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Hello, I was surprised to find that both my father and I have Indian ancestry (via DNA test - Ancestry). Following various threads back to my great great grandmother I found that her father was listed as Robert Gordon on her death certificate. I am wondering if he was a descendant of Susannah (described as a Native). My great great grandmother (Mary Anne)  was born at sea en route either to or from India. My great grandmother was then born on Corfu - well traveled family for those days.
Just wondered if anyone could help to establish  just exactly where our Indianness has come from! We had thought the dark skin and eyes was Spanish, but definitely not. Kind regards, Jill Turnbull 


?? GORDON married ??, children:

  1. Benjamin Lumsden Gordon

Next Generation

Benjamin Lumsden GORDON married Laura Sophia ?, children:

  1. Ethel Fanny Grant Gordon (b 26 Jun 1862 St Thomas Mount)

  2. Ida George Grant Gordon (b 16 May 1864 St Thomas Mount)


?? GORDON married ??, children:

  1. William Richard Gordon (b 1783, d 31 Jul 1859 Secunderabad, age 76)

Next Generation

William Richard GORDON Private H.M 34th Regt (b 1783, d 31 Jul 1859 Secunderabad, age 76) , married Poonga ?, children:

  1. William Richard Gordon (b 17 Aug 1809, c 3 Sep 1809 Trichinopoly, signed by C Bird, Asstnt Registrar to the Court of Bellary. Sponsors: T Shilling, Gilbert Crowder, Ringee)

Next Generation

William Richard GORDON (b 17 Aug 1809, c 3 Sep 1809 Trichinopoly) married Harriet ?, children:

  1. Ann Gordon (b 1829, d 7 Dec 1831 Madras)

  2. William Richard Gordon (b 1 May 1831, c 18 Jul 1832, d 26 Jul 1833 Madras)

  3. Sophia Jane Gordon (b 1841)

William Richard GORDON Writer (b Scotland) on 9 Aug 1871 in Enzie, Banffshire Scotland, UK, married Harriet Elizabeth STEWART, (b 3 Feb 1849 Boharm, Banffshire, Scotland, c Feb 1849 St Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland, daughter of Andrew Stewart and Elizabeth Georgina Graham Gordon whose parents were Thomas Gordon and Maria Joanna McDowall Grant) children:

  1. George Alexander Stewart Gordon (b 6 Nov 1872, c 26 Dec 1872 Simla)

  2. Elizabeth Marjorie Gordon (b 1 Mar 1874 Simla, c 15 Apr 1874)

  3. Dora Eleanor Harriet Gordon (b 8 Feb 1875 Simla, c 5 Apr 1875 Simla)

  4. Edward L Stewart Gordon (b 11 Jul 1876, c 24 Jul 1876 Simla)

  5. Arthur William Tiny Stewart Gordon (b 16 May 1877, c 7 Jul 1877 Simla)

  6. Aymee Patricia Gordon (c 10 Oct 1878 Simla)

  7. Graham Molesworth Stewart Gordon (b 12 Aug 1881, c 8 Oct 1881 Simla, d 14 Dec 1921 of Pneumonia, Hemiplegia,  St Michael's Hospital, York, Toronto, Canada, age 40)

1881 Census in the UK, shows family members (Edward 4, Arthur 3, Aymee 2, Sophia Auld 50, Stewart Haffenden AULD 21 ) residing at Birkbeck Rd, Acton, Middlesex, England.

1901 Census in the UK, shows the family members (William, Harriet, Elizabeth, Dora and Aymee) residing at Tavistock Rd, Croydon, Surrey, England.


Next Generation

Sophia Jane GORDON (b 1841) at 27yrs on 7 Jan 1868 in Secunderabad Scotch Church married 42yr widowed Major in H.M Madras Army Charles Daneton Wetherall Seafield GRANT (b 5 Mar 1826, c 28 Nov 1826 Secunderabad, son of Charles St John and Mary Grant)


Graham Molesworth Stewart GORDON Accountant (b 12 Aug 1881, c 8 Oct 1881 Simla, d 14 Dec 1921 of Pneumonia, Hemiplegia,  St Michael's Hospital, York, Toronto, Canada, age 40) married Monica ? of 41 Geoffrey Avenue, Canada



?? GORDON married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Gordon

Next Generation

Thomas GORDON married ?, children:

  1. Penrose Grant Gordon

Next Generation

Penrose Grant GORDON on 18 Dec 1914 in Colaba married Adelene Brandfort FERGUSON (daughter of Christopher Thomas Cushion), children:

