McFARLAND Family Tree

McFARLAND Family Tree

with links to British India


info from Michelle Hendricks & marcus hendricks

Archibald Picton McFARLAND married Beatrice Priscilla ??, children:

  1. Ivy Mildred McFarland (b 26 Aug 1901 Coimbatore)

  2. Rosa Rita McFarland (b 31 Mar 1903 Madras)

  3. Kathleen Georgiana McFarland (b 21 Apr 1905 Madras)

  4. Dorothy May McFarland (b 23 May 1907 Madras)

  5. Edgar Archibald McFarland (b 16 Feb 1910 Vellore, Madras)

  6. Enid Aureen McFarland (b 17 Sep 1912 Vellore, Madras)

  7. Gladwin Lionel McFarland (b 23 Feb 1919)

  8. Cynthia Mavis McFarland (b 4 May 1921 Bezwada, Madras)

Next Generation

Rosa Rita McFARLAND (b 31 Mar 1903 Madras) at 24yrs on 19 Jun 1926 in Madras married 36yr widowed Richard Henry KELLY (b 1890 son of Henry Kelly)


Kathleen Georgiana McFARLAND (b 21 Apr 1905 Madras) at 36yrs on 1 Feb 1941 in Madras married 26yr Frederick Albert BEATY (b 1915 son of Albert Eustace Beaty)


Edgar Archibald McFARLAND (b 16 Feb 1910 Vellore, Madras) at 29yrs on 19 Jul 1939 in Jalarapet, married 19yr Eileen Dorothy MITCHELL (b 1920 daughter of Allan George Mitchell)


Enid Aureen McFARLAND (b 17 Sep 1912 Vellore, Madras) at 19yrs on 22 Jun 1931 in Bangalore married 32yr George ATKINSON (b 1899, son of Frederick Charles Atkinson)


Enid Aureen ATKINSON (nee McFarland)(b 17 Sep 1912 Vellore, Madras) divorced, at 26yrs on 3 Feb 1941 in Madras married 26yr John Edward BROWN (b 1915 son of Stephen James Brown)


Gladwin MCFARLAND on 26 Dec 1945 in Bombay married Irene WELLS (daughter of J Wells)- Had Four Children

  1. Carlton Francis MCFARLAND (b 14 Oct 1946 Bombay)

  2. Jennifer MCFARLAND

  3. Mayford MCFARLAND

  4. Marcel MCFARLAND

Next Generation,

Carlton MCFARLAND married Loretta PEREIRA -  Had Three Children

  1. Graydon MCFARLAND

  2. Tania MCFARLAND

  3. Brinelle MCFARLAND

Jennifer McFARLAND married Marcus HENDRICKS (date and place of birth ??), children,

  1. Michelle Hendricks married Ken Rowbotham

  2. Adele Hendricks married Julian Growcott

Mayford MCFARLAND married Lovena ?? - Had Two Children

  1. Kristan MCFARLAND

  2. Krizane MCFARLAND

Marcel MCFARLAND married Randolf ANDREWS - Had Two Children

  1. Sheldon ANDREWS

  2. Stephanie ANDREWS

Next Generation

Graydon MCFARLAND married Donna FRANCES -

  1. Gizelle MCFARLAND

  2. Leander MCFarland

Tania MCFARLAND married Edward PLATEL

  1. Bradley PLATEL

  2. Gavin PLATEL

Brinelle MCFARLAND  married Agnel SILVERA

  1. Trishelle


info from, Carol McFarland Ps: Good to see the full flow of the Suares gang. My Uncle Lawrence and Uncle Lincoln Suares, my grand mother Evelyn Suares and my Dad David Mcfarland are one of the many to make these legendary Anglo Indian names stand tall and proud of who we are.


