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info from Reuben Alexander Carron

?? BRASS married ??, children

  1. Bonita Brass

Next Generation

Bonita BRASS married Kenneth CARRON, children

  1. mark carron

  2. shane carron

  3. rebecca carron

  4. june carron


info from

?? BRASS married ??, children

  1. Dudley Brass

Next Generation

Dudley BRASS from Bangalore married Merlin CARRON from Madras, children:

  1. delphine brass

  2. dion brass

  3. mona brass

  4. avril brass


info from Reuben Alexander Carron

?? BRASS married ??, children

  1. Mona Viola Brass

Next Generation

Mona Viola BRASS married Ivan Donald CARRON,  children:

  1. Kenneth carron

  2. Creswell carron

  3. Reuben carron

  4. Romeo carron

  5. Moira carron


?? BRASS married ??, children

  1. Clifford Brass

Next Generation

Clifford BRASS from Bangalore cantonment, married Bidi (one eyed) JEFFERIES, children

  1. Dudley Brass

  2. Ronald Brass

  3. another brother in the police

Next Generation

Dudley BRASS lived with Sarojine ?, children:

  1. Saroja Brass

  2. Karuna Brass


info from

?? BRASS married ??, children

  1. John A Brass

Next Generation

John A BRASS (born around 1872 as per Railway Service Record book, working in Iraq as well on Railways) married Emma SCOTT  (b ?, d 16 Nov 1942), children:

  1. Sydney Lawrence BRASS (born 10 August 1906, expired 27 February 1972)

  2. Maryedith BRASS married ? Woodman

  3. Hugh BRASS, Railway, Hubli

  4. George BRASS, Businessman, Allahabad

  5. Iris BRASS married ?Palman.

  6. Gladys BRASS

Next Generation

Sydney Lawrence BRASS (born 10 August 1906, from KGF/ Southern Railway, expired 27 February 1972,) married Myrtle Mary BAPTIST . Children:

  1. Stanley Joseph BRASS

  2. Philip Walter Jude BRASS (b Madras. Studied at St. George's, Madras, 1963. Lives in Canada)

  3. Joyce Antoinette BRASS

  4. Raymond Arthur BRASS

Mary Edith BRASS married ? WOODMAN, children:


George BRASS married Joan Correy (both deceased), Children:

  1. Winston Brass - Perth Australia

  2. Marlene Brass

  3. Ashley Brass (deceased, Allahabad, India)

Iris BRASS married ? PALMAN, children:


Next Generation

Stanley Joseph BRASS married Joyce FRANKLIN, Son -

  1. Rhett BRASS

Philip Walter Jude BRASS married Sandra D'SOUZA in Bombay 27 May 1978, Children

  1. Kristoff Sydney Roger BRASS

  2. Kreisler Richard John BRASS

Joyce Antoniette BRASS married Adrian NEWBOND, children

  1. Faye Newbond

  2. Grenville Newbond

Raymond Arthur BRASS married Heather ? of Trichy; both studied at St George's Homes, Madras, children

  1. Stephen Brass (schools: St. Georges Homes, Ketti 1991, St.Josephs College, Coonoor. Montfort School, Yercaud

  2. Cheryl Brass married Malcolm Jacobs (Sydney)

  3. Ryan Brass married Christina Durham (live in Muscat)

  4. Sheridan Brass.

Winston Brass married ??, lives in Western Australia (not sure how many children he has)

Marlene BRASS married Richard F CLARKE (retired Commodore), Children:

  1. Sharon Clarke

  2. Sean Clarke

Next Generation

Stephen BRASS married Jacqueline PETERSON from Podanur, presently in Muscat, Oman, children:

  1. Aidan Gabriel Brass born 20th March 2005

   (info from )


info from Mike Larkum

?? BRASS married ??, children

  1. John BRASS

Next Generation

John BRASS married ??, children:

  1. Ann Cecilia BRASS (Birth: abt.1846)

Next Generation

 Ann Cecilia BRASS (Birth: abt.1846) on 8 Nov 1869 at Big Pancherry, India, married Victor Patrick SOARIS (Birth: abt 1846.) Source: Oriental and India Office, Ref N/2/50 fol 278.


?? BRASS married ??, children

  1. Albert BRASS

Next Generation

Albert BRASS married ??, children:

  1. Maude BRASS , Birth : abt 1884, India.

  2. Violet Georgiana BRASS Birth : abt. 1886 India.

Next Generation
Maude BRASS , Birth : abt 1884, India. married Clifford J SUARES (Birth : abt 1883, India.) on  5 Sep 1904, St. Francis Xavier Church, Madras, India. Source: Oriental and India Office, Records.children:

  1. SUARES, Kendal Cyril  Birth : 31 Mar 1909, North George Town, Madras, India.

  2. SUARES, Alban Anthony  Birth : abt 1910, India.

  3. SUARES, Hubert Birth : 5 Apr 1913, North George Town, Madras, India.

  4. SUARES, Croften Alexander Birth : 24 Feb 1915, Corgaum, India.

  5. SUARES, Mary Birth : 1 Jan 1917, India.

  6. SUARES, Goswell Denzil Birth : 17 Oct 1923, George Town, Madras, India.

Violet Georgiana BRASS Birth : abt. 1886 India married on 13 Apr 1904, St.Francis Xavier Church, Madras, India.
Source: Oriental and India Office, Records, 
Adolphus Fred SUARES (Birth : abt 1882, India). children:

  1. SUARES, Joseph Birth : 31 Dec 1906, Nandidrug, India.

  2. SUARES, Mary Rocksey Merlin Birth : 28 Sep 1908, George Town, Madras, India.

  3. SUARES, Joseph Clayton Eardley Birth : 06 Oct 1911, North George Town, Madras, India.

  4. SUARES, Mary Philomena Birth : 14 May 1914, Corgaum, India.

  5. SUARES, Anthony Normand Birth : 04 Feb 1916, Corgaum, India.

  6. SUARES, Stanislaus William Birth : 23 Aug 1917, Robertsonpet, India.


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