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info from Liz D'Sylva


?? FOOTMAN married ??, children:

  1. John Footman (b 1824, d 21 Apr 1877 Madras)

Next Generation

John FOOTMAN (b 1824, d 21 Apr 1877 Madras) married Matilda ??, (b 1839, d 26 Sep 1902 Madras, age 63) children:

  1. Mary Agnes Footman (b 26 Aug 1856 Madras)

  2. John Michael Footman (b 1858)

  3. George William Footman (b 30 Apr 1861, d 5 Oct 1895 Manantoddy, Madras)

  4. Patrick Footman (b 23 Oct 1863 Wellington, Madras)

  5. Christopher Alfred Footman (b 25 Dec 1869, c 16 Jan 1870 Madras)

  6. Christopher Joseph Footman (b 1870 Madras)

Next Generation

John Michael Footman (b 1858) at 23yrs on 2 Feb 1881 at Vepery married widow 25yr  Rhoda PARKER nee Yard (b 1856 daughter of J Yard), children:

  1. John William Footman (b 1 Jan 1882 Madras)

  2. Evangeline Anne Footman (b 1883, d 4 Sep 1883 Vepery)

George William FOOTMAN (b 30 Apr 1861, d 5 Oct 1895 Manantoddy, Madras) married Caroline ??, children:

  1. Arthur William FOOTMAN (b 27 Aug 1887)

  2. Winifred Beatrice Footman (b 1894)

  3. Victor George Footman (b 6 Jun 1895 Madras)

Patrick FOOTMAN (b 23 Oct 1863 Wellington, Madras) at 26yrs on 23 Oct 1890 in Bellary, Madras married 16yr Teresa D'SYLVA (b 1874 daughter of Jeremiah D'Sylva), children:

  1. Patrick John Denis Footman (b 4 Dec 1894 Madras)

  2. Marcel Christopher Footman (b 1 Jan 1898)

  3. Magnolia Footman (b 1903, d 6 Sep 1905 Madras)

  4. Edgar George Footman (b 10 Aug 1905 Madras)

Patrick FOOTMAN (b 23 Oct 1863 Wellington, Madras) widower, at 39yrs on 16 Jun 1914 in Bombay married 22yr widow Alice Cecilia KANE (b 1892 daughter of W Henry Kane)


Christopher Joseph FOOTMAN (b 1870 Madras) at 27yrs on 8 Dec 1897 in Madras married 18yr Amy Daisy SCOTT (b 28 Sep 1879, Madurai,  daughter of William & Mary Scott), children:

  1. Joseph Esmond Harold Footman (b 18 Aug 1901 Madras)

Next Generation

Arthur William FOOTMAN (b 27/8/1887. Occupation: Govt Telegraphs, d aged 82yrs) on 23 September 1936 in RC Cathedral, Lahore married Louisa Ann D'SYLVA (b. 4 January 1897, Anarkaly, Lahore at 7:00 pm; d. 16 November 1959, Eltham, London). Arrived in London aboard "Batory" on 7/11/1955 from Bombay/Karachi. Address in UK was 12 Maxwell House, Barnfield Gardens, London SE18, later 95 Mayfield Drive, Caversham


Winifred Beatrice FOOTMAN (b 1894) at 17yrs on 29 May 1912 in Bangalore married 30yr Anthony George JACOB (b 1882 son of Isidore Jacob)


Victor George FOOTMAN (b 6 Jun 1895 Madras) at 22yrs on 1 May 1918 in Madras married 16yr Mary REBEIRO (b 1902 daughter of George Rebeiro)


Victor George FOOTMAN (b 6 Jun 1895 Madras) widower, at 30yrs on 3 Mar 1930 in Madras married 20yr Margaret Blossom ANDERSON (b 1910 daughter of George Anderson), children:

  1. Irene Footman (b 1935, d 13 Apr 1935 Trichinopoly)

  2. Leslie Victor Footman (b & d 2 Sep 1938 Trichinopoly)

  3. George Footman (b 1938 possible twin to Leslie, d 23 May 1939 Karipet)

Patrick John Denis FOOTMAN (b 4 Dec 1894 Madras) at 29yrs on 15 Sep 1923 in Bombay married 28yr widow Rose Ellen Mary LIONETTE nee Vanderhide ,(b 1895 daughter of Raymond Vanderhide)


Marcel Christopher FOOTMAN (b 1898) at 34yrs on 27 Jul 1932 in Calcutta married 21yr Violet Ann GRAY (b 1911 daughter of Thomas Gray)



info from Owen Abraham I am trying to locate my fatherīs family ABRAHAM  or anyone from South Indian with that surname. Owen Abraham (nee Barracliffe).


?? FOOTMAN married ??, children:

  1. Patricia Footman

Next Generation

Patricia FOOTMAN married Clifford Mark  BARRACLIFFE at Sacred Heart Church kharagpur, children

  1. Veronica (toto) Barracliffe

  2. Albert (aloo) Barracliffe

  3. Edwin (eddie) Barracliffe

  4. Christine Barracliffe

  5. Kenneth Barracliffe


info from

If you know of any Footmans' in Australia I'd appreciate the help as I'm having a tough going of it to get records re India. I know that some Footmans went to Australia but have yet to find who, how or when. My mother is still alive and living in London England, my father died in 1966, and I am living in Canada. If I can give you any more help, let me know. Good luck with your search, Juin

(I was researching Footman and have got a copy of the marriage record for Edgar George Footman and Estelle Nipps. If you're interested in a copy I'll try and scan it and send an attachment.)

?? FOOTMAN married ??, children:

  1. Anthony Footman

  2. ?? Footman

Next Generation

 Anthony FOOTMAN married ?? , children:

  1. Edgar George Footman (b 1913)

?? FOOTMAN married ??, children:

  1. Eardley George Footman

Next Generation

Edgar George FOOTMAN, Fireman on the BN Railway (b 1913) at 21yrs on 26 Sept 1934 married 18yr Estelle NIPPS, (b 1916 daughter of Joseph Nipps), both of Khurda Rd, Calcutta (Witnesses: Roland and Margaret Francis. Married by Rev. E. Janis C.M. RC Chaplain. Married at R.C.Church Khurda Road, Calcutta.)


Eardley FOOTMAN (died 1966) married Angeline Delphine La PORTE (Adele) (Her aunt was Ivy Fernandez and Horace Fernandez is her cousin. Horace married Thelma Nipps and they live in London England.), children:

  1. Juin Footman


(Horace FERNANDEZ married Thelma NIPPS in London. Horace is a first cousin to my mother Adele Footman. Edgar George Footman was cousin to my father Eardley Footman )


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