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My father Dhaneswar Mukherjee was an E. Railway employee and was posted as Goods clerk in Asansol nearly 50 years ago during the early sixties of the last century. We used to stay in Traffic Quarters (Qtr No.MN 214) very close to Children's Park, now a desolate place and in dilapidated condition. I would like to share my fond memories of childhood days there. There was an Anglo-Indian family in Qtr No. 215 just opposite our block on the other side of the road leading to Old station. He was one Mr Martin as far as I can remember, and there were two ladies with him probably two sisters. Mr Martin worked in the then D.S. office (now DRM office). They used to play organ at home during Christmas and other religious occasions, and we peeped through their windows to find them praying before the portrait of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. He was a man of short stature and a very upright man, very punctual in his attendance to duty at D.S. office. He used to walk all the way down to his office. tapankumar mukherjee <>



? MARTIN married ?, children:

  1. George Martin

Next Generation

George MARTIN on 22 Jan 1835 in Calcutta married Eliza Maria BABONAN, (b 2 Oct 1819 Meerut, daughter of Henry & Harriot Babonan) children:

  1. Henry Babonan Stewart Martin (b 25 Jan 1836 Calcutta)

  2. George Babonan Patrick Martin (b 17 Dec 1837 Calcutta)

  3. Charlotte Maria Babonan Martin (b 1 Feb 1840 Calcutta, d 14 Mar 1840 Calcutta)

  4. Eliza Babonan Martin (b 18 Jan 1841 Calcutta, c 13 Jun 1841 Agra)

  5. Gertrude Adeline Martin (b 27 Aug 1845 Fort William)

Next Generation

Henry Babonan Stewart MARTIN (b 25 Jan 1836 Calcutta) married Eleanor Grace ?, children:

  1. Bertram Martin (b 4 Jan 1862 Chinsurah)

  2. Ken Martin (b 19 Aug 1863 Chinsurah)



John Francis MARTIN married Eliza Anne ??, children:

  1. Job Elridge Martin (b 16 Jun 1854, c 30 Jul 1854 Trichinopoly, d 11 Nov 1900, age 43)

Next Generation

Job Elridge MARTIN Carriage Examiner, East Coast State Railway,(b 16 Jun 1854, c 30 Jul 1854 Trichinopoly, d 11 Nov 1900, age 46) at 28yrs on 16 Aug 1882 in Madras married 17yr Grace Ann GRANT, (b 1865, daughter of James Grant) children:

  1. Stella Ann Martin (b 28 Jul 1883, c 9 Sep 1883 Madras)

  2. Letitia Grace Martin (b 26 Oct 1885, c 30 Dec 1885 Perambur)

  3. Francis Elaine Martin (b 25 Oct 1892, c 24 Nov 1892 Perambur)

  4. Iris Norma Martin (b 1899)

Next Generation

Letitia Grace MARTIN (b 26 Oct 1885, c 30 Dec 1885 Perambur) at 19yrs on 26 Dec 1904 in Calcutta married 34yr Thomas Charles BLAZEY (b 1870)


Iris Norma MARTIN (b 1899) at 23yrs on 28 Feb 1922 in Calcutta married 39yr widowed, Aerated Water Manufacturer Richard Frederick PENDRILL (b 1883, son of William Henry Pendrill)



? MARTIN married ?, children:

  1. Charles William Wall Martin

Next Generation

Charles William Wall MARTIN married ?, children:

  1. Gertrude Louisa Martin (b 1868)

Next Generation

Gertrude Louisa MARTIN (b 1868) at 21yrs on 27 Mar 1889 in Vepery married 37yr Horace Archibald Campbell GASS (b 1852 son of David Gass), children:

  1. Evelyn Gertrude Gass (b 14 Apr 1890, c 22 May 1890 Kodaikanal)

  2. Neville Archibald Gass (b 14 Jun 1893, c 31 Jul 1893 Kodaikanal)



? MARTIN married ?, children:

  1. Anthony Martin

Next Generation

Anthony MARTIN married ?, children:

  1. Edwin Martin (b 1844)

Next Generation

Edwin MARTIN (b 1844, d 5 Dec 1887 Nellore) on 26 April 1865 in Blacktown, Madras, married 19yr Emily PAUL (b 1846 daughter of Joseph Paul), children:

  1. Elizabeth Gertrude MARTIN (b 1866)

  2. Albert MARTIN (b 1869)

Next Generation

Elizabeth Gertrude MARTIN (b 1866) at 16yrs on 18 Feb 1882 in Madras married 40yr Thomas Joseph NIPPS (b 1842), children:

