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? JOHNSTON married ?, children:

  1. John William Johnston (b 1841)

Next Generation

John William JOHNSTON (b 1841) at 24yrs on 20 Sep 1865 in Madras married 21yr Letitia Amelia D'CRUZ, (b 1845, d 14 Sep 1878 Madras, daughter of John D'Cruz) children:

  1. Clementina Clarissa Johnston (b 20 Oct 1866 Madras)

  2. George Christopher Johnston (b 29 Mar 1868 Madras)

  3. Andrew Ebenez Johnston (c 9 Apr 1870 Madras)

  4. Agnes Catherine Johnston (b 25 Jul 1875, c 4 Sep 1875 Madras)

Next Generation

Clementina Clarissa JOHNSTON (b 20 Oct 1866 Madras) at 24yrs on 28 Jul 1890 in Vepery married 21yr Stanislaus FERNANDEZ (b 1869), children:

  1. Joseph Adolphus Fernandez (b 24 Apr 1891,c 17 May 1891 Madras, d 11 Jun 1891 Vepery)

  2. Alan De Joseph Fernandez (b 19 Jul 1892 Pudupet)

  3. Mabel Laura Fernandez (b 1896) at 22yrs on 2 Sep 1918 in Madras married 30yr Thomas William Russell (b 1888)

Andrew Ebenez JOHNSTON (c 9 Apr 1870 Madras) married Clara ?, children:

  1. Mary Letitia Johnston (b 3 Apr 1910 Madras)

  2. Agnes Johnston (b 16 Aug 1916 Madras)

  3. Olive St Clare Johnston (b 11 Dec 1918 Madras)


Agnes Catherine JOHNSTON (b 25 Jul 1875, c 4 Sep 1875 Madras) at 18yrs on 17 Feb 1892 in Vepery married 22yr Thomas William McCARTHY (b 1870 son of William McCarthy), children:

  1. Ella Ann McCarthy (b 25 Jun 1893 Vepery)

  2. Mabel Ann McCarthy (b 24 Dec 1897 Madras)

  3. Joseph Patrick McCarthy (b 21 Feb 1900 Madras)

  4. Patrick Joseph McCarthy (b 6 Jan 1905 Madras)

  5. John Anthony McCarthy (b 19 Dec 1916 Madras)



Hi my name is Sandy Warman-Johnston.  I am searching for two Aunts who it is believed came to Australia in 1947 after independence.  I am told that they came with their father David Hall.  The confusing part is that sometimes they used the name Warman-Johnston, and at other times just JOHNSTON.  As far as I know David Hall left his wife Margaret nee Reynolds after over 25 years of marriage and twelve children, and took the two youngest, these two girls with him, and went to live in Bombay from Calcutta.  I think the two girls names were Irene who was born about 1922 and Rhoda born about 1923.  There is another Aunt Jean, who no one knows what happened to.  She married Walter Marshall and had two children named either Sylvia or Cynthia and Peter.  They did come to England after independence but disappeared and the family think they may have gone to Australia on the assisted passage scheme.  So if anyone can help with information or guidance please contact me by e-mail


David JOHNSTON married ?, children:

  1. Henry Scott Johnston

Next Generation

Henry Scott JOHNSTON Assistant Clerk B.J.S.N.C on 24 May 1879 in Calcutta married Eliza Albertine WARMAN, (b 1864, d 28 Nov 1928 Calcutta, age 64, daughter of John Hall Warman) children:

  1. Louisa Winifred Johnston (b 7 Jul 1880 Calcutta)

  2. Nora Mildred Johnston c 5 Aug 1882 Calcutta)

  3. David Hamilton Hall Johnston (b 3 Dec 1883 Calcutta)

  4. Winifred Eliza Johnston (b 9 May 1885 Calcutta)

  5. Donald Charles Johnston (b 24 Nov 1886 Calcutta)

  6. Albert Edwin Johnston (b 1 Sep 1891, c 28 Feb 1892 Sukkur, Bombay)

  7. Muriel Albertine Johnston (b 8 Dec 1893 Kharagpur)

  8. Mary Beryl Nellie Johnston (b 28 Nov 1900 Calcutta)

Next Generation

David Hamilton Hall JOHNSTON married Margaret Anne REYNOLDS, children:

