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? NICHOLAS married ?, children:

  1. John Nicholas

Next Generation

John NICHOLAS married ?, children:

  1. Susan Nicholas (b 1867)

Next Generation

Susan NICHOLAS, (b 1867, d 5 Dec 1921 Calcutta, age 54) on 25 Jul 1883 at Fort William married Seaman William SAYERS, Children:

  1. Annie Sayers (c 4 Aug 1884 Calcutta)

  2. Norman Samuel Alban Sayers (b 11 Jul 1887 Fort William)

  3. Amy Daisy Harriet Sayers (b 26 Oct 1888 Fort William)

  4. Jessie Isabella Sayers (b 14 Sep 1890 Fort William)

  5. Lily Jane Sayers (b 5 Oct 1892 Fort William, d 7 Nov 1894)

  6. Dorothy Wilhelmina Sayers (b 31 Aug 1894 Calcutta)

  7. William Robert Sayers (b 15 Jun 1896 Fort William, d 27 Jun 1896 Calcutta)

  8. James Albert Sayers (b 12 Jun 1900 Fort William)

  9. Eric Lazarus Sayers (b 27 Mar 1902 Fort William)

  10. Joseph Charles Sayers (b 13 Dec 1903 Calcutta)

  11. John Augustine Sayers (b 13 Dec 1903 Fort William)

  12. May Sayers (b & d 1 Jul 1905 Calcutta)

  13. David Isaac Sayers (b 20 Apr 1906 Fort William, d 10 Dec 1906 Calcutta)

  14. Hugh Clifford Sayers. Fireman GIP Rlwy (b 1 Oct 1909 Fort William, d 9 Sep 1930 Jubbulpore, age 20)


info from Enid Nicholas

?? NICHOLAS married ??, children:

  1. George Nicholas

Next Generation

George NICHOLAS (was in the army in Burma) married Marjorie Mary Antoinette MOLLAN (b 19 Aug 1917 Maymyo, daughter of Charles Elias and Mary Sarah Mollan) and they had 5 children. They all are married and have children except for the last one Tyron Nicholas my Uncle.

  1. Anthony Joseph Nicholas (b 5 Mar 1935 Maymyo)

  2. Phylomenia Nicholas

  3. Andrew Nicholas

  4. Tessy Nicholas

  5. Tyron Nicholas.

Next Generation
Anthony Joseph Nicholas (b 5 Mar 1935 Maymyo) married Ilona JONES--children

  1. Debbie Nicholas

  2. Andres Nicholas

Phylomenia Nicholas married Noel D'ROZARIO--children

  1. Nigel D'Rozario (died when he was 3)

  2. Anna D'Rozario (married- Rodney Suresh-no children)

  3. Hermine D'Rozario (married Keith Ross),  children:    1. Savhana Ross,    2.Nathdaniel Ross,    3.Baby Girl Ross.

              (info from Paul D'Rozario )

Andrew Nicholas married Marien KELMAN -children:

  1. Noel Nicholas

  2. Enid Nicholas

  3. George Nicholas

  4. Michael Nicholas

  5. David Nicholas

  6. Norman Nicholas

Tessy Nicholas married Raymond KING, migrated to Canada-Children:

  1. Trevor King married Dorris in Canada, children: 1.Michael King, Girl.

  2. Debbie King married Mark, children: 1Baby boy

  3. Carol King

  4. Kevin King

  5. Joan King (married??), children:1 Baby girl ZARA.

Tyron Nicholas married Pricella FISHER -no children



info from  and 

?? NICHOLAS married ??, children:

  1. Syrina Nicholas

Next Generation

Syrina NICHOLAS (b. Madras. Nicholas was the anglicised version of her familyís name. Her family were Athenians and had a successful business operating ship ís chandlers. They lived in Madras for many decades, before emigrating to Australia after the break-up of the Indian Empire) married Alfred Ernest COURT (b. Madras, ex-HM Military Accounts Paymaster) . They had 2 natural children,

  1. Dorinda Hope COURT (b Maemaeo, Burma)

  2. Hugh Bernardt COURT ( b Jubulpore1894, d 1967), picture below

They also had an adopted son in Rangoon.

(Syrina NICHOLAS niece, Violet still apparently teaches in Pune, having survived her husband Herbert, at the age of 90 years! )



Info supplied by Aloma LIVELY

?? NICHOLAS married ??, children:

  1. Francis Nicholas

Next Generation

Francis NICHOLAS (born Madras) married Sarah ? (born Madras, died 1930's), children :

  1. Margaret Nicholas

  2. Louise Nicholas

  3. Hannah Nicholas

  4. Clarence Nicholas

  5. William Nicholas

  6. Anna Nicholas

  7. Daniel Patrick Nicholas (born 1889 in Madras, died 31/7/1949 in Ernakulum) was the Chief Engineer, Dredging, Cochin Harbor Works)

Next Generation

Margaret NICHOLAS married ? GIRTON, children :

  1. Albert Girton

seeking information on Sarah and Francis NICHOLAS, and their ancestors on both sides. Thanks. Aloma LIVELY)



?? NICHOLAS married ??, children:

  1. Frederick Charles Nicholas

Next Generation

Frederick Charles NICHOLAS married Martha : children

  1. Phylis Gwendoline Nicholas (b 7 Apr 1911 Cawnpore)

  2. Frederick Rowland James Nicholas (b 1915 Ambala)

  3. Grace Elizabeth Nicholas (b 18 Jan 1917 Allahabad)

  4. Julia Margaret Nicholas (b 1 Mar 1913 Khagaul)


Terrence C NICHOLAS Army Captain, married Winifred ??, children:

  1. Stanislaus Nicholas (b 19 Apr 1892, c 24 Apr 1892 Madras)

  2. Hugh Joseph Nicholas (b 1898)

  3. Rita Mary Nicholas (b 1903)

Next Generation

Hugh Joseph NICHOLAS (b 1898) of Madavaram at 29yrs on 23 Nov 1927 in Perambur married 17yr Mildred Roslind May DORSEY (b 22 Jan 1910, c 8 Feb 1910 Bitragunta, daughter of James Arthur and Margaret Violet Dorsey (nee CLARKE) , d 28 Jul 1937 Madras) children:

  1. Doreen Therese Nicholas (b 16 Nov 1928, c 24 Nov 1928 Perambur)

  2. Josephine Clare Nicholas (b 1936)

Rita Mary NICHOLAS (b 1903) at 26yrs on 9 Jul 1929 in Perambur married 25yr Leslie Rex John BINNY (b 1904, son of Reginald Egbert & Kobella Binny)


Next Generation

Doreen Therese NICHOLAS of Vepery (b 16 Nov 1928, c 24 Nov 1928 Perambur) at 21yrs on 30th Dec 1949 in San Thome Cathedral married 23yr Ticket Examiner Neil Charles Jeremiah HOPKINS of Vepery.


Josephine Clare NICHOLAS (b 1936) at 23yrs on 21 Nov 1959 at St Sebastian Church, Madras married 26yr Vernon Joseph Pilomena BINNY (b 1933, son of Lesley Rex Binny) of Madavaram.



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