LOADER Family Tree

with links to British India


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?? LOADER  married ?, children:

  1. John William LOADER (b 24th Jan 1817 England, d 5 Aug 1892 Bangalore)

Next Generation

John William LOADER (b 24th Jan 1817 England, d 5 Aug 1892 Bangalore. John Loader enrolled in the ranks of the 13th Light Dragoons) on 18th February 1840 in Bangalore, married Hannah WATERS (b 2nd Oct 1824 Bangalore, d 6th Aug 1904). John Loader, according to family legend, had run away from his aristocratic family and enrolled in the ranks of the Indian Army; the 13th Light Dragoons, his wife was almost certainly Anglo-Indian. They had fourteen children of which eleven lived to child bearing age and in 1890 at their golden wedding anniversary they had 78 Grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren.

  1. Alice Loader (born Oct 1824). 

  2. Mary Jane Loader (b 1841)

  3. William Loader (b 3 Apr 1843 Bangalore)

  4. Alfred Henry Loader (b 1847, d 11 Aug 1919 Bangalore)

  5. Hannah Loader (b 1851, d 27 Jun 1853 Bangalore)

  6. Amelia Loader (b 20 May 1853 Bangalore)

  7. John Edward Loader (b 23 Mar 1855 Bangalore)

  8. Frederick Loader (b 27 Feb 1861, c 9 Apr 1861 Bangalore)

  9. Albert Loader (b 1863)

  10. Harriet Eliza Loader (b 7 Jun 1865 Bangalore)

  11. Walter Edward Loader (c 4 Sep 1867 Bangalore)

  12. James William Loader (b 4 Oct 1869 Bangalore)

  13. James Herbert Loader (b 1870, d 6 Mar 1872 Bangalore)

Next Generation

Alice LOADER (b Oct 1824) married Joseph John CLARKE. JJ and Alice Clarke had their first child.  All three sons were Camborne-trained mining engineers, Thomas working for a long time in the Sudan, and Malcolm in Burma. JJ and Alice moved in about 1877 to the Kolar Gold Fields near Bangalore, where he worked for the next 35 years or so (legend has it that he became Chief Engineer of the Fields, but it may only have been one or two of the mines, which belonged to a firm called John Taylor). Their fourth and last child , born 1884, was my grandmother Daisy Mary Ann Clarke. 

  1. Thomas Andrew CLARKE, in a place called Marikuppan, probably in the Madras Presidency, in 1877. Between 1877 and 1884, JJ and Alice had 2 more sons: 

  2. Albert Edward CLARKE (Bertie) (born 1880, died 1913 at the time of a visit by the then Prince of Wales) 

  3. Malcolm Kenneth CLARKE.

  4. Daisy Mary Ann CLARKE

Mary Jane LOADER (b 1841) at 15yrs on 7 Jun 1856 in French Rocks, Madras, married 27yr Joseph ANDERSON (b 1829 son of Peter Anderson)


Alfred Henry LOADER (b 1847, d 11 Aug 1919 Bangalore) at 22yrs on 4 Aug 1869 in Bangalore married 21yr Elizabeth Mary CONYERS, (b 1848, d 22 Apr 1898 Madras, daughter of Benjamin Conyers) children:

  1. Alfred Henry Loader (b 3 Jan 1871 Bangalore)

  2. Florence Louise Loader (b 1872)

  3. Frederick Lewis Loader (b 16 Oct 1873 Jallarapet)

  4. Alice Maud Loader (b 1 Mar 1876 Bangalore)

  5. Winifred Harriet Loader (b 5 May 1879 Bangalore)

  6. George Melville Loader (b 23 May 1880 Jallarapet, c 14 Apr 1910 Bitragunta)

  7. Walter Douglas Loader (b 2 Nov 1882 Jallarapet)

  8. Albert Percival Loader (b 4 Apr 1884 Jallarapet)

  9. Kathleen Muriel Loader (b 1895)

Alfred Henry LOADER (b 1847, d 11 Aug 1919 Bangalore) at 53yrs on 21 Nov 1901 in Coimbatore married 35yr Alice Virginia GAY (b 1866 daughter of Samuel Gay)


Amelia LOADER (b 20 May 1853 Bangalore) at 16yrs on 20 May 1869 in Bangalore married 44yr James Frederick LEES (b 1825 son of Joseph Frederick Lees)


John Edward LOADER (b 23 Mar 1855 Bangalore) at 22yrs on 4 Jul 1877 in Madras married 15yr Theresa PARKINSON (b 1862 daughter of John Parkinson)


John Edward LOADER (b 23 Mar 1855 Bangalore) widowed, at 28yrs on 26 Jun 1883 in Bangalore married 19yr Mary Louisa MAARTENSZ (b 1864 daughter of William Charles Maartensz)


Albert LOADER (b 1863) at 24yrs on 2 Feb 1887 in Bangalore married 15yr Mabel Evelyn McMAHON (b 1872 daughter of Wallace Harvey McMahon)


Harriet Eliza LOADER (b 7 Jun 1865 Bangalore) at 17yrs on 28 Dec 1882 in Bangalore married 25yr Henry George HEDGES (b 1857 son of William Hedges)



Next Generation

Alfred Henry LOADER (b 3 Jan 1871 Bangalore) at 21yrs on 24 Feb 1892 in Cuddapah married 20yr Elizabeth Mabel WRIGHT (b 1872 daughter of Stephen Wright), Children:

  1. Alfred Wright Loader (b 1 Sep 1893 Jallarapet)

Florence Louise LOADER (b 1872) at 17yrs on 20 Dec 1889 in Madras married 22yr Alexander John Cope SANDFORD (b 1867 son of James Sandford)


Florence Louise SANDFORD nee LOADER (b 1872) widow, at 30yrs on 29 Aug 1900 in Podanur married 35yr John Joseph GORMAN (b 1865 son of Maurice Gorman)


Winifred Harriet LOADER (b 5 May 1879 Bangalore) at 22yrs on 26 Jun 1901 in Madras married 24yr John Fortescue Victor WAGSTAFF (b 1877 son of William Wagstaff)


Kathleen Muriel LOADER (b 1895) at 20yrs on 22 Dec 1915 in Coonoor married 32yr Lancelot McRIE (b 1883 son of William McRie)