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info from Amelia Millicent Rita Boyne  amy_boyne@hotmail.com

?? WATERS married ??, children:

  1. Catherine Elizabeth Waters (b 1903- baptized at Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine, Perambur, Chennai. India

Next Generation

Catherine Elizabeth WATERS (b1903= baptized at Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine, Perambur, Chennai. India) on 15.8.1923 in Catholic Church, Adra, India, married Charles Richard Crawford NICHOLSON (b 1884 in Madras, baptized at Christ Church, Madras on 1.10.1884  b1938.) . Children:

  1. Eustace Valentine Nicholson - b.1924 married Olive Leavers - 7 children.

  2. Maurice Ivan Nicholson - b1925.

  3. Marie Teresa Nicholson -b.1927 married Barney Wilson - 5 children.

  4. Donald A.Nicholson - b.1929 married Violet ???? - 7 children.

  5. Amelia Millicent Rita Nicholson, b1930 married Edgar GUY Hastings Boyne.4 children.

  6. Eunice Ethel Nicholson, b.1931 married Arthur Larkins - 4 children.

  7. Vincent Owen Nicholson b1937 married Mary Cummins - 4 children

Catherine Elizabeth Nicholson (nee Waters) (My Mother, b 1903 baptized at Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine, Perambur, Chennai. India) and George Alfred SAEGENT , one daughter:

  1. DOROTHY Phyllis SARGENT b1941. Married 1st time to Alfred Papke - 2 children, 2nd Marriage to Zigusmund TOPKA.


info submitted by Philip Maddocks pm_wsdc@hotmail.com

David WATERS (b London 1790) married Nancy ?, children:

  1. Hannah Waters (b 1824 Bangalore, d 1904)

Next Generation

Hannah WATERS (b 1824 Bangalore, d1904) married John William LOADER (b 1817 England) on 18th February 1840 in Bangalore.  They had fourteen children of which eleven lived to child bearing age and in 1890 at their golden wedding anniversary they had 78 Grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren.

  1.  ?




info supplied by Lynette Waters-Mendes lynmendes@optushome.com.au and Jeffrey Wheeler  jwheeler@global.net.au 

The Waters/Watters family were in Bangalore and South India, later to East & North India, finally emigrated to Australia, USA and UK.

Peter Daniel WATERS married Catherine ? . Peter was at Fort St George, Madras, W.O.II, attached to an Irish regiment, period 1860-1862. Children:  

  1. Peter Waters (my grandfather, born 1864, where I do not know, maybe Dublin, Ireland. It is obvious he too may have joined the army and returned to India. He was in the Kolar Gold Fields as a mining engineer or miner. ),

  2. Francis Waters

  3. Michael Waters

  4. Kathleen Waters.  My grandaunt, Kathleen, or Catherine, was a nun at the Yercaud (or maybe Quilon) Convent of the Sacred Heart.  I was told that after her death her remains were returned to Ireland, how far this is true I have no idea. She would have been quite elderly.

Next Generation

Peter WATERS  (my grandfather, born 1864, where I do not know, maybe Dublin, Ireland. It is obvious he too may have joined the army and returned to India. He was in the Kolar Gold Fields as a mining engineer or miner.) married my grandmother, Elizabeth PIRES of Portuguese descent, she spoke the language very fluentlyThey had 10 or 11 children. Peter WATERS (my grandfather) then went to Perambur, Madras, where he was employed by the Railways.  He died in 1909 of black cholera, he was only 45 years old. His wife, my grand mother, Elizabeth PIRES died in 1929 in Waltair.

  1. William Thomas Waters (b 1888).

  2. Ernest Waters

  3. Florence Waters

  4. Hilda Waters

  5. Ethel WATERS 

  6. Mary Waters

  7. Irene Waters (b1896)

  8. Daisy Waters


  10. Elizabeth Matilda Waters (b1906 in India and d1981 in Perth) 

Francis WATERS married ?? , children: ?


Michael WATERS married ??, children: ?


Next Generation

William Thomas WATERS (born in 1888) in 1909 married my mother, Josephine (Rene) MICHEL (from Pondicherry)  children :  had 3 sons and 1 daughter, myself,

  4. Lynette Waters .

Florence WATERS married Victor ROSS


Hilda WATERS married Dennis ROSS


Ethel WATERS married Michael SCOTT, children : 

  1. Ivy Scott 

  2. Dudley Scott 

  3. Ivor Scott 

  4. Gerald Scott 

  5. Coral Scott   

  6. Renee  Scott

Mary WATERS married Oswald BASKETT


Irene Waters (born 1896) married ?? Norris and the children were:

  1. Daphnie Norris (1st Marriage) married Mr Keene and had 3 children, Brenda, Margaret and a son ??,
    Daphnie's 2nd Marriage to Denzel McFarlan and one son Ray;

  2. Herbert Norris married Ivy Themsfield and had Mary, Robert aka Bobby, Peter, Douglas, Rex aka Tojo, Christopher and Herbert aka Bulla; Mary Norris married Jeffrey Pereira, Peter married Jackie Rozario, Christopher married Tina Rozario

Irene NORRIS (nee WATERS) (b1896) married William PARKER  , children:

  1. Noel,

  2. Oswald Parker married Mearle Wilson and had Colleen, Charmaine, Glenda, Ryan, Valerie, Kim who married JEFFREY WHEELER, children: Vivienne and Fran.,

  3. Norman,

  4. Derrick,

  5. Rex,

  6. Reggie

  7. Colleen (deceased);

Daisy WATERS married Henry WHEELER  


Catherine Elizabeth WATERS married Charles Richard Crawford NICHOLSON  


Elizabeth Matilda WATERS (b1906, 1 of 9 sisters) of Waltair, married Walter Augustus WHEELER (b1893, in India and d1957 India)., children : 

  1. Dorothy Wheeler

  2. Gilbert Wheeler

  3. Horace George Wheeler (b1930 in Adra, Andrah Pradesh)

  4. Ralph Wheeler

  5. Chritine Wheeler

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