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info from karenza robson

?? JOHNSON married ??, children:

  1. Cheryl Ann Paula Johnson

Next Generation

Cherly Ann Paula JOHNSON (b 1964 Chennai, India.) married Kevin Beresford ROBSON (b 1956 Jolerapettai, India), Children:

  1. Karenza Sarah Robson (b 1985 Chennai, India)

  2. Shannon Luke Robson (b 1987 Bangalore, India)


info form Steven  Wingell

?? JOHNSON married ??, children:

  1. Queenie Johnson (b 1938)

Next Generation

Queenie JOHNSON (born1938) on 2-5-1964 at St Joseph Cathedral, Mysore married Patrick WINGELL (b1937 Pune), Children:

  1. Steven Joseph Wingell (b1965) 

  2. Donald Wingell  (b1966)

  3. Valerian Wingell  (b1967, d 6th Oct 2001, Erode)


info from Llew Davey

?? JOHNSON married ??, children:

  1. Ada Eileen JOHNSON (b Villupuram 1915, d 1982)

Next Generation

Ada Eileen JOHNSON (b Villupuram 1915, d 1982) married William Charles DAVEY (b Madura 1907, d 1968) , children:

  1. YVONNE Davey

  2. BERRY Davey (Passed Away 1996)                                                                   

  3. EDWIN Davey  (Passed Away 1996)

  4. Llew Davey (b about 1944) lives in the UK


info from Candida Ruth Gregory

?? JOHNSON married ??, children:

  1. Richard Alexander Johnson

Next Generation

Richard Alexander JOHNSON (b ?) married Candida Ruth GREGORY- their offspring is:

  1. Jessica Ann Johnson


info from Dennis S Sansoni

?? JOHNSON married Olive ??, children:

  1. Mervin JOHNSON?

  2. Dulcie JOHNSON?

Olive JOHNSON (Widow ?) Jubalpur India, later married Joseph L SANSONI (born, Cardiff UK approx 1881). Children:

  1. Sydney L SANSONI 1914 India

  2. Carl SANSONI

  3. Maise SANSONI India


info from Annuncia Estellita Julien

?? JOHNSON married ??, children:

  1. J A A Johnson

Next Generation

J A A Johnson married Mabel Josephine ?? (George Town, Chennai), children:

  1. Jasper Johnson (birth date unknown)

  2. Hermine Johnson (Born on 13th April 1929 and died on 25th April 1986)

  3. Linus Johnson

Next Generation

Jasper JOHNSON married Iris D'CRUZ - no issues, so adopted:

  1. Michael Johnson  married Nicola ??, 2 children:

Hermine JOHNSON married Joseph BERRYMAN- 4 issues,

  1. Raymond Berryman married Rosalind and divorced with 2 children

  2. Mabel Berryman married Edward Hawes and have one son, Dominic Hawes,

  3. Ita Berryman married Alistair D'Monte and have 4 children, Rebekah, Daniel, Ruth and Rachael

  4. Patricia Berryman married Adolf Pereira and have one daughter - Beverly June. (Australian Citizens).  

Linus JOHNSON married Dulcy D'CRUZ , children.

  1. Hillarion - married with 2 children

  2. Marilyn - married with 2 children (in Australia)

  3. Christopher - whereabouts not known?

  4. Abdon - married and in Australia

  5. Vincent - married and in Australia

  6. Rosalia - married and in Australia

  7. Deborah - married and in Australia

  8. Christine - married and in Australia


info from & Janet Baker <>

?? JOHNSON married ??, children:

  1. Charles Louis Johnson (b Sept. 22, 1878 Butler, Richland Co., OH and died Dec. 26, 1960 Raymond, Pacific Co., WA)

Next Generation

Charles Louis JOHNSON (b 1878 d 1960) married Ethel May GLOYN on 29 Jan. 1906, children:

  1. Louis Clayton Johnson -born 20 May   1906 - died 21 July 1981

  2. Lily May Johnson -born 29 Sep.  1907 - died 06 Oct. 1907

  3. Enid Ethel (Miskee) Johnson -born 22 March 1909 - died 19 Sep. 2003

  4. Lila Viola (Snail) Johnson  -born 04 May   1911 - died 01 Dec. 1978

  5. Wilma Almira (Dolly) Johnson -born 09 March 1913

  6. Earl Jay (Ute) Johnson -born 28 Oct.  1914 - died 09 Feb. 1992

  7. Mary Cicly Johnson -born 11 Nov.  1916 - died 03 Sep. 2005

  8. Orley Orval Johnson -born 18 Dec.  1918 - died 26 Feb. 2004

  9. Charles Milton (Joe) Johnson -born 14 Nov.  1920 - died 24 July 1987

  10. Kenneth Kerwin Johnson  -born 29 July  1922 - died 29 July 2003

  11. Arlie Ardin (Bill) Johnson -born 18 Jan.  1924

  12. Wilhelmtina Wiliams (Tina) Johnson -born 10 April 1928

  13. Larry Monroe Johnson  -born 15 Dec.  1931


info from

?? JOHNSON married ??, children:

  1. George Edward Johnson

Next Generation

George Edward JOHNSON (b 27/5/1918) married Sybil Amethistine WHITE (b August 1920), children:

  1. Maxwell Anthony Johnson (b Madras Jan 1951, left for Canada in Oct 1996)


info from

I am keen to contact my cousins, Barbara, Rosemary, Chota and Samson Antony. Barbara was a great athelete and all of them attended St Thomas's school Kidderpore Calcutta. I am related via my dad Errol Johnson who was a cousin of their father Alan Anthony. The Antony family use to live at 10 Theatre Road Calcutta.

