POTTER Family Tree

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? POTTER married , children:

  1. Samuel Potter

Next Generation

Samuel POTTER married ?, children:

  1. Emma Potter (b 1839)

Next Generation

Emma POTTER (b 1839) at 13yrs on 5 May 1852 in Calcutta married 26yr Francis HURD (b 1826 son of Francis Hurd)



? POTTER married , children:

  1. Charles Potter

Next Generation

Charles POTTER married Sophia ?, children:

  1. George Andrew Potter (b 18 Jul 1850 Ferozepore


Samuel POTTER on 28 Oct 1831 in Madras married Caroline DEVING, (b 12 Jul 1814 St George Fort,  daughter of Jacob and Caroline Deving)children:

  1. Samuel David Potter (b 14 Feb 1837 Arcot)

  2. Christiana Lavinia Potter (b 5 Oct 1841 Arcot)

  3. Mary Hannah Potter (b 19 Mar 1844 Arcot)

  4. James Augustus Horatio Potter (b 1848)

  5. Caroline Martha Potter (b 27 Nov 1850 Madras)

  6. Rachel Potter (b 29 Apr 1857 Bangalore)

Next Generation

James Augustus Horatio POTTER (b 1848) at 24yrs on 25 Jul 1872 in Trivandrum married 19yr Emma FAULKNER (b 1853 daughter of Edwin Faulkner), children:

  1. Emma Potter

  2. Reginald Potter (b  & d 23 Jun 1874 Mysore)

  3. Louise Potter (b 1876)

  4. Arnold Faulkner Potter (b 16 Sep 1879 Mysore)

  5. Percival Charles Potter (b 3 Jun 1882 Mysore)

Next Generation

Louise POTTER (b 1876) at 23yrs on 24 May 1899 in Agra married John Michael HOOPER (b 1874 son of James Hooper)


Arnold Faulkner Potter (b 16 Sep 1879 Mysore) at 35yrs on 14 Nov 1917 in Madras married 25yr widow Stella Louisa O'GRADY nee THOY (b 1892 daughter of Edmond Allan Thoy)


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