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?? CLARKE married ??, children:

  1. William Clarke

Next Generation

William CLARKE married ??, children:

  1. John Clarke (b 1833)

Next Generation

John CLARKE (b 1833) at 35yrs on 20 Jan 1868 in Barrackpore married 26yr widow Rebecca ALMORE nee DeCruze (b 1842 daughter of William DeCruze)


John CLARKE (b 1833) on 24 May 1875 in Meerut married widow Josephine GILMORE nee Balasm (daughter of Edward Balasm), children:

  1. Ethel Florence Clarke (b 26 Aug 1876 Meerut)

John CLARKE (b 1833) on 15 Jul 1879 in Barrackpore married widow Mary Ann BARTEEN nee Lewis (b 1831 daughter of Philip Lewis)


John CLARKE (b 1833), widower, on 11 Nov 1884 at 51yrs married widow Victoria FIRTH nee ROLTON ( daughter of John Rolton), children:



John CLARKE married ??, children:

  1. Frederick James Clarke (b 1884)

Next Generation

Frederick James CLARKE (b 1884) at 33yrs on 14 Nov 1917 in Calcutta married 18yr Irene Ivy Kathleen LEICESTER (b 1899, daughter of Alfred Vivian Leicester)



?? CLARKE married ??, children:

  1. Richard F Clarke

Next Generation

Commodore Richard F CLARKE married Marlene BRASS, Children:

  1. Sharon Clarke

  2. Sean Clarke


Would love to hear from any Cearns / Clarke's with an Allahabad / Lucknow / Nainital connection. Crena CEARNS CLARKE



I am interested in the connection between the Christian (that's the surname) family and the Windsor family. There was a Thomas Windsor, a merchant, in Bangkok, Thailand, in the 1870s and it is possible that Daniel T. Windsor was his son, since Thomas Windsor's business partner, Frederic Sydenham Clarke, had married an Annie Christian from India. Can anyone shed any light? David Rodger



info from Suzanne Britton   01763 244091 07950024581 (mob).

I am an only child. My mother's family lived in Calcutta. She lost touch with her father's two sisters when he died young - she was only 10 at the time ie 1930.


?? CLARKE married ??, children:

  1. George Clarke

Next Generation

George CLARKE on 2 Jan 1833 in Calcutta married Jane Olivia JORE (b 22 Jan 1814 Calcutta, daughter of James Oliver & Ann Jore, d 26 Jul 1881, age 67yrs) children:

  1. Olivia Amanda Clarke (b 4 Dec 1833 Calcutta)

  2. Ellen Elizabeth Clarke (b 23 Oct 1834 Calcutta)

  3. George Stanley Clarke (b 20 Feb 1836 Calcutta)

  4. Charles William CLARKE (b 16 Feb 1845, d 10 Mar 1943 Calcutta)

  5. Jane Isabel Best Clarke (b 17 Aug 1851 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Charles William CLARKE (b 16 Feb 1845, d 10 Mar 1943 Calcutta) on 26 Dec 1870 in Calcutta married 15yr Alice Adelaide Cuppage WILLIS (b 15 April 1856 Calcutta, daughter of Alfred James & Mathelda Theresa Willis), children:

  1. Charles Alfred Cyril CLARKE (b 24 Oct 1871 Jamalpore)

  2. George Alexander Stanley Clarke (b 28 Jan 1874 Jamalpore)

  3. Arthur Leonard Clarke (b 11 Jul 1877 Jamalpore)

  4. Terence Raymond Clarke (b 20 Feb 1880 Jamalpore)

  5. Winifred Florence Clarke (b 5 Jul 1884 Jamalpore)

  6. Alice May Clarke (b 26 Feb 1893 Jamalpore)

Next Generation

Charles Alfred Cyril CLARKE (b 24 Oct 1871 Jamalpore) at 19yrs on 10 Aug 1891 in Calcutta married 22yr Hilda Victoria VANQUELIN (b 1 Mar 1869 Debrooghur, daughter of Edwin & Ellen Vanquelin, d 2 Jan 1901 Calcutta), Children:

  1. Freda Blanche Clarke (b 23 Dec 1891, c 1 Jan 1892 Fort William))

  2. Harold Henderson Clarke (b 25 July 1893, d 5 Aug 1928 Calcutta)

  3. ?? Clarke (daughter)

Next Generation
Harold Henderson CLARKE
(b 25 July 1893, d 5 Aug 1928 Calcutta) at 22yrs on 25 July 1915 in Dhurumtollah married 24yr  Ellen Celest Wheeler GOMES (b 1891, daughter of Walter Gomes), Children:

