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I am wondering if there are any Howell, MacKenzie, Scott or Fletcher relatives still living in Bangalore. We left India in 1948 and have never returned, but this coming March 2015 we plan to be in Bangalore for about six days and would like to catch up with anyone related to Benjamin Howell, or Herbert MacKenzie, or Terrence Fletcher (All deceased)



?? SCOTT married ??, children:

  1. Jane Scott

Next Generation

Jane SCOTT on 25 Jan 1838 in Calcutta married John William CARNEGIE, children:

  1. Ann Pitcairn Carnegie (b 20 Feb 1839, c 23 May 1839 Calcutta) on 28 May 1860 in Byculla married widowed Joseph ARNOLD (son of Joseph Arnold)

  2. Jane Maria Carnegie (b 7 Aug 1840, c 12 Jan 1841 Agra)

  3. Leila Scott Carnegie (b 12 Nov 1841, c 28 Mar 1842 Delhi)

  4. Fanny Ogilvie Carnegie (b 22 Jul 1843, c 10 Oct 1843 Simla)



Henry Walter SCOTT married Mary ??, children:

  1. Abraham Scott (b 1851, d 13 Jun 1906 Perambur)

Next Generation

Abraham SCOTT (b 1851, d 13 Jun 1906 Perambur) at age 40 on 27 Jul 1891 married 23yr Mary Ann D'SILVA (b 1868 daughter of Lazarus John D'Silva, d 6 Feb 1928 Perambur), children:

  1. Constance Theresa Scott (b 13 May 1892 Coimbatore)

  2. Florence Agnes Scott (b 3 Dec 1894 Madras)

  3. Margaret Mary Scott (b 2 Oct 1897 Madras)

  4. Clarence Joseph Scott (b 4 Jul 1904 Perambur)

  5. Wilfred Antony Scott (b 20 Oct 1905 Perambur)

Next Generation

Constance Theresa SCOTT (b 13 May 1892 Coimbatore, d 11 Dec 1929 Perambur age 37) at age 20 on 27 Jan 1913 at Perambur married 21yr John Basil FONCECA (b 1892 son of Andrew Fonceca), children:

  1. Mary Phylis Fonceca (b 6 Jun 1916 Perambur)

  2. Anthony Cresswell Fonceca (b 26th Aug 1920 Madras, d Jul 1987)

  3. Huntley Joseph Fonceca (b 25 Nov 1920 Madras)

  4. Madge Cecelia Fonceca (b 12 Nov 1922 Perambur)

  5. Ronald Joseph Fonceca (b 7 Jan 1926 Perambur)

  6. Clarice Theresa Fonceca (b 15 Apr 1927 Perambur)

  7. Philomena Alfred Fonceca (b 13 Oct 1928 Perambur)

  8. Errol Fonceca

Florence Agnes SCOTT (b 3 Dec 1894 Madras) at age 17 on 24 May 1911 at Perambur married 24yr Lawrence John PEREIRA (b 1887 son of Peter Pereira), children:

  1. Josephine Irene Pereira (b16 Apr 1912 Perambur)

  2. Albert Anthony Pereira (b 1 Aug 1913 Perambur)


Margaret Mary SCOTT (b 2 Oct 1897 Madras) at age 18 on 24 Nov 1915 in Madras married 24yr  Patrick Alexander PEREIRA (b 1891)


Clarence Joseph SCOTT (b 4 Jul 1904 Perambur) at age 25 on 30 Apr 1930 at Perambur married 25yr Mary BECK  (b 1905 daughter of Samuel Beck)


Wilfred Antony SCOTT (b 20 Oct 1905 Perambur) on 4 Jan 1933 in Perambur married Elizabeth FONCECA (daughter of Maurice & Irene Fonceca)



info supplied by Michelle BIRD & Aurelia Marcus Bartley <

?? SCOTT married ??, children:

  1. Dorothy Scott

Next Generation

Dorothy SCOTT married James BARTLEY, Children:

  1. Marcus James Ridsdale Bartley (Bob) (b1917 d1993 in Madras)

  2. Eric Bartley

  3. Dorothy Bartley

  4. Donald Bartley

  5. Peter William Bartley (b 1926)


info from Buddy Welsh

?? SCOTT married ??, children:

  1. Teresa Alma SCOTT (b1920)

Next Generation

Teresa Alma SCOTT (b1920) married Wilfred Hatton WELSH (b 9 Mar 1908, Bittragunta, son of James Arthur & Bertha Penelope Welsh), Children:

  1. Allan Peter Welsh (b1947)

  2. James (Buddy) Dudley Welsh (b1950)


info from Terry Diana Tagg

Please contact me for an exchange of information if you are descendant from any of my Hendersons