?? JOHNSON married ??, children:

  1. Errol Johnson

Next Generation

Errol JOHNSON married ?? AVO, children:

  1. Derek Johnson (School: La Matiniere Lucknow 1950-1956, now in the UK)


info from

I would like to get in touch with Cousins Clyde & Sylvia Leighton. Son and daughter of Frank and Gladys Leighton. I know they went to Australia in the 60's and were living in Sydney. Also would like to contact Christine Lawless last seen in Melbourne Australia in 1977.

?? JOHNSON married Dawn PETERS (mother's name is Augusta (gussy) Peters (nee Leighton). School: St.Joseph A.I. School (convent), Tiruchirapalli, South India 1952-62. Left India for England in 1962)



info from Malcolm Johnson

?? JOHNSON married Hanna Jessy ??, children:

  1. Brian Owen Johnson

Next Generation

Brian Owen JOHNSON married Jill Janet ??, children:

  1. Malcolm Johnson

  2. Jessica Ann Johnson

  3. Andrew Mark Johnson


info from

?? JOHNSON married Agnes LOWDEN, children:



info from

??JOHNSON married ??, children:

  1. Maurice Johnson (b 1932 Agra, d 1985 Sheffield, UK)

  2. Neville Johnson

  3. Charles Phillip Johnson (Tom or Squiggey)( Schools: St. Peters College, Agra (36-40); St. Joseph's, Allahabad (41-48), Civil Service Staff College - Sunningdale, England. The National Air Traffic Control, College of Air Traffic Control, Hurn, England. Bailbrook College, Oxfor, England. Cousin to Wrights, Preece, Prime, Roseneyer and Lowden family from Agra, Delhi, Bandique and Ajmer.


info from

?? JOHNSON married ??, children:

  1. Lazarus Charles Johnson

Next Generation

Lazarus Charles JOHNSON ("One Eye")(born Rangoon, d 16/6/1993 London) from Madras,  married Enid Matilda PEREIRA, children:

  1. Marcelin Edward Johnson

Next Generation

Marcelin Edward Johnson (b 2/6/1947) married ??, children:

  1. Samantha Johnson (now in the UK)


info from

?? JOHNSON married ??, children:

  1. Malcolm Johnson

Next Generation

Malcolm JOHNSON married Linda PRATT. Did most of my schooling in Dr. Graham's Homes, Kalimpong but was also in St. Paul's Scott Lane, St. Thomas' Kidderpore and Free School Street, Frank Anthony's Calcutta and for a short time in Mount Hermon, Darjeeling. Have two daughters

  1. Tanya Johnson

  2. Kirsty Johnson.


info from Nicolette Bird

?? JOHNSON married ??, children:

  1. Ernest JOHNSON

Next Generation

Ernest JOHNSON married Violet SHERIEVES. Children:

  1. Loretta JOHNSON

  2. Wren JOHNSON

  3. Euasty JOHNSON. (died September 2004)

  4. Wilfred JOHNSON

  5. Donford JOHNSON

  6. Yvonne JOHNSON

Next Generation

Loretta JOHNSON married George NAIR. Children:

  1. Steven Nair

  2. Claudia Nair

Wren JOHNSON married ??. Children:

  1. Evertte Johnson

  2. Harold Johnson

  3. Jacquelin Johnson

Wilfred JOHNSON married Loretta JULIEN, Children:

  1. Leonie Johnson

  2. Yolanda Johnson

  3. Andrea Johnson

Donford JOHNSON married Beatrice ??. Children:

  1. Jeffrey Johnson

  2. Clive Johnson

Yvonne JOHNSON married Lincoln SUARES. Children:

  1. Nicolette Suares

  2. Candeda Suares (Candy)

Next Generation

Andrea JOHNSON married Dexter Orchard. Their daughter is

  1. Abigail Orchard

             (info from Cathrin Grace Hazra )


info from Melroy Bello of Madras

?? JOHNSON married ??, children:

  1. Geraldine May JOHNSON

Next Generation

Geraldine May JOHNSON married Vernon Anthony BELLO, children :

  1. Earl Bello

  2. Melroy Bello

  3. Gerard Bello

  4. Merton Bello

  5. Yorlene Bello


?? JOHNSON married ??, children:

  1. Jane JOHNSON

Next Generation

Jane JOHNSON married Samuel BEAVER on 27th Jul 1864 at St.Mark's, Bangalore, children:

  1. Samuel Albert Johnson BEAVER, born 14 Apr 1868.


info from &

?? JOHNSON married ??, children:

  1. Ellen Laura JOHNSON

Next Generation

Ellen Laura JOHNSON married Rupert Martin REDDEN (born in 1879 in county Clare in Ireland), and together they had nine children. ELLEN LAURA was also the recipient of the Pope's medal Pro Ecclesiae Pontifice for her selfless service to the Sacred Heart Church in Kharagpur. Children:

  1. WALTER REDDEN (Often called Sonnah or WCA Redden)

  2. VALENTINE REDDEN (called Valley) married Doris ? - Retired as an Asst Mech Engineer in Khurda Road.

  3. VIRGINIA REDDEN (called Virgie) married HENRY MELDER - Retired as District Operating Supdt, KGP and Calcutta.

  4. MERVYN REDDEN (first joined the Jesuits, then taught at St Joseph's North Point, Darjeeling and St Xavier's Calcutta).

  5. CYRIL REDDEN (survived war service).

  6. TERRENCE REDDEN (TERRY)(1919 - 1981)

  7. BENNETT REDDEN (was killed before he was 21 years of age in the Battle of Kohima).

  8. BASIL REDDEN married BESSIE FERNANDEZ who died relatively young and he re -married NORMA (?).

  9. PAT REDDEN married DOLLY CARPENTER and served in the American Peace Corps.

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