  1. Veronica Blanche Clarke (my mother, b about 1920)

  2. Gloria Victoria Marie Clarke

  3. Leonie Joyce Clarke

Next Generation

Veronica Blanche CLARKE married Sydney SAUNTER, children:

  1. Suzanne Saunter married ? Britton

Gloria Victoria Marie Clarke married James MARSHALL, 2 children:

  1. Christine Marshall

  2. Michael Marshall

Leonie Joyce Clarke married Stan PILGRIM, 1 child:

  1. Mark Pilgrim


John CLARKE married ??, children:

  1. John Clarke (b 1840)

Next Generation

John CLARKE (b 1840) on 4 May 1865 in Kirkee married Mary McAlloff (daughter of James McAlloff), children:

  1. Alfred Clarke (b 4 Apr 1870 Kirkee)

  2. Norah Clarke (b 28 Sep 1873 Kirkee)

  3. Eliza Ellen Anne larke (b 23 Oct 1875 Kirkee)

  4. George Albert Clarke (b 21 Oct 1877 Kirkee, d 13 May 1878 Kirkee)

  5. Albert Patrick Clarke (b 30 Jan 1881 Kirkee)


?? CLARKE married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Lewis Clarke

Next Generation

Thomas Lewis CLARKE on 26 Dec 1900 in Bombay married Henrietta Ellen AMPLEBY (daughter of Harry Ampleby), children:

  1. Enid Constance Hardiman Clarke (b 20 Dec 1901 Kirkee, Bombay)

  2. Ethel Marjory Hardiman Clarke (b 2 Feb 1903 Kirkee)

  3. Leslie Thomas Wyndham Clarke (b 24 Oct 1908 Kirkee)


info from James Wheeler

?? CLARKE married ??, children:

  1. Irene Clarke

Next Generation

Irene CLARKE married George HOGERMEER (born 1906 died 1989) and their children are:

  1. Derrick,

  2. Maureen,

  3. Carol,

  4. Karen,

  5. Allison

  6. Lynn


Trying to trace two brothers, the sons of William James Clarke who was in the army in India, about early 1906+, William married in India to an Anglo-Indian lady, I understand his wife died, but he had two sons who came to England in the 1930's, my father William died 1963 never told us much but I remember he had letters on his fingers, I remember he said it was his first wife" initials I believe he said it was Minnie Nott, but I am not sure, I would like to hear from anyone who knows anything, He also had a garage with his brother in Secundrabad, his name was John. The two sons I believe were born about 1914/1920 so perhaps children of them might read his, I have been tracing a family tree so I could pass on some information if you would like. Victoria 


?? CLARKE married ??, children:

  1. William Augustus CLARKE (b abt 1840)

Next Generation

William Augustus CLARKE (b abt 1840) married Eleanor SHINGLER, 1858 Shoreditch, London. They had 3 sons:

  1. William James Clarke (b1864)

  2. James Henry Clarke (b 1868)

  3. John Clarke (b 1874)

Next Generation
William James CLARKE (b1864) married Rosetta SCHAUFLER 1885. They had 5 children:

  1. Rosetta Clarke (b1886)

  2. Katherine Clarke (b1889)

  3. William James Clarke (b 1891, d 1963)

  4. Eleanor Clarke (b1899)

  5. John Joseph Clarke (b1901)

Next Generation

William James CLARKE (born 1891, died 1963) married Minnie NOTT ? in India. They had a daughter who died in infancy. They also had 2 sons born about 1914/1920. These are my step brother's I am trying to trace or any of their family.

  1. daughter, died in infancy.

  2. son (b abt,1914/1920)

  3. son (b abt 1914/1920.)

William James CLARKE (born 1891, died 1963) married (2nd marriage)  Charlotte RIGDEN in 1935 in Kent, England, they had 5

  1. Victoria Clarke

Next Generation

Victoria CLARKE married John PARRY.



(info from Jenny Kennedy  23/9/02)

?? CLARKE married ??, children:

  1. Thomas (or James) Clarke

Next Generation

Thomas (or James) CLARKE, born 1820, married Mary Ann JOHNSTON of Annandale, born 1821, children : 

  1. Joseph John CLARKE (born at Moffat in Scotland in about 1854 and died in 1923 in Cornwall where, in his youth, he had been trained as an engineer at the Camborne School of Mines.  He spent most of his working life in India.