James McFARLAND married Carolina Georgina ??, children:

  1. Walter James McFarland (b 28 Feb 1868 Madras, d 1928 Lucknow, Nishatganj Cemetry))

  2. Jeremiah Robert McFARLAND (b 1872, d 1 Feb 1947 Madras)

  3. Charles Alexander McFarland (b 24 Jul 1878, d 1 Oct 1878 Cannanore)

  4. Albert Edward McFarland (b 2 Sep 1879 Podanur)

Next Generation

Walter James McFarland (b 28 Feb 1868 Madras, d 1928 Lucknow, Nishatganj Cemetry) married Alice Maud ?, children:

  1. Neville Kenneth James McFarland (b 12 Mar 1910 Lucknow)

Jeremiah Robert McFARLAND (b 1872, d 1 Feb 1947 Madras) at 23yrs on 28 Mar 1894 in Bangalore married 20yr Henrietta Louisa CORKS (b 1874 daughter of Ebenezer Edward Corks, d 23 Sep 1897 Washermanpettah, age 24), children:

  1. Norma Elaine McFarland (b 7 Oct 1894 Madras)

  2. Sybil Audrey McFarland (b 20 Oct 1895 Madras)

  3. Mervyn Crammond James McFarland (b 13 Aug 1897 Madras)

Jeremiah Robert McFARLAND (b 1872, d 1 Feb 1947 Madras) after the death of his 1st wife Henrietta, at 28yrs on 25 Apr 1900 in Madras married 18yr  Maude Olive Jane SKILTON,(b 1882 daughter of Isaac Skilton) children:

  1. Leonard Skilton James McFarland (b 20 Sep 1901 Madras)

  2. Oswald Robert McFarland (b ? 6 Nov 1901 Madras)

  3. Isis Maude McFarland (b 5 Dec 1904 Madras)

  4. Ena Maude McFarland (b 6 Aug 1907 Madras)

  5. Malcolm Earl McFarland (b 1 Aug 1909 Madras)

  6. Garnett Ralph McFarland (b 27 Apr 1912 Madras)

  7. Olive Eileen McFarland (b 30 Sep 1914 Madras)

  8. Stanley Joseph McFarland (b 19 Oct 1923 Madras)

Next Generation

Norma Elaine McFarland (b 7 Oct 1894 Madras) at 19yrs on 19 Nov 1913 in Madras married 31yr John Clifford HOOPER (b 1882, son of Frederick William Hooper)


Oswald Robert McFARLAND (b 6 Nov 1901 Madras) married Josephine Grace ?, children:

  1. Robert Christopher James McFarland (b 18 May 1925 Nellore)

Oswald Robert McFARLAND (b 1903 Madras) widowed, at 25yrs on 24 Apr 1929 in Madras married 16yr Mary Beatrice CABRAL (b 1913 daughter of Theodore Felix Cabral), children:

  1. Jeremiah Theodore Basil McFarland (b 25 Jul 1933 Bombay)

Oswald Robert McFARLAND (b 1903 Madras) widowed, at 43 yrs on 27 Jan 1947 in Madras married 37yr widow Gladys Hannah ANDERSON nee DOLL (b 1910 daughter of James Rupert DOLL)



Garnett Ralph McFARLAND (b 27 Apr 1912 Madras) married Rhona Maude JENSEN, children:

  1. David McFarland

  2. Fay Loretta Anne McFarland (b 17 Oct 1935 Madras)

  3. Maureen Edith Roberta McFarland (b 8 Mar 1941 Bitragunta)

  4. Kenneth Ralph Warren McFarland

  5. Rhona Maude McFarland (b 17 Oct 1935 Madras)

Next Generation

David McFARLAND married Beverly SUARES, children:

  1. Luke McFarland

  2. Keith McFarland

  3. Carol McFarland

Fay Loretta Anne McFARLAND married Colin WHITE, children

1.    Jonathan White and ?, children: William, Alexander, Matilda, Henrietta

2.    Katherine White


Next Generation
Luke McFarland married Christine PIRES (daughter of Derek & Daphne Pires), children:

  1. Chloe McFarland

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