  1. Stuart Ferguson Gordon (b 11 Oct 1915 Chuderghaut, Madras, d 20 Sep 1916 Meerut)

  2. Mary Pennel Ferguson Gordon (b 30 Sep 1917 Meerut)


?? GORDON married ??, children:

  1. James Gordon

Next Generation

James GORDON married ?, children:

  1. Robert Barry Courtland Gordon (b 1919)

Next Generation

Robert Barry Courtland GORDON (b 1919) at 27yrs on 9 Jan 1946 in Calcutta married 32yr Mary Ann Elizabeth MARSH (b 1914 daughter of William Marsh)





Ernest GORDON married Harriet ??, children:

  1. Iris Margaret GORDON (b 23 April 1911, d on 8th march)

Next Generation

Iris Margaret GORDON (b 23 April 1911, d on 8th march) married Richard EARL (b and schooled in Nagpur SFX. Served in the British Army. died on 25th June in Amravati), Children :

  1. 2 boys died in a motorbike accident in England.

  2. Owen Earl (b 1947, Mysore) Bachelor settled in Bangalore.

  3. Alfred Colin Earl (b1949, Bangalore) Settled in Mumbai.


info from Ruby JBll3@aol.com

?? GORDON married ??, children:

  1. Donald (Donnie) Mullen Gordon (born in India and passed away 14/12/1999 in Sheffield)

Next Generation

Donald (Donnie) Mullen GORDON (born in India and passed away 14/12/1999 in Sheffield). He then migrated to Sheffield, UK in 1948. married Daphne Shelia Maude HAMILTON (b ?), Children:

  1. Edwina Linda Gordon

  2. Ruby Teresa Gordon

  3. Donald Mark Gordon

  4. Nigel Patrick Gordon

Next Generation

Edwina Linda GORDON and ??, have a daughter:

  1. Jeanette Marie ??

Ruby Teresa GORDON married ??, and has:

  1. Steven Thomas

  2. Otis Kaye

  3. Carla-Marie Kaye

  4. Louise-Annne Scarratt

Donald Mark Gordon married Dawn Neville and has:

  1. Dale Thomas Gordon

Nigel Patrick GORDON married Fiona MALONEY, children:

  1. Ashley Mark,

  2. Lauren Lee Gordon

  3. Liam Joesph Gordon


info from Sandra Ann JONES sandybeach98@hotmail.com

?? GORDON married ??, children:

  1. John Gordon

Next Generation

John GORDON married  Frances ??, children:

  1. Clementina Charlotte GORDON

Next Generation

Clementina Charlotte GORDON married John Edward GREENWOOD. Children:

1) Sarah Clementina GREENWOOD
2) Henry Sutton Mitch GREENWOOD
3) Richard Frederick Killingley GREENWOOD
4) Emily Clara Gertrude GREENWOOD (died aged 1 year 7 months)
5) Hugh Gordon Edward GREENWOOD (died aged 4 years and 4 months)
6) Alice Maud GREENWOOD



info from Mary Ivy  miandrews@yahoo.com & miandrews@rediffmail.com

?? GORDON married ??, children:

  1. George Gordon

Next Generation

George GORDON married Ira YOUNG (Kolar Gold Fields/Bangalore). They had 7 children

  1. Albert Gordon

  2. Millie Gordon

  3. Anthony Gordon

  4. William Gordon (called Bobby)

  5. Clara Gordon

  6. Patricia Mary Gordon (called Queenie)

  7. George Gordon

Next Generation

William Gordon (Bobby) married Grace MOREIRA at Madurai and they had 4 children

  1. Joseph Gordon

  2. Mary Ivy Gordon

  3. Doreen Gordon

  4. Rhonda Gordon

Patricia Mary GORDON (Queenie) married Augustine (Buddah) CRAWFORD. They had 7 children - 5 girls and two boys

  1. Lillian Crawford

  2. Ivan Crawford

  3. Marion Crawford

  4. Jennifer Crawford

  5. Priscilla Crawford 

  6. Christibelle Crawford

  7. Andrew Crawford died 31 December 1993  age 36 years

    (info from Lillian Beale rogerkaren08@yahoo.com )


Next Generation

Joseph Gordon married Pamela D'MONTE (2 sons. they live in Chennai)

