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Thomas LOVERY married Barbara ?, children:

  1. Alfred Adolphous Lovery (b 14 Aug 1854)

Next Generation

Alfred Adolphus LOVERY (b 14 Aug 1854) at 25yr on 23 Jun 1879 in Madras married 22yr Margaret Cecilia OLIVER (b 19 Mar 1857 Madras), children:

  1. Alberta Clotilde Lovery (b 17 Mar 1880 Wallajahpettah)

  2. Lovia Cleopatra Lovery (b 9 Aug 1884 Bellary)

  3. Eugene Jeremy Lovery (b 16 Sep 1885 Calicut)

  4. Joseph Anthony Willoughby Lovery (b 10 Jun 1890 Coimbatore)



(This is as far back as we can trace the LOVERY tree. Anybody with additional information is welcome to contact Katherine Lovery at )


?? LOVERY married ?, children:

  1. Joseph Willoughby LOVERY  (Sonny)

Next Generation

Joseph Willoughby LOVERY (Sonny)  married Ethel Winnifred DALY in 1913 in Madras. Most of their lives were spent in Khurda Road, although both had many relatives from the Madras area. Sonny was a guard in the Railways. Sonny passed away in 1967 and Ethel died in 1981. They had 5 sons:

  1. Anthony Charles LOVERY (Anto)

  2. Joseph  Willoughby LOVERY (Joss) (b 1918)

  3. Colin Adolphus LOVERY (b 1922)

  4. Allan V. LOVERY

  5. Stanislaus  F LOVERY (Stan)


Anthony Charles LOVERY (Anto) married Thelma SAMPAYO. Anto was a first level officer on the Railways and passed away in 1975. Thelma initially moved to Calcutta and has since moved to Australia with the family. Anto and Thelma had 2 daughters and 1 son. Thelma lives in Sydney with her daughter Lynette. Her son Randolph and daughter Diana live in Canberra, Australia.

  1. Randolph LOVERY b 1955

  2. Lynette LOVERY b 1956

  3. Diana LOVERY b 1959

Joseph  Willoughby LOVERY (Joss) married Joan Thelma WILLIAMS  on 26th July 1944. Joss and Joan immigrated to Canada on 1st February 1979. Joss had an illustrious career on the SER moving up the ranks from an apprentice in the Loco Shed in Kharagpur (KGP) to finally retiring as a District Mechanical Engineer (DME) Railway Officer based in KGP. Joss passed away on April 19th 1993 in Toronto. Joss and Joan had 8 children- 2 daughters and 6 sons:

  1. Penelope (Penny) b 1945.

  2. Brian Lovery  b 1946.

  3. Katherine (Kay) Lovery b 1948

  4. Jonathan Lovery  b 1951.

  5. Peter Lovery  b 1953.

  6. Raymond Lovery  b 1956.

  7. Carlyle Lovery  b 1958.

  8. Christopher Lovery  b 1961.

Colin LOVERY married Anne Theresa JENKINS in 1943. Colin started work on the Bengal Nagpur Railway (BNR) in May 1940 as an apprentice train controller. After 18 years service he took early retirement (as chief train controller) and moved with the family to the UK in Jan 1959. Colin and Anne had 1 daughter and 3 sons. With the exception of Tyrone who lives in Norway, the rest of the family are in the UK:

  1. Vivian Lovery (b 1944)

  2. Anne Lovery (b 1946)

  3. Tyrone Lovery (b 1948)

  4. Glen Lovery (b 1951)

Allan V. LOVERY married Daphne SAXBY. Allan and family stayed in India and like his father he was a Guard on the Railway based in Khurda Road. Allan passed away in 1986. They had 2 daughters and 1 son.

  1. Olson Lovery (b 1958)

  2. Mary Lovery (b 1962)

  3. Shelley Lovery (b 1965)

Stanislaus (Stan) F. LOVERY married Nora LENNON. Stan was also a guard on the Railway based in Khurda Road. He passed away in 1989. Stan and Nora had I daughter and 2 sons.  Angus still lives in India:

  1.  Garth Lovery (b ? d of cancer in the early 1990's

  2.  Angus Lovery lives in Khurda Road

  3.  Gloria Lovery lives in Houston Texas


Randolph LOVERY married Lorraine MARTIN in Aug. 1974.  Randolph and family live in Canberra Australia. They have two boys:

  1. Michael Lovery  b 1974.

  2. Paul Lovery  b 1977

Lynette LOVERY married David HOPCROFT in Oct 1983.  Lynette and David lived in the UK for a few years and moved to Australia in 1990. They currently reside in Sydney and have a daughter and son:

  1. Zara Hopcroft  b 1992

  2. Dylan Hopcroft  b 1994      

Diana LOVERY married Dean Scott MANGUM in March 1990. Diana and Dean spent a few years in the USA before settling in Canberra Australia. They have a daughter and son:

  1. Dean Mangum  b 1990

  2. Amanda Mangum  b 1992

Penelope (Penny) LOVERY (b 1945) married Peter D'BRASS (KGP/KUR/Waltair/Calcutta). They were married in 1966 and initially lived in Calcutta. Peter immigrated to Canada in 1969 and Penny followed 18 months later with their two girls. They currently live in Whitby Ontario.

