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 Leslie BRITTO married Theodora Joan SATUR (b.1932)


?? BRITTO married ??, children:

  1. Llewellyn Peter BRITTO

Next Generation

Llewellyn Peter BRITTO married  Colleen Mary MADDOCK


info from Betty Hamilton (nee Britto)

?? BRITTO married ??, children:

  1. Peter Frank Britto (born in 1910)

Next Generation

Peter Frank BRITTO (born in 1910), married Millicent Mary MASCARENHAS (born in 1908) in Madras.  six children, as follows:

  1. Ralph Britto  

  2. Joan Britto 

  3. Bertram Britto 

  4. Elizabeth Britto (Betty)

  5. Lorna Britto  

  6. Jennifer Britto

Next Generation

(We lived mainly in Madras - our father was attached to Government House  for many, many years, and after India's Independence in 1947,  he discontinued working for the Government. For many years we went to  Boarding Schools in Yercaud (biggest town Salem), in the Shevaroy Hills - convent was called Sacred Heart Girls School (also known as SHY), and my brothers went to the boys school (Montfort).

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