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?? BONJOUR married ??, children:

  1. Edward Bonjour

Next Generation

Edward BONJOUR married ??, children:

  1. Benjamin Bonjour (b 1807)

Next Generation

Benjamin BONJOUR (b 1807) widower, at 36yrs on 21 Jun 1843 in Madras married 25yr widow Anne Elizabeth WARD (nee Barthelomew b 1818 daughter of A Barthelomew), children:

  1. Fanny Elizabeth Bonjour (b 1842)

  2. Anne Elizabeth Bonjour (b 13 May 1845 Madras)

Benjamin BONJOUR (b 1807) widower, on 22 May 1850 in Madras married Augusta Matilda SILLY ( daughter of John William Silly), children:

  1. Benjamin Edward Bonjour (b 3 Feb 1851 Madras)


Next Generation

Fanny Elizabeth BONJOUR (b 1842) at 18yrs on 17 May 1860 in Vepery married 25yr Charles D'CASTER (b 1835 son of John D'Caster)



?? BONJOUR married ??, children:

  1. Eliza Bonjour

Next Generation

Eliza BONJOUR on 8 Jan 1827 in Madras married Francis Arthur DORSEY (b 1804, d 22 Dec 1871 Poonamallee) , children:

  1. Francis Edward Dorsey (b 10 Jan 1831 Madras)

  2. Sarah Matilda Dorsey (b 24 Apr 1841 Madras)

  3. Patrick Dorsey (b 1845)

  4. Arthur Francis Dorsey (b 19 Aug 1849, d 13 Feb 1921 Poonamallee, Madras)


info from Edwina (Hendricks) Mathews
?? BONJOUR married ??, children:

  1. Barbara Bonjour (Bangalore)

Next Generation

Barbara BONJOUR (Bangalore, India) in 1943, married Neville (Bill) MATHEWS children:

  1. Dorothy Mathews married Arthur Joplin

  2. George Mathews married Edwina Hendricks

  3. Christine Mathews married Amar Ammsso


info from

?? BONJOUR married ??, children:

  1. Clarence Bonjour

Next Generation

Clarence BONJOUR (b ? d 1987, Madras) married Olive Hyacinth HILLIER (daughter of James & Jessie Hillier, b ? Arakonam, d 2015; schooled at Bitragunta), children:

  1. Noreen Bonjour

  2. Carlton Bonjour (b ?, studied at Bitragunta & Hubli Railway Schools, St. George's & Doveton Corrie, Madras)

  3. Hamilton Bonjour

Next Generation

Carlton BONJOUR (b ?, studied at Bitragunta & Hubli Railway Schools, St. George's & Doveton Corrie, Madras) married Hazel TIMMINS. Emigrated to Perth in 1969, children:

  1. Dawn Bonjour

  2. Carol Bonjour


Info supplied by Noel J Rigley , Clayton Bonjour <

?? BONJOUR married ??, children:

  1. Malcolm Bonjour

Next Generation

Malcolm BONJOUR married Babette (Babs) SUARES, children: 

  1. Phillip BONJOUR, 

  2. Clayton BONJOUR, 

  3. Adrian BONJOUR, 

  4. Maxwell BONJOUR, 

  5. David BONJOUR, 

  6. Glenda BONJOUR

Next Generation

Philip Bonjour married Linda White and their sonís name is:

  1. Shane Bonjour

Clayton Bonjour Married Philomina Joans and their sonís name is:

  1. Jason Bonjour

Adrian Bonjour married Hazel ? and their children are:

  1. Andrea Bonjour

  2. Malcolm Bonjour

Maxwell Bonjour married Judy Rodrigues and their children are:

  1. Aaron Bonjour

  2. Darren Bonjour


info from

?? BONJOUR married ??, children:

  1. Hamilton Grenfell Charles Bonjour (b1937, Jalrapet, Madras)

Next Generation

Hamilton Grenfell Charles BONJOUR (b 1937, Jalapet, Madras) married Alice RYAN (b 1939) at St Jude's Church, Thornton Heath, Croydon, Surrey, UK.  Children:

1. Karen Ann BONJOUR (b 1970, Thornton Heath, Croydon, Surrey, UK)



info from Zena Bonjour (nee Fonceca)

?? BONJOUR married ??, children:

  1. Alistair Bonjour

Next Generation

Alistair BONJOUR married Zena (Cookie) FONCECA , children : 

  1. Jacob Michael BONJOUR (b June 2001 Perth)

  2. Olivia Grace BONJOUR (Christened at Mary MacKillop Catholic Church ,Pelican pde, Ballajura, West Australia, during the Easter Sunday Mass, on 20th of April 2003)


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