  1. Albertine Margaret Johnston (b 1903)

  2. Florence Ann Johnston (b 20 Nov 1904 Calcutta)

  3. Rhoda St Hall Johnston (b 24 Jun 1907,c 1 Sep 1907 Darjeeling)

  4. Alice Abigail Johnston (b 7 Nov 1909 Calcutta)

  5. Nellie Florence Emma Johnston (b 25 Jul 1911 Khurda Road)

  6. David Alfred St John Johnston (b 11 Oct 1912 Khurda Road)

  7. Derrick David Warman Johnston (b 29 Mar 1914 Khurda Road)

  8. Robert William Warman Johnston (b 23 Jun 1917 Kharagpur)

  9. Wallace Hall Norman Johnston (b 20 Mar 1919 Calcutta)

  10. Stuart Augustus Warman Johnston (b 21 Sep 1920 Calcutta)

  11. Irene Maud Johnston (b 6 Jun 1924 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Albertine Margaret JOHNSTON (b 1903) at 18yrs on 4 Jan 1922 in Calcutta married 45yr electrician Eugene Owen JAMES (b 1877 son of Henry James)


Albertine Margaret JAMES nee JOHNSTON (b 1903) widow, at 27yrs on 14 Feb 1931 in Calcutta married 30yr Frank Harold CUMMUSKEY (b 1901 son of Frank Cummusley)



Mary Ann JOHNSTON of Annandale, born 1821 married Thomas (or James) CLARKE, born 1820, children : 

  1. Joseph John CLARKE (born at Moffat in Scotland in about 1854 and died in 1923 in Cornwall where, in his youth, he had been trained as an engineer at the Camborne School of Mines.  He spent most of his working life in India.


Louisa JOHNSTON, Spinster, Indo-Briton married Simon FONCECA, widower, Indo-Briton, Draftsman, Madras (Artist), by dispensation. As both were Roman Catholic there was a special ceremony. This was conducted by Rt Rev Doctor P J Carew, Bishop of Philadelphia USA, Co-Adjutor Vicar Apostolic of Madras and Meliapore on 27 November 1839, witnesses W.L. Johnston, G J J Fonceca. Simon was a widower when he married and they were both 'Indo-British. Louisa died a widow on 19 March 1885 of general debility aged 68), children :  

  1. Agnes Eliza FONCECA (born 1841?), 

  2. Beatrice Josephine FONCECA (born 18/11/1842, baptised 10/12/1842, Madras, officiating Minister J Fennelly. LDS film 530008/9 Vol 2/4 P580),  

  3. Julina Sophia FONCECA (born 19/6/1844, baptised 10/7/1844), 

  4. Octavia FONCECA (born 1873).

(The person who confirmed the above information is the son of Edward Percy Johnston).  



Info from Sharon Busch 

? JOHNSTON a blacksmith, married Jean GRAHAM, children:

  1. Agnes Graham Johnston was born in Scotland March 19, 1919. Agnes moved to Canada in her early 30's and lived until age 57 yrs.  She lived in Chatham Ontario Canada until her death.


info to be submitted by Andrea O'HARA

Frederick Norman Bruce JOHNSTON (born 20/10/1904 Madras, SI died 20/03/1950, Worthing, UK) married Kathleen May O'HARA (born 21/08/1907, Calcutta, NI died 09/1995 Guildford, UK)  . Children:

  1. Carlyle Bruce JOHNSTON (born 06/08/1940, Bangalore, SI)

  2. Robert Christopher JOHNSTON (born 30/04/1943, Bangalore, SI)

Next Generation

Carlyle Bruce JOHNSTON (born 06/08/1940, Bangalore, SI) married Hazel Christine MARTIN (27/02/1943, Worthing, UK), Children:

  1. Richard Bruce JOHNSTON (born 17/09/1968, Shoreham, UK)

Robert Christopher JOHNSTON (born 30/04/1943, Bangalore, SI) married June Anne HILARY (born 04/02/1946, Farnborough, UK). Children:

  1. Karen Hilary JOHNSTON (born 16/06/1975, Welwyn Garden, UK)

  2. Helen May JOHNSTON (born 24/12/1976, Welwyn Garden, UK)

  3. Anna Mary JOHNSTON (born 26/02/1979, Northampton, UK)


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