  1. Samuel Nipps

  2. John Reuben Augustus Nipps (b 13 Aug 1884)

  3. David Michael Nipps (b 2 Apr 1886 (Nellore)

  4. Stephen Edwin Nipps (b 2 Jun 1893 Nellore, d 28 Aug 1893 Nellore)

Albert MARTIN (b 1869) at 22yrs on 13 Jul 1891 in Nellore married 22yr Emily Jane NIPPS (b 9 Oct 1869 Vepery, daughter of Alfred Nipps), children:

  1. Mary Sophia Martin (b 15 Feb 1893 Nellore)

  2. Alfred Edward Martin (b 28 Aug 1895 Nellore)

  3. Grace Martin (b 6 Dec 1896 Madras)

  4. Sarah Grace Martin (b 6 Dec 1897 Nellore)


? MARTIN married ?, children:

  1. Robin Martin

Next Generation

Michael MARTIN married ?, children:

  1. John Martin (b 1836)

Next Generation

John MARTIN (b 1836) at 25yrs on 25 Apr 1861 in Madras married 24yr widow Caroline Cecilia FARRINGTON nee BETTEN, (b 1833 daughter of Abraham Betten, and previously married to Richard Farrington),  children:

  1. Edwin Farrington Betten Martin (b 3 Aug 1862 Madras)

  2. Lily Violet Martin (b 30 Nov 1865 Madras)

  3. John Richard Martin (b 24 Nov 1867 Madras)

  4. Janet Ellen Martin (b 3 Mar 1869 Madras)

  5. Florence Gertrude Martin (b ?)

  6. Michael Martin (b 1 May 1873 Madras)


? MARTIN married ?, children:

  1. Joseph Martin

Next Generation

Joseph Teisevia MARTIN married ?, children:

  1. Alexander Dennis Martin (b 1870)

Next Generation

Alexander Dennis MARTIN (b 1872, d 4 Mar 1944) at 26yrs on 9 Sep 1896 in Madras married 30yr widow Elizabeth VIEYRA (b 1866 Madras, d 1916 Madras, daughter of Albert Lazarus Vieyra)


Alexander Dennis MARTIN (b 1873) widowed, at 44yrs on 18 Apr 1917 in Madras married 44yr Sophie Adelaide RODRIGUES (b 1873 daughter of George Rodrigues)



? MARTIN married ?, children:

  1. John Martin

Next Generation

John MARTIN married Ann ?, children:

  1. John Martin (b 1830)

Next Generation

John MARTIN (b 1830) at 25yrs on 30 Apr 1855 in Vepery married 19yr Cecelia BURNAULD (b 1836 daughter of John Burnauld), children:

  1. Charlotte Martin (b 29 Jul 1856 Madras)

  2. Priscilla Martin (b 15 Jan 1859 Vepery)

  3. John Albert Martin (b 2 Jul 1861 Vepery, d 25 Nov 1909)

  4. Marian Martin (b 24 Mar 1864 Vepery)

  5. Alice Maud Martin (b 24 Apr 1865 Vepery)

  6. Mary Ann Margaret Martin (b 8 Jan 1868 Vepery)

  7. Maureen Margaret Martin (b 1869)

  8. Ann Elizabeth Martin (b 12 Sep 1871 Vepery)

  9. Adelaide Louisa Martin (b 12 Nov 1876 Madras)

Next Generation

John Albert MARTIN (b 2 Jul 1861 Vepery, d 25 Nov 1909) at 29yrs on 13 Jan 1892 married 19yr Faith Amelia D'ROZARIO (b 1873 daughter of Olivier Vincent Matthew D'Rozario), children:

  1. G Sara Martin (b 1897)

  2. Douglas David Martin (b1897)

  3. Samuel Joseph Martin

  4. Noel David Martin

  5. Iris Myrtle Martin

  6. Clement Matthias Martin

  7. Gladys Mabel Martin

Alice Maud Martin (b 24 Apr 1865 Vepery) at 16yrs on 20 Sep 1882 in Vepery married 21yr James William LUXMOORE (b 1861 son of John Luxmoore), children:

  1. James St Alban Luxmoore (b 1883, d 2 Dec 1884)

  2. James Allan Luxmoore (b 23 Jun 1883 Pursewalkum)

  3. John Henry Luxmoore (b 1885, d 6 Dec 1886 Pursewalkum)

  4. John Andrew Douglas Luxmoore (b 20 Oct 1891 Madras)


Maureen Margaret Martin (b 1869) at 20yrs on 4 Mar 1889 in Vepery married 23yr Charles Alexander HENRY (b 1866 son of John Henry)


