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Edwin William PANSY married ??, children:

  1. Edwin William Pansy (b 1903)

Next Generation

Edwin William PANSY (b 1903) at 23yrs on 5 Apr 1923 in Madras married 23yr Mabel Maud ALLAN, (b 1903 daughter of Frederick Alfred Allan) children:

  1. Cyril Frederick Archibald Pansy (b 8 Oct 1926 Madras)

  2. Elsie Alice Miriam Pansy (b 27 Sep 1928 Madras)

  3. Edwin William Pansy (b 23 Sep 1930, c 3 Oct 1930 Hubli, Bombay)

  4. Hilda Lilian Philomena Pansy (b 26 May 1936 Arkonam, Madras) info advised by

Next Generation

Cyril Frederick Archibald PANSY (b 8 Oct 1926 Madras) married Colleen CLARKE (b 1936 Madras daughter of Vivian & Gertrude Clarke who lived at Perambur, Madras, South India) , children:

  1. Alexia PANSY (b 1952 Karachi, studied at St Joseph's Presentation Convent, Perambur, Madras, South India)

  2. Peter Vivian Pansy (b 1954 Bahrain)

Elsie Alice PANSY (b 27 Sep 1928 Madras) married Woodrow Alfred Anthony SATUR (b 12 Dec 1918 Madras, son of Andrew & Helda Satur). Children:


  2. JEAN DAWN Satur



Next Generation

Alexia PANSY married ?? D'COSTA.

Peter Vivian PANSY (b 1954 Bahrain) married Gilda Bernardine ALLEY (b 1964 Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands).  Children :

1. Ruth Jessica Louise PANSY (b 1992 Chennai, TN)


Next Generation
Ruth Jessica Louise PANSY (b 1992 Chennai, TN ) married Andre Augustinho GOMEZ (b 1988 Chennai), Children:

  1. Nathan Jabez Gomez (b 2015 Melbourne, Australia)


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