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I am trying to contact Ann Mascarenhas who went to school in Dublin, Ireland.  She went to UCD to study vetinary and married a 'John' I think and then she moved to the UK and I moved house and we lost contact.  She has a sister Rose who is a doctor and another sister Marg who is a dentist I think.  Her parents moved to the UK and with them my last contact was gone.  Any ideas ?? Fiona Smith


D’Sylva Family members as per a Group photo in possession of Dorothy FONCECA. Confirmation of Order in Tree required.

Marie PINTO, Joyce D’SYLVA, Hilda D’SYLVA, Patricia PINTO, Edward D’SYLVA, James D’SYLVA, Eileen D’SYLVA, Vincent D’SYLVA, Dorothy D'SYLVA, Mabel D'SYLVA, Betty D’SYLVA , Arthur FOOTMAN, James RAWCLIFFE, Joseph D’SYLVA, Rita Rawcliffe, Robert D’Sylva, Anthony D’SYLVA (died 1940’s).


info to be submitted by Wilson Gomes Mascarenhas


info from Dolton Pereira <>

?? MASCARENHAS married ??, children:


Next Generation

Tony Mascarenhas married Molly PEREIRA (children),

  1. Shirley Mascarenhas

  2. Joyce Mascarenhas

  3. Constancio

  4. Betty Mascarenhas.

Next Generation

Joyce Mascarenhas married Henry D'ROZA, children:

  1. Robert

  2. Deborah (Debbie)

  3. Christopher

  4. Brian

  5. Ricardo

  6. Derek

Constancio Mascarenhas married Harriet ?, children:

  1. Richard

  2. Dominic

  3. Nancy

Betty Mascarenhas married B V Javali, children:

  1. Shilpa




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? MASCARENHAS married ??, children:

  1. Donald St Fidelis Mascarenhas (studied: St. Bede's Anglo-Indian School, grew up in San Thome, and joined the navy in 1939,just in time to see action in WWII, in the Middle East.  Upon returning to India, he left the navy in 1947.  He subsequently joined the Hooghly Ink Company, in which he rose to become Manager for South India. In 1973 he started his own printing ink manufacturing firm, Fidelis Agencies, as a family concern.  He attained international renown as an excellent and highly regarded All Breeds Canine judge, having been invited to judge several times in Australia, Thailand, the Phillipines and Sri Lanka, apart from judging innumerable shows in India.  Donald was a champion billiards and snooker player, and had been a champion boxer in his navy days.)

Donald St Fidelis MASCARENHAS (b1924 San Thome, d 1995 Madras) married Lorna Patricia ?, children:

  1. Simeon Alan Mascarenhas

  2. Mark Christopher Mascarenhas 

  3. Paul Andrew Mascarenhas 

  4. Peter Jude Mascarenhas


info from

Paul Mascarenhas married ??, children:

  1. Joseph Peter MASCARENHAS Birth : abt 1906 India.

Next Generation
Joseph Peter MASCARENHAS Birth : abt 1906 India, married on 2 Jan 1937, St.Patrick's Cathedral, Bangalore, India, to Gladys Clara SUARES, Birth : abt 1915, India.


?? MASCARENHAS married ??, children:



Next Generation

 Bert MASCARENHAS married Dorothy D'SYLVA, children:

  1. Des Mascarenhas,

  2. Peter Mascarenhas,

  3. David Mascarenhas

  4. Christine Mascarenhas

Next Generation

Des MASCARENHAS married Judy ?: children

  1. Nigel Mascarenhas

  2. Mark Mascarenhas

Peter MASCARENHAS married Josephine JONES: children

  1. Susan Mascarenhas, 

  2. Martin Mascarenhas, (Born 18/08/1967, Crewe)

  3. Duncan Mascarenhas 

David MASCARENHAS married Adrienne ?: 

  1. Alan Mascarenhas, 

  2. Cheryl Mascarenhas 

Christine MASCARENHAS married Mike WEBSTER: Daughter - 

  1. Catherine Webster.

Next Generation

(info submitted by )

Martin MASCARENHAS (b1967, Crewe) married Joanna J McMILLAN (b1972, Nantwich) on 24/10 1998 at Acton Church, Nantwich. Children:

1. Claudia Jane Mascarenhas (b2002, Crewe)



?? MASCARENHAS married ??, children:

  1. Millicent Mary Mascarenhas

Next Generation


Millicent Mary MASCARENHAS (b1908) married Peter Frank BRITTO (b 1910)  in Madras.  six children, as follows:

  1. Ralph Britto;  

  2. Joan Britto; 

  3. Bertram Britto; 

  4. Elizabeth (Betty) Britto; 

  5. Lorna Britto 

  6. Jennifer Britto


?? MASCARENHAS married ??, children:

  1. Cecilia Mascarenhas

Next Generation


Cecilia MASCARENHAS (b Goa, 13 Nov.1901, †died 29 Sept.1966, aged 64) married Michael D’CRUZ (born 28 Aug.1889, †died 7 July 1947, aged 58, at Karachi) , children:

  1. Patrick Stephen D'CRUZ (born 30 Sept.1925 at Sukkur, N.India)


?? MASCARENHAS married ??, children:

  1. Maria Regina Mascarenhas

Next Generation


Maria Regina MASCARENHAS in 1954 married Anthony Charles PUTMAN (b 1919 d 2009) children ;

  1. Robert Charles Putman (b Bulsar, India)

  2. Lorraine Rose Putman (b Bulsar, India)

  3. Cheryl Heather Elizabeth Putman (b Bulsar, India)

  4. Merlyn Bernadette Putman (b Gangapur, India)

  5. Marina Carroll Putman (b Bulsar, India)


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