?? SCOTT married ??, children:

  1. Julia SCOTT (b1920)

Next Generation

Julia SCOTT married John HENDERSON (b about 1799, d 1876 a Civil Servant of Bombay) and had the following Children:-

  1. Charles Henderson

  2. Rosa J Henderson married John Jones

  3. William Henderson married Elizabeth Howell

  4. Amelia Marie Henderson b. 1826 married John Evans and emigrated to Australia

  5. John Christopher James Henderson b. 7-Feb-1837 in Bombay


info from Cyril Princep Murray Scott . My father C.W.Scott who lived in Dehli but moved to England in the 1950's. There was a brother and a sister Agnes. Agnes moved to England and died here. I am trying to trace the children of his brother and or his children. Their mother lived in " Kurseong", just below Darjeeling.


?? SCOTT married ??, children:

  1. C W Scott (lived in Dehli, moved to England in the 1950's)

  2. Agnes Scott (moved to England and died there)

  3. ?? Scott

Next Generation

C W SCOTT married ??, children:

  1. Cyril Princep Murray Scott

?? SCOTT married ?? (she lived in " Kurseong", just below Darjeeling), children ??:

  1.  ?

info from Delphine

?? SCOTT married ??, children:

  1. Norah Scott

Next Generation

Norah SCOTT (Kolar Goldfields) married Malcolm LOWE,



info from Rachel Scott
?? SCOTT married ??, children:

  1. Dudley Scott (b India)

Next Generation

Dudley SCOTT (b India) married Nora WILSON, had 5 children. The family then immigrated to the UK. The whole family now resides in Australia

  1. Neville SCOTT (b Chittagong, passed away in the UK) married Priscilla ?

  2. Randolph SCOTT (b Chittagong )

  3. Patricia SCOTT (b Chittagong ) married Mervin Alfonso

  4. Jennifer SCOTT (b Chittagong ) married Victor Couret, daughter, Jennifer.

  5. Lorraine SCOTT (b Chittagong ) married Neville Morris, daughter, Lorraine

Next Generation

Randolph SCOTT married Gail FAIRBAIRN, children:

  1. Olivia Bernadette Scott.

  2. Daniel Douglas Joseph Scott

  3. Rachel Scott. 1 child Joshua Shon David.

Next Generation

Olivia Bernadette SCOTT married Faizal Gunnoo, 2 children,

  1. Malik Gunnoo

  2. Jordan Gunnoo

Rachel SCOTT and ??, 1 child

  1. Joshua Shon David.

info from Anna Marie Greene

?? SCOTT married ??, children:

  1. Delia Scott

Next Generation

Delia SCOTT married William Henry GOMES, children:

  1. Isabel Katherine Gomes

  2. Steven Ashley Gomes

  3. Elvis Clayton Gomes

  4. Caroline Ann Gomes


info from

?? SCOTT married ??, children:

  1. V Scott

Next Generation

V SCOTT married ??, children:

  1. Emma SCOTT (b?, d1942.)

Next Generation

Emma SCOTT (b?, d1942. ) married John BRASS (b around 1872 as per Railway Service Record book, working in Iraq as well on Railways), children:

  1. Sydney Lawrence BRASS (b 1906, d 1972)

  2. Mary Edith BRASS

  3. Hugh BRASS, Railway, Hubli

  4. George BRASS, Businessman, Allahabad

  5. Iris BRASS

  6. Gladys BRASS


info from Kath Balaporia

I am the great grand-daughter of the late Doris Sylvia Tapsell who at the age of 20 married an Edwin Stanley Godfrey in Chakradharpur, India. Doris was the daughter of Tom Tapsell and Carron Hunter. They had 5 children - Harry, Kenneth, Veda, Marjorie and Doris [my great grand mother]. Harry Tapsell married and had children one of whom is Brian who is believed to be living in Perth, Australia. Veda married a Vernon Scott and had one son, Mervyn Scott. Marjorie married Walter and had 6 children - Daphne who married Ronald Rodgers and lived in Calcutta, India; Iona who married a Denzil James and is settle in Perth; Derek Clifford who is also settled in Perth, Australia. If you are or know any of the above mentioned people I would love you to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.  God bless! Kath Balaporia


?? SCOTT married ??, children:

  1. Vernon Scott

Next Generation

Vernon SCOTT married Veda TAPSELL , and had one son,

  1. Mervyn Scott.


Info supplied by Anne Toll

?? SCOTT married ??, children:

  1. George William Scott

Next Generation

George William SCOTT married Maria? ,  Son  : 