Next Generation

  (info from Philip Maddocks )

Joseph John CLARKE married Alice LOADER (born Oct 1824, daughter of the Hon John William LOADER and Hannah WATERS.  John Loader, according to family legend, had run away from his aristocratic family and enrolled in the ranks of the Indian Army; the 13th Light Dragoons, his wife was almost certainly Anglo-Indian.) JJ and Alice Clarke had their first child.  All three sons were Camborne-trained mining engineers, Thomas working for a long time in the Sudan, and Malcolm in Burma. JJ and Alice moved in about 1877 to the Kolar Gold Fields near Bangalore, where he worked for the next 35 years or so (legend has it that he became Chief Engineer of the Fields, but it may only have been one or two of the mines, which belonged to a firm called John Taylor). Their fourth and last child , born 1884, was my grandmother Daisy Mary Ann Clarke. 

  1. Thomas Andrew CLARKE, in a place called Marikuppan, probably in the Madras Presidency, in 1877. Between 1877 and 1884, JJ and Alice had 2 more sons: 

  2. Albert Edward CLARKE (Bertie) (born 1880, died 1913 at the time of a visit by the then Prince of Wales) 

  3. Malcolm Kenneth CLARKE.

  4. Daisy Mary Ann CLARKE

Next Generation

Thomas Andrew CLARKE married Hilda SHACKERLEY in ?1899.  They had 2 daughters in India who both died in infancy, and then an infant son lost in mysterious circumstances and never spoken about.  When Hlda became pregnant for the fourth time she went to England (Cornwall again) to have the baby.

  1. Daughter (died in infancy)

  2. Daughter (died in infancy)

  3. Son (Lost in mysterious circumstances)

  4. Sheila Clarke, born 1906, is now 93 (as at March 2000) and living in Australia.

Albert Edward CLARKE (Bertie) (born 1880, died 1913) married Ellen THOMAS (b. 1875, d. 1952).  They met in Camborne, Cornwall, while he was studying at the Camborne School of Mines before returning to the Kolar Gold Fields as a Mining Engineer. They had two sons, 

  1. Donald Dunkin CLARKE  1905-1994

  2. Albert Cecil  CLARKE (my father) 1911-1999  

(info from Jenny Kennedy  23/9/02)

Malcolm Kenneth CLARKE married Mercy MEATON in 1912 in Vepery, near Madras.  They divorced in the 30s, having had no children. Malcolm died shortly after the Second World War, in Karachi.


Daisy Mary Ann CLARKE married Frederick Ebenezer HUNTER, an accountant who had come to work at the mine, in about 1903.  They left India, and travelled the world (Gold Coast, Aruba, Bolivia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Romania, Trinidad).   None of their six children were born in India, or had Indian connections. Fred died in England in 1947, Daisy in 1971.


Next Generation

Alistair (Hunter)   6th March 2000, 2A Bay View Road, Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 2EA. UK .

Info from Jennifer Kennedy . Hope that helps.  You are welcome to put it on your website, and maybe I'll get some leads!


Albert Cecil CLARKE (born 11/04/1911 Kolar Gold Fields, d 1999) married Mary Alison SCARR (born Southgate, London 15/081916) in Southgate 1938.  Cecil, brother Donald and mother Ellen were in Cambourne, Cornwall, England when Bertie died and never returned to India.  Cecil Clarke and Mary had five children:

  1. Gillian Margaret Clarke (born 13/10/1940, St. Albans, Herts, died 19/05/1995, Loughborough, Leics)

  2. Pamela Mary Clarke (born 10/08/1942 St.Albans, Herts)

  3. Bernard Duncan Clarke (born 02/02/1944, St. Albans, Herts)

  4. Jennifer Alison Clarke (born 12/09/1946 St. Albans, Herts)

  5. Joyce Marilyn Clarke (born 7/09/1954 St. Albans, Herts)

Next Generation

Gillian Margaret CLARKE (born 13/10/1940, St. Albans, Herts, died 19/05/1995 Loughborough, Leics) married Brian Arthur MOORE.  They had three children,

  1. Ian Darren,

  2. Karen

  3. Alison.

Pamela Mary CLARKE (born 10/08/1942 St.Albans, Herts) married Frederick SLOMAN


Bernard Duncan CLARKE (born 02/02/1944, St. Albans, Herts) married Pauline OLIVER


Jennifer Alison CLARKE (born 12/09/1946 St. Albans, Herts) married Millar KENNEDY. They had three children,

  1. James Millar KENNEDY (born 11/05/1973 Nassau, Bahamas) married Nicole Charlene PLASKETT, they have a son, Charles Millar Plaskett KENNEDY

  2. Philip Duncan (born 18/02/1975 Nassau, Bahamas)

  3. Anna Jane (born 8/05/1977 Oakville, Ontario, Canada)  

Joyce Marilyn CLARKE (born 12/09/1946 St. Albans, Herts) married Lesley ELM


?? CLARKE married ??, children:

