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info from Owen Abraham I am trying to locate my fatherīs family ABRAHAM  or anyone from South Indian with that surname. Owen Abraham( nee Barracliffe).

?? BARRACLIFFE married ??, children:

  1. Clifford Mark  Barracliffe (born  ?)

Next Generation

Clifford Mark  BARRACLIFFE married Patricia FOOTMAN at Sacred Heart Church kharagpur, children

  1. Veronica (toto) Barracliffe

  2. Albert (aloo) Barracliffe

  3. Edwin (eddie)Barracliffe

  4. Christine Barracliffe

  5. Kenneth Barracliffe

Next Generation

Veronica Barracliffe married Peter ABRAHAM ,children

  1. Owen Abraham (Lived in New Zealand and currently living in Spain)

  2. Eugene Abraham

Edwin Barracliffe married Yvonne McOY, children

  1. Clint Barracliffe

  2. Joanna Barracliffe

Christine Barracliffe married Wilfred TIMOTHY, children

  1. Maryann Timothy married Simon Rozario 2005

  2. Denise Timothy Married Arnold Deskin 2005.

Kenneth Barracliffe married Anupama ??, children

  1. Clyde Barracliffe

  2. Clarisa Barraclifffe


info from Martha Barracliffe & Nancy Flint

?? BARRACLIFFE married ??, children:

  1. Duke Michael Barracliffe (born 1931 ?)

Next Generation

Duke Michael Barracliffe (b 1931 ?) married Martha ROCHA (b 1939) in 1960 (Sacred Hearts Church, Kharagpur. Retired and travel between England, Spain, Dubai, India. Children:

  1. Andrew Barracliffe

  2. Nancy Barracliffe 

  3. Brenda Barracliffe 

  4. Linda Barracliffe 

  5. Diana Barracliffe 

  6. Rodney Barracliffe .  

Next Generation

Andrew Barracliffe (born 1961) - married Elizabeth COX - 1 child:

  1. Edward Barracliffe

Nancy Barracliffe (born 1962) married Robert FLINT (Bob)

Brenda Barracliffe (born 1964) married Martin Warburton. living in Dubai - 2 children,

  1. Joshua

  2. Jemma

Linda Barracliffe (born 1965) married ?? Crickitt - 2 children -

  1. Laura Crickitt

  2. Lucy Crickitt

Diana Barracliffe (born 1965) married ?? SHIRES - 2 children -

  1. Martin Shires

  2. Dean Shires

Rodney Barracliffe (born 1969) - married Maria Yiasas


info from Caroline Agnes Gilbert (nee barracliffe)

?? BARRACLIFFE married ??, children:

  1. Clive Vincent Barracliffe (born ?)

Next Generation

Clive Vincent Barracliffe married Ann ?? of Kharagpur West Bengal. children:

  1. Christopher v Barracliffe

  2. Kareina Susan Barracliffe

  3. Caroline Agnes Barracliffe

  4. Carlyle v barracliffe

Next Generation

Kareina Susan Barracliffe married ?? BROWN

Caroline Agnes Barracliffe married Michael Andrew GILBERT, children:

  1. Marella Dominica Gilbert;

  2. Ryan Mark Gilbert


info submitted by JENNIFER THOMAS or

?? BARRACLIFFE married ??, children:

  1. Alice Barracliffe (born ?)

Next Generation

Alice BARRACLIFFE - DAUGHTER OF REGT APOTHECARY (News to hand is that my great grand parents had 15 children, and also some confusion about my great grandmother's name. In my Mums notes her name was Alice, but the info from some other cousins say that her name was Isabel, now that leaves me wondering was her name Alice,Isabel, or Isabel Alice. The source from where the information came is pretty sure that it was Isabel.) married  Frederick WILLIAMS, from WALES EX SERVICEMAN -GUNNER, POLICE Sergeant -(CENTRAL POLICE PROVINCE) CHILDREN:

  1. Walter WILLIAMS, 

  2. Edward WILLIAMS 

  3. Patrick WILLIAMS , 

  4. Richard WILLIAMS, 

  5. Arthur WILLIAMS, 

  6. Adelaide WILLIAMS, 

  7. Harold WILLIAMS, 

  8. Charles WILLIAMS, 

  9. Bertram WILLIAMS, 

  10. Clement WILLIAMS, 

  11. Norbet WILLIAMS, 

  12. Augustus Leonard WILLIAMS  (Gusty, My grandfather, born 17th January 1877 in Wardha )  

  13. Mary WILLIAMS, 

  14. Teresa (Tully) WILLIAMS

  15. Gertrude WILLIAMS.(b 1885)


info from Mel Barracliffe .

?? BARRACLIFFE married ??, children:

  1. Douglas Victor Barracliffe (born  ?)

Next Generation

Douglas Victor BARRACLIFFE married Eileen REID, both from Kharagpur and now happily retired in Spain., children : 

  1. Melville (Mel)BARRACLIFFE  (born in Kharagpur, now lives in the U.S.)



Next Generation

Melville BARRACLIFFE married Susan ?, children:



(living in Tustin, California)


info from Fiona Barracliffe <>

?? BARRACLIFFE married ??, children:

  1. Alan B Barracliffe (born 1936 Kharagpur)

Next Generation

Alan B BARRACLIFFE (b 1936 Kharagpur) married MJ CRUISE in 1964. Children:

1. Fiona M Barracliffe (b 1965 Middlesex UK)
2. Yvonne M Barracliffe (b 1968 Middlesex UK)
3. Sean A Barracliffe (b 1970 Middlesex UK)

Next Generation

(b 1965 Middlesex UK) married RAWLINSON in 1987. Children:

1. Rebecca C Rawlinson (b 1993 Hertfordshire UK)

Next Generation

(b 1968 Middlesex UK) married DOUGHERTY in 1994. Children:

1. Aaron P Dougherty (b 1995 Hertfordshire UK)
2. Kyle P Dougherty (b 2001 UK)

Next Generation

Sean A BARRACLIFFE (b 1970 Middlesex UK) married ?? Children:

1. Oliver A Barracliffe (b 2010 Buckinghamshire UK)


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