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?? JUDE married ??, children:

  1. John Jude

Next Generation

John JUDE married Ellen ?, children:

  1. Thomas Mathew Jude (b 2 Apr 1868, c 17 Apr 1868 Madras)


info from Keith Jude keithjude@hotmail.com

?? JUDE married ??, children:

  1. Phillip Patrick Jude

Next Generation

Phillip Patrick JUDE (decd 1997) married Louise MARTIN,  CHILDREN

  1. Carlton Jude

  2. Aubrey JUDE

  3. Richard JUDE

  4. Maurice JUDE

  5. Keith Jude

Next Generation

Carlton Jude married Daphne Hillier (Madras) now divorced, Children:

  1. Denise JUDE married Adam O'REILLY (Tasmania), Children, Dylan O'REILLY

Aubrey JUDE married Yvonne LA PORTE (Bangalore), Children,

  1. Rebecca JUDE,

  2. Samantha JUDE

Richard JUDE married Lorna GOVES (India),  Children,  

  1. Samantha JUDE,  

  2. Michelle JUDE

Maurice JUDE married SASHA (India), Children,  

  1. Michael JUDE

Keith Jude married Sylvia CRANSTON (Ooty, INDIA),  Children,

  1. Cassandra Deisha JUDE,

  2. Kerri anne JUDE married Matthew VICKERS (BRISBANE), Children, Taia Louise VICKERS,

  3. Jonathan JUDE


info from Venetia Beever venetia74@bigpond.com.au & Troy.Dumenil@qimr.edu.au

?? JUDE married ??, children:

  1. Anthony Joseph Jude

Next Generation

Anthony Joseph Jude married Marie Isabell Tompson, Children;

  1. Hyacinth Jude

  2. Derrick Jude

  3. Randolph Jude

  4. Bettina Jude

  5. Sandra Jude

Next Generation

Hyacinth JUDE married Victor DUMENIL, Children;

  1. Troy Dumenil

  2. Sean Dumenil; Children; Gaidge Dumenil, Odessa Dumenil

  3. Rocklin Dumenil; Children; Connor Dumenil, Isabella Dumenil

  4. Petula Dumenil married Andrew Monley, Children; Jackson,Olivia.  

  5. Neil Mark Dumenil married Lynette Johnson, Children; Harrison Dumenil, Reilly Dumenil, Caitlin Dumenil

Randolph JUDE married Valerie (Vicki) ?? (2nd marriage), Children;

  1. Nicholas Jude (from Valerie's 1st marriage)

  2. Georgena Jude

Next Generation

Venetia Jude (b 7/9/74) married George Beever, children;

  1. Jasmine Beever (b 2005)

Nicholas JUDE married Teresa INGRAM, Children

  1. Xavia Patrice JUDE

  2. Brieana Yasmin JUDE


info from Annamarie Mathews kerjordamianna@optusnet.com.au

?? JUDE married ??, children:

  1. Henry William Jude (b 6/1/1924)

Next Generation

Henry William JUDE (b 06Jan1924) married Ninette Mary BIRD (Lovebird) (Ghaziabad-India) (born 23April,1930). Children:

  1. Annamarie Charmine Jude

  2. Aron Calvin Jude (Perth)

  3. Angel Caroline Jude (India)

Next Generation

Annamarie Charmine JUDE (Perth) married Kerwin Joseph MATHEWS. Children

  1. Jordan Kane Mathews

  2. Damian Chad Mathews.

Aron Calvin JUDE (Perth) married Deborah Judeline ??. Children:

  1. Cassandra Jude

  2. Nicola Jude

  3. Angel Caroline Jude (India)

Angel Caroline JUDE (India) married Krishan Kant Gaur. Children:

  1. Eesh Gaur

  2. Eashaane Gaur


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