  1. Samuel Clarke

Next Generation

Samuel CLARKE (Supt. Messers Wallers Livery Stables 1873. and Hon. Coachman to the Governor - Vere Henry, Lord Hobart; death recorded in the register of St. Mary's Fort St.George, 31st. Jan 1876, aged 32, If that is correct, he could have been born 1844. Recorded a ref. (IOR/FCON/2/24/79 24/7/73) but not sure if this is the right Samuel Clarke. .) married Mary Louise IVE (daughter of Henry Augustus IVE) at St.Thomas Mount, 10 Oct 1870, children :

  1. Sarah Elizabeth CLARKE (Born. Madras 1874), 

  2. Florence CLARKE, 

  3. Hannah Louisa CLARKE, 

  4. Harriet Mary CLARKE  

(They were all baptised at Christ Church, Mount Rd. Madras)

Sarah Elizabeth CLARKE married my Grandfather, Ralph Edward Orr WILLIAMS, 5/1/1894. Christ Church Mount Rd. (Ref. Madras Vol.77 FOL.42. No.7098. 1/5/61 CRO/IOR), children :


Hannah Louisa CLARKE - married a TAYLOR. They retired in Fraser Town, Bangalore. Gt.Aunt Hannah CLARKE died there in around the late 1940's early 1950's.

We have a family Bible that Lady Hobart gave to the Clarke girls. She personally wrote inside the Bible in presenting it. Hazy records of the father of SAMUEL, being Charles Clarke or Thomas Duncan William Clarke need to be verified. My trail comes to a dead stop.

I did find a reference when visiting the Soc. of Gen. in London, to a THOMAS CLARKE, Died 6 Oct. 1683. He served the Honourable Com. He was the Portuguese interperter to the Company. The North Gate of Ft.St. George, Madras, was long known as "Tom Clarke's Gate". His widow was Elizabeth , daug. of Christopher Hartley of Masalipatam and Aguida Pereyra his wife.

Wonder if they fit into the CLARKE picture somewhere?

Regards, Geoffrey Williams, Sheffield.UK.



info from Rhonda Mathew 

info from , My husband, Geoffrey Meppen-Walter is the son of Groves and Norah and is second cousin once removed to Rhonda Mathew.


?? CLARKE married ??, children:

  1. Edward Patrick Clarke

Next Generation

Edward Patrick CLARKE (born 1841 at Podanur, India) married Frances Elizabeth RIGG on 11/9/1862 , children:

  1. Frances Adelaide Clarke (b 29.12.1863,bp 13.1.1864 Black Town Church Madras place of abode Royapuram) 

  2. Ernest Clarke (B ?, died Madras)

  3. Bertha Clarke

  4. Hilly Clarke

  5. Albert Clarke (b ?, d UK)

  6. Edward Patrick Clarke (b. 4/8/1865 christened 23rd.Trinity Church Bangalore) 

  7. Winifred Clarke

  8. Percy Clarke

Next Generation

Edward Patrick CLARKE (b 4/8/1865, christened 23rd.Trinity Church Bangalore) married Martha Jane SUMMERS (b 1869) 14.2.1887 age 17 Coimbatore?; children: 

  1. Frances Martha CLARKE b 1888 Gooty, 

Winifred CLARKE married Mervyn Edmond MEPPEN-WALTER, children:

  1. Groves Warburton Meppen-Walter (Babs) married Norah Powell, son: Geoffrey

?? CLARKE married ??, children:

  1. Elvira Philomena Clarke

Next Generation

Elvira Philomena CLARKE married Joseph Hubert LEMERLE  : 

  1. John Cedric LeMerle 

  2. Allan Joseph LeMerle 

  3. Hubert (Bob) Ignatius LeMerle 

  4. Michael Arthur LeMerle  

  5. Brian LeMerle  

  6. Rae Anthony LeMerle 

  7. Barry Christopher LeMerle


 ?? CLARKE married ??, children:

  1. Cyril Clarke

Next Generation

Cyril CLARKE married Phyllis SUTTON, they had 2 children: 

  1. Heather CLARKE

  2. Kevin CLARKE


info from Alexia D'Costa 

?? CLARKE married ??, children:

  1. Vivian Clarke

Next Generation

Vivian CLARKE married Gertrude ??(lived at Perambur, Madras, South India), children:

  1. Colleen CLARKE

Next Generation

Colleen CLARKE married  Cyril Archibald PANSY  children:

  1. Alexia PANSY (studied at St Joseph's Presentation Convent, Perambur, Madras, South India)

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