Reilly 

  3. Betty Reilly

  4. Mary Reilly.  (As far as I know, Mercy and the four children still live in Royapuram, Madras as at July 2000.) 

(Information provided by Christina Reardon (nee Chandra Roy).  Email Address:

John Henry Francis SUARES (b 17 Sep 1930, Katgudo, Madras India.) married Daphne ?, children:

  1. Johnny Suares

(info provided by Renee Marie Chappell <> )

Frances Merlyn SUARES (b 1923 George Town, Madras, India.) married Lancelot EDMONDS


Next Generation

Irene SUARES married Desmond O'SHANASSY, children : 

  1. Bronwyn O'Shanassy

  2. Meaghan O'Shanassy

Lilith Maria SUARES (b1937) married B. Krishnaswamy 'Kitty' RAO in May 1960 at St.Francis Xavier Church, Bangalore.

  1. Sheila Rao

  2. Peter Rao

  3. Christopher Rao

  4. Anita Rao

  5. Gerard Rao

Winston Jesse Augustus SUARES (b1940 Bangalore, d 1974, industrial accident, Sydney, Australia) married Nora CULLODEN (b1943, Vizag) at St.Francis Xavier Church, Bangalore. Children:

  1. Gregory Andrew Suares (b1972, Bangalore)

Neal Guy Augustus SUARES (b1942, Bangalore) married Gilda DAMERON (b1946, Bombay) at Cathedral of the Holy Name, Bombay. Children:

  1. Melanie Maria SUARES (b.12.10.69, Bangalore, India)

  2. Michael Neal Augustus SUARES (b.11.04.71, Bangalore, India)

  3. Melissa Anne SUARES(b.26.10.79, Melbourne, Australia)

  4. Micaela Kate SUARES (b.17.1.81, Melbourne, Australia)

Joan Rosalie SUARES (b1943,Bangalore) married Subash MATTHEW. Children:

  1. Sonya Matthew

  2. Kevin Matthew

Peter Augustus SUARES (b 1945, Bangalore) married Carmen ?? in Goa. Children:

  1. Nicole Suares

Barbara Anne SUARES (b 1946, Bangalore) married Jeffery D'BRASS in Bangalore. Children:

  1. Sarah Suares

Theodore Martin SUARES (b 1948, Bangalore) married Paulette MARTIN in Bangalore. Now Divorced. Children:

  1. Amber SUARES

Dorothy Bernadette SUARES (b1951, Bangalore) married Zarir BATHA in Bangalore. Children:

  1. Shehzarin Batha

  2. XerxesBatha

  3. Cyrus Batha

Kevin Leo SUARES (b1954, Bangalore) married Christine SHAW in Bangalore. Children:

  1. Savina Suares

Earle Mark SUARES (b1934, Bangalore. d 2006, Bangalore) married Jean Priscilla BEALE (b1942, Bangalore).  Divorced in 1996.  Surname changed from SUARES to BOYTON.  Children:

1.  Caroline Anne SUARES (Boyton)
2.  Floyd Mark SUARES (Boyton)
3.  Steve Michael SUARES (Boyton)
4.  Janelle Anne SUARES (Boyton)


Tyrone Lawrence SUARES (b1939, Bangalore, d 2000) married  Teresita Oritz AGULIA (b1940) at St. Moncias Church, Footscray, Victoria Australia. Children

  1. Diana Teresa Suares (born 1983) Melbourne, Australia)

       (info from Diana Suares )

David Augustus Gerard Suares (b1964 Calcutta) married Lorraine Elvira D'Rozario (b1968, Ajmer, Rajasthan, (d/o Patrick Malcolm D'Rozario and Merlyn Lena Lobo).  Child:

  1. Deborah Yvonne Tereasa Suares (b1998, Delhi)

        (info from Lorraine Elvira SUARES )


Valerie Anne Suares (b1958) married Horace George Lamoury in 1979

  1. Yohan George Lamoury (b 1980)

Christine Judith Suares (b 1959) married Kevin PARKER in 1984

  1. Priyanka Anne Parker

  2. Shreya Maria Parker

Christine Judith Suares (b1959) married Ian BOSEN


Cuthbert Lawrence Suares (Jr) (b 1961) married Jennifer LOPEZ in 1986

  1. Shonali Anne Suares (b 1988)

  2. Jason Christopher Suares (b 1992)

(Inputs from Valerie Lamoury)