Next Generation

G Sara MARTIN (b 1897) at16yrs on 30 Jul 1913 in Kharagpur married 32yr W Richard Rowland D'SOUZA (b 1881 son of J M D'Souza)


Douglas David Martin (b1897) at 26yrs on 23 May 1923 in Vepery married 19yr Merlyn Florence Vander HOLT (b 1904 daughter of Alfred Corbett Vander Holt)


Noel David Martin on 25 May 1918 in Vepery married Ellen Helmina EPHRAIM (daughter of Bertram Ephraim)



info from wendyimani <>


? MARTIN married ?, children:

  1. William Martin

Next Generation

William MARTIN married ?, children:

  1. Thomas Davis Martin (b 1885)

Next Generation

Thomas Davis MARTIN (b 1885) at 30yrs on 14 Jul 1915 in Sealdah married 24yr Gertrude Marie O'CONNOR (b 1891 daughter of John O'Connor).They had twins:

  1. William Martin (twin)

  2. Janet Martin (twin)

  3. Peggy Martin

  4. Marlene Martin.

Next Generation
William MARTIN married Beatrice FRANCIS in St. Francis xavier Cathderal - Bangalore on 11th may 1955.They had two children-

  1. Wendy Martin

  2. Bernadine Martin.

Janet MARTIN married ??? and she died young.

Peggy MARTIN married ??? They had two sets of twins and a son.

Marlene MARTIN married Fredrick Herbert Goetzlinger.


Next Generation
Wendy MARTIN married Majid Imani in Holy Ghost Church - Bangalore on June 7th 1978.They had a son and two daughters:

  1. Vandaud

  2. Mahsa

  3. Mehrsa.

Berndaine MARTIN married Nader Tabrizi in Holy Ghost Church - Bangalore on March 31st 1981.They had a son

  1. Baback.


 I don't know if you can help, I'm trying to find information about my Grandfather who worked for the railway in India he was Born in 1891 and died in Nakuru Kenya in 1940 at the time of his Death he was still working on the Railway his Name was Robin or Robert Martin but apart from that I have no other information apart from that my cousin in Kenya says he is sure his mother told him he was in the RAF at some point the only other thing is my Mother told me everyone called him Tim we have obtained his Death Certificate from the Offices in Nairobi but it doesn't give his full name just says his Name was R Martin and the he died from a Haemorrhage my Mother seems to think he was injured on the Railway, Kind Regards Mary Philpotts




? MARTIN married ?, children:

  1. Robin Martin

Next Generation

Robin MARTIN married ?, children:

  1. Ernest Louis Martin (b 1900, d 18 Oct 1929 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Ernest Louis MARTIN occup: Foreman, Ship Dept B.I.S. (b 1900, d 18 Oct 1929 Calcutta) at 27yrs on 8 Feb 1927 in Calcutta married 19yr Muriel Elizabeth CONROY (b 1908 daughter of William Conroy), children:

  1. Rita Magdalen Martin (b 29 Apr 1927 Calcutta)

  2. Peter George Martin (b 7 Aug 1928, d 11 May 1930 Calcutta)

Muriel Elizabeth MARTIN nee CONROY (b1908, d 7 Sep 1938 Calcutta) widow at the death of Ernest Louis Martin, at 24yrs on 15 Feb 1933 in Howrah married 32yr Samuel Joseph D'CRUZE (b 1901 son of Ashing), children:

  1. Alma Marjorie D'Cruze (b 27 Dec 1935 Calcutta)

  2. Melvin Sebastian D'Cruze (b 12 Feb 1936 Calcutta)



info from Leonie Isaacs (+61 8 93786162)

? MARTIN married ??, children:

  1. Teresa Martin

  2. Clarence Martin

  3. Rita

  4. Martin

  5. Sheila Martin

Next Generation

Teresa MARTIN married ?? ISAACS, children:

  1. Leonie Isaacs

Sheila MARTIN married Ivan SATUR



info to be submitted by Andrea O'HARA

?? MARTIN married ??, children:

  1. Hazel Christine MARTIN (b1943, Worthing, UK)

Next Generation

Hazel Christine MARTIN (b1943, Worthing, UK) married Carlyle Bruce JOHNSTON (b1940, Bangalore, SI), Children:

  1. Richard Bruce JOHNSTON (b1968, Shoreham, UK)


info from Horace Pereira

?? MARTIN married ??, children:

  1. Florence Martin (Calcutta)

Next Generation

Florence MARTIN of Calcutta India, married Charles Fredrick PEREIRA, children:

  1. Herbert Terence Pereira


info from Keith Jude

?? MARTIN married ??, children:

  1. Louise Martin

Next Generation

Louise MARTIN married Phillip Patrick JUDE (b ? d 1997)  CHILDREN

  1. Carlton Jude

  2. Aubrey JUDE

  3. Richard JUDE

  4. Maurice JUDE

  5. Keith Jude


Hello there, I am a relative necomer to family history research & when time allows undertake a little detective work for my parents & myself.As you well know it can be extremely addictive in a nice way & very rewarding. My maternal relatives went to India in the late 18th century & continued to inhabit different parts of Tamil Nadu. Just recently I have come across a connection with one of the families on your family tree website & as you can see from above the family in question are The Martins. Would there be a possibility that I could make contact with a family member whom is researching on Percival Lushington Stuart Martin as I am a distant relative & would like to exchange information & see whether any surviving members of that line are still alive & well.I did try emailing the researcher whom provided the info on your site-pjblackwood-but my mail was returned unread due to security blocks. I would be more than grateful if you could help me out on this matter & look forward to hearing from you with hopefully some positive feedback. Thanking you for your time & energies, kindest regards, Mr Allsworth Redman ( Allz for short)

info from


?? MARTIN married ??, children:

  1. Percival Lushington Stuart MARTIN

Next Generation

Percival Lushington Stuart MARTIN married Violette Sophia SHEARS, Children:

  1. Phyllis Amy Martin

  2. Hazel Hannah Martin

  3. Lillian Maud Martin

  4. Ruby Merlin Martin

  5. Winifred Violet Martin

  6. Lesley Lushington Martin (died young age)

  7. John Percival Martin

  8. Charles Shears Martin

  9. Margaret Miriam Martin

 Next Generation

Phyllis Amy MARTIN married William Arthur WRAGG in Podanur, India (b1932) and had a daughter:

  1. Hazel Olive WRAGG (b1933)

Phyllis Amy MARTIN (her 2nd marriage) married John Patrick FRANCIS in Erode, India (b1938) and had 3 children who were bought up in Coonoor, Nilgiri Hills, India:

  1. Patricia June Mary FRANCIS (b1939)

  2. Philip Joseph Rupert FRANCIS (b1940)

  3. Pauline Joan RIta FRANCIS (b1943)


info from Kath Ellis

?? MARTIN married ??, children:

  1. James MARTIN

Next Generation

James MARTIN, stationmaster at Lahore, married Mary Ellen JAMISON. Had a daughter (my grandmother),

  1. Irene Gertrude Martin (b1891.)

Next Generation
Irene Gertrude Martin (b1891) married ??, children:



info from Norma Bennett



?? MARTIN married ??, children:

  1. Lawrence Martin (born about 1887)

Next Generation

Lawrence J MARTIN (born about 1887, d Hubli) in 1917 at the age of 30yrs, married Dorothy FONCECA (born 1898 Hyderabad, was in a Convent with their Aunt, a Nun), 2 children:

  1. Sylvia Martin (born 1920)

  2. Vernon Martin (born 1922)

Next Generation

Sylvia MARTIN (born 1920) married ?? DAVIES


Vernon MARTIN (born 1922) at 24yrs on 28 Dec 1946 in Hubli married 21yr Veronica Olive D'SILVA (b 1925 daughter of Norman D'Silva)



info from Cedric DuCroix

??MARTIN married ??, children:

  1. Lynda MARTIN

Next Generation

Lynda MARTIN (studied at Mount Hermon, Darjeeling) married Philip Cedric DUCROIX (born Calcutta, educated St. James'), now living at 56 Wolseley Street, Rooty Hill NSW 2766, Australia, children:



info from

?? MARTIN married ??, children:

  1. George Martin

Next Generation

George MARTIN married ??, children:

  1. Winifred Leonora MARTIN Birth : abt 1893 India.

Next Generation
Winifred Leonora MARTIN Birth : abt 1893 India, married Francis Terrence SUARES Birth : abt 1883 India, children:

  1. SUARES, Mary Constance b 1914, George Town, Madras, India.

  2. SUARES, Clarrissa Emelia b 1915, North George Town, Madras, India.

  3. SUARES, Frelis Antonia b1918, George Town, Madras, India.

  4. SUARES, Vincent Christie (b 1920, North George Town, Madras, died 15 Aug 1921, Madras.

  5. SUARES, Cecilia Daphne b 1922, George Town, Madras, India.

  6. SUARES, Bridget Eugene b 1924, George Town, Madras, India.

  7. SUARES, Anthony George


Info supplied by Anthony Gallyot

Louise Elizabeth MARTIN (b 1820) married Jerome Marie Arnould GALLYOT (b 1806) .



info from

?? MARTIN married ??, children:

  1. Michael Martin (b Waterford, Ireland)

Next Generation

Michael MARTIN (Waterford, Ireland) married Bridget SULLIVAN, children:

  1. James Martin (b 22 May 1856 Kirkee)

  2. Catherine Ellen Martin (b 23 Oct 1857 Kirkee)

  3. William Martin (b 2 Feb 1860 Kirkee)


?? MARTIN married ??, children:

  1. Charles William Martin

Next Generation

Charles William MARTIN on 28 Apr 1885 in Bombay married Catherine Elizabeth WILSON, (b 15 Oct 1869 Coorla, daughter of William and Louisa Wilson) children:

  1. Stanley Austin Cardigan Martin (b 14 May 1888 Neemuch)

  2. Muriel Martin (b 1 Dec 1890 Neemuch)

  3. Victor Cardigan Martin (b 1893)

  4. Owen Ernest Cardigan Martin (b 3 May 1896 Lahore)

  5. Michael St Ledger Martin (b 1899)

  6. Leo Joseph Martin (b 29 Oct 1902 Neemuch)

Next Generation

Stanley Austin Cardigan MARTIN (b 14 May 1888 Neemuch) at 33yrs on 20 Apr 1921 in Kidderpore married 30yr Agnes Gladys LEWIS nee Lumsden (b 1891 daughter of Matthew Alexander Lumsden)


Victor Cardigan MARTIN (b 1893) at 25yrs on 23 Jan 1918 in Bilaspur married 20yr Dorothy Mona BOWDER (b 1898 daughter of George Dunbar Bowder)


Owen Elgin (Ernest) Cardigan MARTIN (b 1896) at 24yrs on 11 Feb 1920 in Buxar married 18yr Phyllis May BEALE (b 1902 daughter of Percy Beale). In the 1920's their children were born in Chunar/Bihar.They were 

  1. Errol Cardigan Fielding Martin (b 9 Nov 1920 Tundla)

  2. Allen Charles Cardigan Martin, (b 27 Sep 1923 Tundla)

  3. Peter Bonaventure Owen Martin, (b 2 Jun 1930 Allahabad)

  4. Percival Lawrence Martin  (b 8 Aug 1926 Allahabad)

  5. Rita Colleen Martin. (b 22 Jul 1928 Allahabad)

Owen Elgin Martin Phyllis Rita



Michael St Ledger MARTIN (b 1899) at 25yrs on 2 Jan 1924 married 23yr Inez Una BOWDER (b 1901 daughter of George Dunbar Bowder)


Next Generation
Errol Fielding MARTIN
married Joyce Veronica CARVELL (18 Tha Mall, Agra). They had four children, 

  1. Anne Martin , 

  2. Dianna Martin, 

  3. Owen Elgin Martin

  4. Beverly Martin.

Errol, Joyce and baby Anne


Rita Colleen MARTIN (b 22 Jul 1928 Allahabad) at 15yrs on 2 Jun 1943 in Allahabad married 22yr Maurice Victor MORT (b 1921 son of Maurice Victor Mort)


In 1948 the Martin family left India for the West of Scotland where a large family and extended family lives.

The Martins were associated with the East India Railway in Chunar Region. Owen Elgin MARTIN was a station Master, who unfortunately died from Cholera age 39. Do you remember this family?? Any further details you can give about the Carvells of Agra would be much appreciated. I believe they owned a transportation company around the turn of the century. Michelle Martin Millar



(Info from Frank Mayberry ) and Teresa

?? MARTIN married ??, children:

  1. Joseph Martin

Next Generation

Joseph MARTIN married Izabella ? , children:

  1. Peter Martin

Next Generation

Peter MARTIN married Victoria Teresa D'Rozario (daughter of Louis & Maria D'Rozario), children:

  1. Joseph William MARTIN

Next Generation

Joseph William MARTIN married Gertrude Genevieve ROONEY, (daughter of  Edward Owen Rooney and Mabel Blanche Deepholts) children:

  1. Lance Martin

Next Generation

Lance MARTIN married Esme AVERLEY , children :

  1. Teresa Martin (b 1941 Calcutta)

  2. Gillian Martin (b 1939 - Calcutta)

Next Generation

Teresa MARTIN (b 1941 Calcutta) married Gary BAYS, Buffalo New York. Two children:

  1. Allison Bays married Robert William Farkas, children: Alyxandria & Austin Farkas

  2. Michael Bays married Michelle Yvette Gwinn, children: Lance Bays

Gillian MARTIN married Peter BYRNE-QUINN, children : 

  1. Martin Byrne-Quinn, 

  2. Paul Byrne-Quinn married Brenda - children Nicholas and Gemma


(info supplied by Andrea Gina MYERS)

?? MARTIN married ??, children:

  1. Joseph Stanley Martin

Next Generation

Joseph Stanley MARTIN married Zita Anne Marie ROBERTS (b1928), children : 

  1. Hazel Patricia Martin (b1946).

Next Generation

Hazel Patricia MARTIN (b1946) married Allen George MYERS, children : 

  1. Andrea Gina Myers (b1969), 

  2. Melodie Anne Myers (b1970), 

  3. Russell Allen Myers (b1973)


info from  

? MARTIN married ?, children:

  1. Edward Martin

Next Generation

Edward MARTIN married Susan ??, children:

  1. Clarence Percival Martin (b 22 Oct 1894 Trichy)

  2. William Oswald Martin (b 10 Feb 1896 Trichy)

  3. Frank Melville Martin (b 24 Jun 1897 Trichy)

  4. Ruby Constance Martin (b 12 Oct 1899 Trichy)

  5. Susan Martin (b 1905)

Next Generation

Clarence Percival MARTIN (b 22 Oct 1894 Trichy) at 26yrs on 30 Jun 1920 in Madura married 23yr Ethel Wilhelmina ROSS (b 1897 daughter of Joseph Adolphus Ross) children:

  1. Louisa Margaret Martin (b 18 Mar 1921 Madura)

William Oswald MARTIN (b 10 Feb 1896 Trichy) at 23yrs on 28 Jun 1920 in Madura married 17yr Hilda Irene MARTIN (b 1903 daughter of John Martin) children :

  1. Amelia Constance Martin  (b 11 Aug 1921).

  2. Kathleen Cecilia Martin (b & d 31 May 1923 Madras)

  3. Russell Lionel Edward Martin (b 10 Jun 1924 Madras)

Frank Melville MARTIN (b 24 Jun 1897 Trichy) at 22yrs on 26 Jun 1918 in Madras married 19yr Louisa Ursula ANDREW (b 1899, d 11 Jun 1923 Madras, daughter of Albert C Andrew), children:

  1. Albert Edward Martin (b 8 Mar 1919 Madras)

Frank Melville MARTIN (b 24 Jun 1897 Trichy) married Mary Vivienne ?, children:

  1. Behaviour Ruby Martin (b 19 May 1925 Madras)

  2. Edwin Martin (b 16 Jul 1928 Madras)

Ruby Constance Martin (b 12 Oct 1899 Trichy, d 26 Feb 1948 Madras) at 19yrs on 13 Sep 1920 in Madura married 23yr Stephen Alfred Martin (b 1897 son of John Richard & Amy Martin), children:

  1. Sheila Delma Martin (b 13 Jun 1921 Madura)

  2. Philomena Mary Amelia Martin (b 16 Aug 1937 Madura)

Susan MARTIN Dentist in Trichinopoly (b 1905) at 16yrs on 23 May 1921 in Madura married 20yr Henry Alfred WRIGHT (b 1901 son of Frank Alfred Wright).  Children:

  1. Constance Louisa Wright (b 11 Mar 1922 Madura)

Next Generation

Louisa Margaret MARTIN (b 18 Mar 1921 Madura) at 22yrs on 18 Sep 1946 in Vep;ery married 23yr Philip Patrick JUDE (b 1923 son of Patrick Joseph Jude)



?? MARTIN married ??, children:

  1. Philomena Martin (b1937)

  2. Sheila Delma Martin

Next Generation

Philomena MARTIN ( b1937)  married Mervin B.J. SWAIN  (b1931, d1999), children:

  1. Elizabeth Joyce SWAIN (Betty) b1957

  2. Jason SWAIN (adopted in the USA )

  3. Sharon Rebekah SWAIN  b1958 

  4. David  Philip SWAIN (b 1962) 

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