  1. Roger Gordon

  2. Richard Gordon presently in the US pursuing higher studies at Iowa State University

Mary Ivy Gordon married Milton ANDREWS (1 daughter - ) lives in Madurai

  1. Romaine Andrews married Joseph Sullivan

Doreen Gordon married Bazil ANDREWS (1 son -  ) lives in Madurai

  1. Ryan Andrews

Rhonda Gordon married Duke ANDREWS (1 daughter - ) lives in Madurai

  1. Rochelle Andrews

Next Generation



?? GORDON married ??, children:

  1. Mary Gordon

Next Generation

Mary GORDON on 17 Feb 1819 in Madras married Arthur Allan OGG , (b 1790, d 26 Feb 1869 Calcutta) children:

  1. Samuel William Ogg (c 9 Jan 1820 Calcutta)

  2. Susan Elizabeth Ogg (c 14 Mar 1824 Calcutta)

  3. Arthur Allan Ogg (b 6 Nov 1827, d 15 May 1895 Calcutta) on 14 Jun 1849 in Calcutta married Mary JONES, children: Eva Ogg (b 20 Dec 1856 Calcutta,  Lilian Ogg (b 20 Feb 1859 Calcutta).

  4. Charles Roderick Ogg (b 1831, d 9 Mar 1833 Fort William)

  5. Emma Dorothea Ogg (b 30 Nov 1831 Calcutta)


?? GORDON married ??, children:

  1. Robert Gordon

Next Generation

Robert GORDON married Mary ?, children:

  1. Mary Gordon (c 19 Dec 1789 Fort St George, Madras)


info from Gay Guegan  roly@guegan.fslife.co.uk and Melanie Tucker <mtucker.genealogy@gmail.com>
A lot of this information has been received from various members of the GORDON family and some from the LDS List, some from Robin Volkers, and a few other members of the India Rootsweb List, we know the later information is accurate.  I have some of the information detailed below.


Adam GORDON (b.c.1760 Scotland-17 July 1834 Serampore. ADAM GORDON Snr. was with the 73rd Regiment in Cawnpore, and Keeper of the Gaol in Calcutta. ADAM GORDON joined the Baptist Church under William Carey.) on 12 Sep 1788 in Cawnpore married Susanna ?? (a native). Adam GORDON Snr. and Susanna are both buried at The Mission Burial Ground, Serampore. Their children were:  

  1. ADAM GORDON Jnr (baptised 1788 Cawnpore),

  2. Margaret Gordon (born on 15 May 1798 in Calcutta, Bengal, India, christened on 17 Jul 1798 in Calcutta, Bengal, India, died on 25 May 1822 in Bencoolen, Sumatra, Indonesia.)

  3. SUSANNAH GORDON (b.1790 Bengal, baptised July 1790 Fort William Garrison, Calcutta),

  4. ROBERT GORDON, my Great Great Grandfather, (b.1799, baptised 16 January, 1800 Calcutta.  

Next Generation

Adam GORDON Jnr. married Louisa LALLY (c.1797- 4 June 1834 buried South Park Burial Ground),1813.  Their children were:

  1. Carey Ward Gordon (Cmdr. I.G.S.N. Coy)

  2. Maria (MARY?) Louisa Gordon (baptised 10 September 1818 Bengal).

Margaret GORDON (born on 15 May 1798 in Calcutta, Bengal, India, christened on 17 Jul 1798 in Calcutta, Bengal, India, died on 25 May 1822 in Bencoolen, Sumatra, Indonesia.) on 13 January 1812, Calcutta married William ROBINSON  (born on 18 Jan 1784 in Olney, Buckinghamshire, England, died on 2 Sep 1853 in Dacca, Bengal, India, buried in Dacca, Bengal, India. His second marriage) Margaret died in Sumatra, and William ROBINSON married again after her death. Two of their children were:  

  1. John Robinson (4th)

  2. William Robinson

  3. it's thought there were others, but they are not known they would probably have been born in Java.

Robert GORDON married (1) Mary CARPENTER  on 4 December 1818 Calcutta, their children:  

  1. Adam GORDON (known as Robin) b.17 November 1821-7 November 1884),

  2. WILLIAM EBENEZER GORDON (b.1820? Agra- 20 January 1885, buried Panchangani, Bombay),

  3. JAMES (Jimmy) MONEY GORDON (b.c.1828? - in Asst. in Accounts Office, Agra this is in a letter),


Robert GORDON married (2) Sophia Gazelle LISH died 1873 (daughter of JOHN LISH sister of ALEXANDER LISH), their children:  

  1. GAZELLE SOPHIA GORDON (1833?-1915),

  2. ALEXANDER LISH GORDON 1834-38 Agra),

  3. HANNAH MERCY GORDON(1835-1914?),

  4. Felix (1837-38 Agra),

  5. Phoebe Marah GORDON (1838-1910),

  6. Benjamin Dukoff GORDON (1841-1926) my Great Grandparents,

  7. St Paul GORDON (1843-44),

  8. Pauline Ruth GORDON (1845?-27 August 1914 aged 69),

  9. Caleb Mack GORDON (1846?-15 August 1868 aged 22).

 Some of the children were buried in the Agra Cantonement.
After Robert GORDON died Sophia Gazelle went on to marry William CRAWFORD.