Next Generation

Michael Neal Augustus SUARES (b.11.04.71, Bangalore, India) on the 25th of October 1997 married Caterina Diana Mazzitelli (b.30.04.72, Melbourne, Australia) , children:

  1. Julian Lucas Neal Suares (b2003, Melbourne, Australia)

  2. Elijah Jude Suares (b2005, Melbourne, Australia

(info from mailto:")


info from Jayashree


?? SUARES married ??, children:

  1. John Suares

Next Generation

John SUARES married Bridget LOBO, Children

  1. Crispen Suares

  2. Marie Saldhana

  3. Lucy Suares

  4. Alwyn Suares

  5. Noel Manuel Suares (born 29/12 1928)

  6. Jayashree nee Suares (born 13/12/58) (married Bernard Fanthome 08/2/1980)

Next Generation

Noel Manuel SUARES (b1928) married Lizzy Mendonca (b1929), Children,

  1. Jawahar Suares (born 05 /2/1955), 

  2. Premlata Suares (born 04/6/1956),

Jayashree SUARES (b1958) on 8/2/1980 married  Bernard FANTHOME (b1954 Meerut India, Studied at St Marys Academy Meerut, Hindu College Delhi, Armed Forces Medical College Pune) One Son ,

  1. Shaun Fanthome (Born 04 Feb 86)



info from

?? SUARES married ??, children:

  1. Ronald Anthony Suares

Next Generation

Ronald Anthony SUARES married Marian Yvonne FERNANDEZ (b Bangalore). 3 Children:

  1. Wade Howard SUARES (b 1967 Bangalore)

  2. Fabian Norbert SUARES (b 1969 Bangalore)

  3. Tangerine Maria SUARES (b 1971 Bangalore)

Wade Howard SUARES married Briget FILEPE (Perth, Australia). 3 Children

  1. Amber SUARES

  2. Toby SUARES

  3. Ebony SUARES

Fabian Norbert SUARES married Yvonne Schmitz (Perth, Australia), now divorced. 2 Children

  1. Xavier SUARES

  2. Mariah SUARES

Fabian Norbert SUARES re-married Jessica GŁndel (Switzerland), 1 child.

  1. Nadir SUARES



Info from Denise Hardstaff ;

?? SUARES married ?, children:

  1. Charles Jason Suares (b 7th Mar '73, Karachi)

Next Generation

Charles Jason SUARES (b 7th Mar '73, Karachi) married Dilshany MATHEWS, child

  1. Taylor Mathews Suares (b 2004)

Charles Jason SUARES (b 7th Mar '73, Karachi) on 24 Aug 1976 married Florence ?.children:

  1. Tyler Suares (b 17 Jul 2004)

  2. Jasmine Suares (b 11 May 2009)



(info submitted by Richard HARDSTAFF )

?? SUARES married ?, children:

  1. Henry Charles Suares

Next Generation

Henry Charles SUARES married Daphne Ursula GONSALVES, their children

  1. Gerard Richard Suares 

  2. Pearl Loretta Suares 

  3. Teresa Elaine Suares 

  4. Magerate Diane Suares 

  5. Anthony Mark Suares 

  6. Brian Thomas Suares  (not married)

  7. Reene Marie Suares 

  8. Denise Ursula Suares 

  9. Charlie Suares married Dilshany Mathews

Next Generation

Melanie Maria SUARES (b 1969, Bangalore, India) married ? , children:

  1. Rebecca Gweneth Suares-Jury (b 2000 Australia)

  2. Xavier Neal Suares-Jury (b 2002 Australia)

  3. Solomon Augustus Suares-Jury (b 2004 Australia)

  4. Miriam Eliza Suares-Jury (b 2006 Australia)


Michael Neal Augustus SUARES (b.11.04.71, Bangalore, India) married  Caterina Diana ?? (b.30.04.72, Melbourne, Australia) on the 25th of October 1997, children:

  1. Julian Lucas Neal Suares (b2003, Melbourne, Australia)

  2. Elijah Jude Suares (b2006, Melbourne, Australia)

Gerard Richard SUARES married Daisy Jane VAZ, they have 2 children

  1. Dale SUARES

  2. Geoffrey SUARES

Pearl Loretta SUARES married Paul MOLLOY ( Now divorced ) 1 child 

  1. Daryl Paul Molloy

Teresa Elaine Suares married Godfrey MENDES, they have 4 children

  1. Lynsae Mendes

  2. Adelaide Mendes (married Joel Michael Goom - 1 child Aaliyah Teresa Goom)

  3. Michelle Mendes    

  4. Bradley Mendes

info from "Mendes, Teresa" < >

Magerate Diane SUARES married Danny COATES,  have 2 children

  1. Carrie-Ann Coates

  2. Farrah Coates

Magerate Diane SUARES married Sean D'SOUZA, they have 1 child ,

  1. Ashleigh D'Souza

Anthony Mark Suares married to Carol Alfanso, they have 4 children

  1. Mikial SUARES,

  2. Lorenzo SUARES,

  3. Arnold SUARES

  4. Kimberley SUARES

Reene Marie SUARES married Tony CHAPPELLE, they have 2 children

  1. Zachary CHAPPELLE


Denise Ursula Suares married Richard Stuart HARDSTAFF, they have 1 child

  1. Rhys Hardstaff


(Info supplied by Noel J Rigley 1st Oct 1999, Joselynn Paul (nee suares) ,


Clayton Eardley SUARES married Olivia Gwendolyn CUNNINGHAM, children: 

  1. Johnny SUARES, 

  2. Glen SUARES, 

  3. Jean SUARES, 

  4. Babette (Babs) SUARES, 

  5. Sandra SUARES, 

  6. Audrey SUARES

Next Generation

Johnny SUARES married Aster McKINNON, children: 

  1. Gerard (Gerry) SUARES, 

  2. Karen SUARES, 

  3. Allison SUARES 

  4. Kenneth (Dinky) SUARES,  

  5. Michelle SUARES 

  6. Joselynn SUARES

Glen Philip SUARES married Mary Ann CHESTER, children: 

  1. Andre Clayton SUARES (b 2/5/'76)

Jean SUARES married Neville HANCOCK, children: 

  1. Gordon Hancock 

  2. Gerard Hancock 

  3. Anita Hancock 

  4. Sandra Hancock 

  5. Cookie Hancock 

  6. Brenda Hancock

Babette SUARES (Babs) married Malcolm BONJOUR, children: 

  1. Phillip Bonjour 

  2. Clayton Bonjour 

  3. Adrian Bonjour 

  4. Maxwell Bonjour 

  5. David Bonjour 

  6. Glenda Bonjour

Sandra SUARES married Maxwell PRICE, children: 

  1. Darwin Price 

  2. Cheryl Ann Price

Audrey SUARES married William RIGLEY, children: 

  1. Noel Rigley 

  2. Caroline Rigley 

  3. Eardley Rigley

Next Generation

Gerard (Gerry) Suares married Julie MASON, Children

  1. Jessica Suares

Kenneth Suares married Elena Alekseynco, Children

  1. Aisha

  2. Johnny Ray

Karen Suares married Conrad Peter, Children

  1. Stephanie Peter

  2. Julian Peter

Alison Suares married Constancio Fernandes, Children

  1. Luke Fernandes

  2. Clare Fernandes

  3. Joshua Fernandes

Michelle Suares married Julius Sandhu


Joselynn Suares married Leslie PAUL, Children

  1. Erica Paul

  2. Ethan Paul

Andre' Clayton SUARES (b 2/5/1976) married Maria.V ( b 1/12/1976) Children 3:

  1. Ashley Glen SUARES

  2. Marcel Mario SUARES

  3. Anto Dominic SUARES


Mark SUARES married Lynn HEWETT, children: 

  1. Melinda SUARES


Shirley SUARES married Ronald HOLMES



info from

(PS: Good to see the full flow of the Suares gang..My Uncle Lawrence and Uncle Lincoln Suares, my grand mother Evelyn Suares and my Dad David Mcfarland are one of the many to make these legendary Anglo Indian names stand tall and proud of who we are. Carol McFarland)


Brian SUARES married Evelyn FERNANDES, children:

  1. Lincoln SUARES

  2. Jennifer SUARES

  3. Everton SUARES

  4. Sandy SUARES

  5. Beverly SUARES

Next Generation:
Lincoln SUARES
married Yvonne JOHNSON, children:

  1. Nicolette SUARES

  2. Candy SUARES

Everton SUARES married Jennifer ANTHONY


Sandy SUARES, children:

  1. Zac

Beverly SUARES married David McFARLAND, children:

  1. Luke McFarland

  2. Keith McFarland

  3. Carol McFarland

Next Generation
Nicolette SUARES married Lyndon BIRD (son of Eugene Bird). They now live in Canada.


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