  1. George Chisholm SCOTT b 1845 in Fort William, Calcutta. 

Next Generation

George Chisholm SCOTT married Ann LEFEVRE 1868 in Calcutta, (George Chisholm SCOTT 1845, Major 36th Regiment Native Infantry 1876, Customs Preventive Office. Ann LEFEVRE  November 10, 1844, Baptised: Fort William 1868, Marriage witness: George William STUART, Arthur Vivian D'MELLON.  Chaplain at wedding: W. SIMPSON.) Child of George SCOTT and Ann LEFEVRE is 

  1. Henry George Wall Scott (b 1871, d 17 Feb 1888 Calcutta)

  2. Bertram Scott (b 2 Feb 1873 Calcutta)

  3. Stanley Scott (b 21 Feb 1874 Calcutta)

  4. Louisa Mary SCOTT, b 6 Apr 1876 Calcutta; d 1942, Sabathu, India. ( my paternal grandmother)

Next Generation

Louisa Mary SCOTT  (b 6 Apr 1876 Calcutta; d 16 Aug 1942, Sabathu, India) on 10 Jan 1900 in Fort EWilliam married George FORBES MITCHELL of Forbes Mitchell & Co (son of William Forbes Mitchell), children:

  1. George Bertram Forbes Mitchell (b 20 Sep 1900 Fort William) at 26yrs on 29 Dec 1926 in Rangoon married 35yr Ada Jersie JACKSON (b 1891 daughter of Septimus George Jackson)

  2. Mavis Forbes Mitchell (b 5 Oct 1901 Fort William)

  3. Donald William Forbes Mitchell (b 15 Aug 1903 Calcutta)

  4. Scholts Douglas Forbes Mitchell (c 24 Sep 1905 Fort William, d 11 Jul 1906 Rawalpindi)

  5. Louisa Millicent Forbes Mitchell (b 12 May 1907 Rawalpindi)

  6. Mona Ann Dorothy Forbes Mitchell (b 3 Oct 1910 Rangoon)

  7. Flora Forbes Mitchell (b 26 Jan 1912 Rangoon) at 23yrs on 3 Jun 1935 in Rangoon married 27yr Albert Edward BROWN (b 1908 son of Louis Edward Brown)

  8. William John Forbes Mitchell (b 3 Oct 1913 Rangoon)

  9. Robert Andrew Douglas Forbes Mitchell (c 11 Apr 1915 St Michael's) married Violet Iris ?, child: 1) William Forbes Mitchell (b 1941, d 5 Nov 1946 Bangalore), 2) Leama Valerie Forbes Mitchell (b 14 Dec 1946 Bangalore)


info submitted by Rick

?? SCOTT married ??, children:

  1. William A Scott

Next Generation

William A SCOTT b 1925 married Marcia B LAMONT b 1925, children:

  1. Leslie L Scott b 1952            

  2. Valerie T Scott b 1955 

  3. William D E Scott b 1957 

  4. Gregory B Scott b 1960 

Next Generation

Valerie T SCOTT b 1955 married. John A McLEAN b 1954


William D E SCOTT b 1957 married. Debra A Rachlinski b 1957, children:

  1. William C E Scott b 1983               

  2. Tyler D Scott b 1985               

  3. Malcolm D Scott b 1988              

  4. Daniel A Scott b 1989

Gregory B SCOTT b 1960 married Constance J WAGNER b 1961, children:

  1. Kristina M Scott b 1990               

  2. Devin M Scott b 1993               

  3. Lisa M Scott b 1995


?? SCOTT married ??, children:

  1. Michael Scott

Next Generation

Michael SCOTT married Ethel WATERS, children : 

  1. May Scott 

  2. Ivy Scott 

  3. Dudley Scott, 

  4. Ivor Scott 

  5. Gerald Scott, 

  6. Coral Scott   

  7. Renee  Scott


?? SCOTT married ??, children:

  1. Joe Scott

Next Generation

Joe SCOTT married Maria BARROWS (born Jamshedpur), migrated to Australia in 1968, 3 girls.



I am looking for anyone who can give me some information on my grand-parents: Robert Arthur Scott and Iris Estelle (I think) Jones. I know there is a great uncle Gordon Scott who is living in Canada. Iris had brothers named Elmer, Terrance & I think Andy. I believe they came to Australia sometime in the 1950's, stayed for some time in Perth before going on to Sunshine, Vic and then to Sydney where they remained for many years before returning to Perth in the late 1970's. Robert passed away in Dec, 1983 and Iris perhaps ten years later. They had seven children, three girls and four boys. Thank you for any help you can offer as I know virtually nothing about my history as my mother never spoke about where they came from other than having lived in Malaysia & Singapore, going to the Naval Base Club, The Raffles but I don't know anything about my heritage, my ancestry and feel like I'm not quite complete. Kind regards Aishya


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