Next Generation

Benjamin Dukoff GORDON married Anna Maria CALLOW (1847-1935) 9 September 1863 in Calcutta. Their children:

  1. Marie Dukoff GORDON (c.1864-1945) married Joseph Alexander HYPHER 1895
    Bengal, they died in England.

  2. Frederick Dukoff GORDON (1866-1932) Acct. General, Punjab.

  3. Ernest Dukoff GORDON (1869?-c.1951 Rhodesia).

  4. Mabel Leonora GORDON (1870-1944), married Charles Thain ROBBIE 1894, Allahabad.

  5. John Robert Dukoff GORDON (1875-1957 Bristol, England) my Grandfather.

  6. Ronald Dukoff GORDON (1877-1952 Jo'burg).

  7. Franklin Gerald GORDON (1879-1946).

  8. Theo GORDON died in her 20's.

  9. Norman GORDON (died Rhodesia.

  10. Anna GORDON.

Benjamin Dukoff GORDON, Anna Maria his wife, and their son Frederick GORDON are buried in a cemetery in Camel Back Road, Mussoorie


Next Generation

John Robert Dukoff GORDON married Catherine Margaret BARRIE (b.1888 Gorrackpore (sp?) c.1906 Moradabad, she left him c.1917 and went on to marry Frederick MURCOTT (sp?). John Robert GORDON is buried in Bristol, England, and Catherine is also buried there as she came over to Bristol as a Widow.


info from Lionel Daroux darouxl@telusplanet.net

? GORDON married ?, children:

  1. Emilie Gordon

Next Generation

Emilie GORDON married Harry MONEY, children:

  1. Ottwell William Gordon (Ottie, retired from the Railway in Jhansi and emigrated to the UK in 1940's)

  2. Ronald

  3. Donald Gordon  (Lu Lu) (b 19/2/1899, d 4/8/1946 Jhansi.

  4. Clifford,

  5. Gerald,

  6. Hubert,

  7. John,

  8. Dorothy (Too Too)

  9. Mabel Hilda Gordon (Tiny) (b 22/6/1900 Allahabad, India, migrated to UK in 1952 and then to Canada in1963, d Canada 8/11/1983)

  10. Hope Gordon (born 13/10/1906, India, migrated to UK in 1940's, d Sheffield 23/3/1963)

Next Generation

Donald GORDON (Lu Lu) (b 19/2/1899, d 4/8/1946 Jhansi. Lost his wife at childbirth in India at age 22 years. A driver in the Railway in India. Never married again but brought up his 4 children with help from his sister Dorthy (Too Too) ) married Marie Alice MULLEN, children:

  1. Donnie Gordon (b Jhansi, migrated to Sheffield UK in 1948, d 14/12/1999 Sheffield, England)

  2. Douglas Lawrence Patrick Gordon (Dougie), (b 1/3/1928 Jhansi, d 17/2/2000 London)

  3. June

  4. Reginald Samuel Gordon (Reggie) (b Jhansi, d 1991 Victoria)

Hope GORDON (born 13/10/1906, India, migrated to UK in 1940's) married Wilfred George WILLIS, children:

  1. Valencia (Valcey) Willis

  2. Sydney Willis,

  3. Cynthia Willis,

  4. Althea Willis,

  5. Noel Willis,

  6. George Willis (died while still a baby)

  7. Anita Willis,

  8. Jeanette Willis.

  info from Cynthia's son, Kevin the.spirit@gmail.com

Mabel Hilda GORDON (born 22/6/1900, Allahabad, India) married Albert Daniel DAROUX  (born 4/02/1887, Poona, India) on 15/8/1929 at St Patricks Church, Cawnpore. Children:

  1. Dudley Daroux

  2. Lionel Daroux (born 6/5/1930, Jhansi, India)

  3. Althea Daroux (born 14/10/1931, Bhopal, India)

  4. Verna Daroux (born 11/3/1938, Sholapur, India)

  5. Aubrey Daroux (born 3/6/1939, Bombay, India)

Next Generation

Douglas Lawrence Patrick GORDON (b 1/3/1928 Jhansi, d 17/2/2000 London. Dougie studied at St Francis Convent, Jhansi, St Francis High School, Lucknow and St Peters College, Agra) married ??, children:

  1. Eddie Gordon

  2. Gina Gordon

  3. Diana Gordon

  4. Dawn Gordon

Reginald Samuel GORDON  (b Jhansi, d 1991 Victoria. Reggie studied at St. Francis, Lucknow. St. Peters, Agra; Arrived in England 1948, served in the RAF and settled in the Sheffield area, married Carol Barbara CHARLES (b 1935) in 1956. Emigrated to Australia 1967, 3 children:

  1. Leigh Shelley Maria GORDON (b 28/4/1957) Sheffield England (d 31/7/1996) Victoria Australia

  2. Russell Charles GORDON (b Nov 1959) Sheffield England

  3. Gary John GORDON (b Nov 1964) Sheffield England

(info from Katrina Gordon igloo6@bigpond.com )


info from  johnstone91@hotmail.com

William GORDON married ?, children:

  1. Samuel Gordon (b 1843)

Next Generation

Samuel GORDON (b 1843) at 20yrs on 16 Dec 1863 in Madras married 16yr married Isabella MELLICAN, (b 1847 daughter of Charles Mellican) children:

  1. Louis Josiah Gordon (b 1872, c 5 Jul 1874 Bellary)

Next Generation

Louis Josiah GORDON (b 1872) at 20yrs on 4 Jun 1892 in Vellore married 19yr Annie Ellen NIPPS, (b 1873 daughter of Alfred Francis Nipps) children:

  1. Patrick Alfred Gordon (b 1894)

  2. Robert Cecil Gordon (b 22 May 1897 Madras)

  3. Georges Alexander Gordon (b 5 Sep 1899 Villupuram)

  4. Joseph Anthony Gordon (b 17 Aug 1904 Kolar Gold Fields)

  5. Violet Irene Gordon (b 28 Nov 1906 Champion Reef)

  6. Mervyn Victor Gordon (b 1909)

Next Generation

Patrick Alfred GORDON (b 1894) at 25yrs on 20 Nov 1919 in Bangalore married 18yr Gladys Evelyn WELSH (b 1901 daughter of James Richard Welsh), children:

  1. Eric Gordon (b 1/8/1925 Bangalore, d 29/8/1989, USA, studied at St Joseph's College Bangalore)

Robert Cecil GORDON (b 22 May 1897 Madras) married ?


Robert Cecil GORDON (b 22 May 1897 Madras) widowed, married Clarice Bridget RODRIGUES (daughter of Joseph Alexander Rodrigues)


Mervyn Victor GORDON (b 1909) at 34yrs on 27 Jan 1943 at Erode married 26yr Evelyn Sheila VANDERPUTT (b 1917 daughter of Richard Adolphus Vanderputt)


Next Generation

Eric GORDON (b 1/8/1925 Bangalore, d 29/8/1989, USA, studied at St Joseph's College Bangalore) married Clare JOHNSTONE of Kharagpur. Eric & I left India for England 1950. Left England for Canada 1956, and since 1963 our family have lived in California, with the exception from 1979 till 1984 Eric & I lived in Spain and Taiwan, where Eric worked as a Nuclear Start-up Engineer for Bechtel. Children: children:

  1. Guy Gordon

  2. Howard Gordon

 ( info from Clare Gordon gordon_clare@yahoo.com )


info from a.inniss@ukonline.co.uk

? GORDON married ?, children:

  1. Monica Gordon (b Calcutta 10/7/1920, d Melbourne 31/7/1986)

Next Generation

Monica GORDON (b Calcutta 10/7/1920, d Melbourne 31/7/1986) married Roy Esscott RINGROW (b 25/1/1915 Bombay, d 9/12/2000 Melbourne. Left La Martiniere school in Calcutta, in 1934 to work for the "East Indian Railway".He went to Pakistan in 1947 and worked for the "North Westen Railway" as a driver, he retired in 1971 and went to Australia and worked there for 10 years for "Cargil Processing Ltd") , children:

  1. Alison Ringrow,

  2. Evelyn Ringrow

  3. Clodagh Ringrow

  4. Maria Ringrow

  5. Richard Ringrow.

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