  1. Anna Marie D'Brass  b 1966  Calcutta married Austin Saldanha in 1995. They have three children Jessica b 1996, Austin Jnr. b 1998 and Sean b 2002. . 

  2. Deborah D'Brass  b 1969 Calcutta. She was briefly married to Paul Clayton and was divorced two years later. She married Jim Mitchell. They have 2 daughters: Alyssa Mitchell b 1990 & Maddison Mitchell b 2005

  3. Andrew D'Brass  b1982 Toronto.

Brian LOVERY (b 1946) and married Edwina GRAY (from Calcutta) in Toronto Canada in 1969. Brian has since divorced Edwina. and currently lives in Toronto Ontario with Christine Ablack. Brian & Edwina have 2 daughters:

  1.  Sharon Lovery b1970 Toronto married Hugh HASAN (originally from Pune) in 2000. They currently live in Toronto Ontario. They have 2 daughters: Megan Hasan b 2005 & Caitlin Hasan b 2007.

  2.  Lisa Lovery b 1976 Toronto. She married  Harry Fuller in Toronto  October 2008 . They have 1 son: Liam Fuller b 2009.

Jonathan LOVERY (b 1951) married Fernanda (Fern) SOUSA in 1985. Jonathan immigrated to Toronto Canada in 1972 and currently lives with his family in Pickering Ontario.   They have a daughter and a son:

  1.  Chantalle Lovery b 1989

  2.  Miguel Lovery b 1991

 Peter Lovery (b 1953) married Lynn ROWE (from Pune) in 1976. Peter immigrated to Toronto Canada in 1972 and moved to New Jersey USA in 1997.  They have a son and a daughter: 

  1. Aubrey Lovery b 1976. Married Ivanna Diaz in Florida

  2. Vanessa Lovery b 1977. Married Joseph Pham in Toronto

Carlyle LOVERY (b 1958) and married Judith (Judy) BASTIAN (KGP/Calcutta/Melbourne, Australia). Carlyle and family live in Whitby Ontario - they have a son:

  1. Brandon LOVERY b 1991

Tyrone LOVERY married Inger Elizabeth CHRISTIANSEN in 1970 in London England. They have since moved to Oslo Norway and have two daughters:

  1. Elizabeth Victoria Lovery (b London 1971) and her common in law husband Kjetil Syvderud have 2 children: Eirik Lovery Syvderud b. 2000 and Nora Lovery Syvderud b. 2003

  2. Christina Lovery b Oslo 1975

Glen Lovery (b 1951) married Doreen Noble in 1982 and they have since divorced (1992)


Olson LOVERY married Sandra Bothaju . They have 1 daughter: Romaine Lovery b Mumbai 1987


Mary LOVERY married Michael ALMEIDA .They have 2 sons:

  1. Myron Almeida b Mumbai 1990 

  2. Mark Almeida b Mumbai 1999

Shelley LOVERY married Julian REDDEN. They have 3 sons:

  1. Lester Redden b Mumbai 1988

  2. Ryan Redden b Mumbai 1991

  3. Shelden Redden b Mumbai 1996

Gloria LOVERY married David Bolfing in Dallas Texas and has since divorced. Children

  1. Travis Bolfing b Dallas

  2. Bianca Bolfing b Dallas 


Michael LOVERY (b 1974 India) married Patricia ALFORD and have since immigrated to Australia. 1 daughter:

  1. Vanessa Lovery  (b 2000 Canberra)

Elizabeth Victoria Lovery (b London 1971) and has since moved to Oslo Norway. Elizabeth and her common-law husband Kjetil Syvderud have a son:

  1. Eirik Syvderud b Oslo 2000


info from Mike Larkum

?? LOVERY married ??, children:

  1. Henry LOVERY

Next Generation

Henry LOVERY married ??, children:

  1. Irene Barbara LOVERY b abt 1891 India.

Next Generation
Irene Barbara LOVERY
b abt 1891 India married Richard William SUARES b abt 1886,India.


info from Christine Lovery

?? LOVERY married ??, children:

  1. Joseph LOVERY

Next Generation

Joseph LOVERY married Sylvie SUARES, children:

  1. LOVERY, Beryl

  2. LOVERY, George  b India

  3. LOVERY, Douglas

Next Generation
Beryl LOVERY married Douglas D'MONTE, children:

  1. D'MONTE, Loretta

  2. D'MONTE, Margaret

  3. D'MONTE, Joan

  4. D'MONTE, Briny

  5. D'MONTE, Bernadette

  6. D'MONTE, Dominic

  7. D'MONTE, Iris

George LOVERY married Rita DAVID. Family moved to Perth in 1974. children:

  1. Gail Lovery

  2. Rosalyn Lovery

  3. Darryl Lovery

(above info from )


Douglas LOVERY married Rosalind RODRIGUES, children:

  1. LOVERY, Christine b India

  2. LOVERY, Cheryl b India

  3. LOVERY, Robert b India

  4. LOVERY, Carolyn b India

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