HOLMES Family Tree

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info from corinne.dsantos@timesgroup.com

?? HOLMES married ??, children:

  1. Evelyn Holmes (b ?)

  2. ?? Holmes

Next Generation

Evelyn HOLMES married Elizabeth DOLL, children:

  1. Roger Holmes

  2. Geoffrey Holmes

  3. Gary Holmes

  4. Vere Holmes

  5.  Romayne Holmes

  6. Corinne Holmes

?? HOLMES married ?? MANION, children:

  1. Allan Manion

Next Generation

Roger HOLMES married Yvette BEALE, children:

  1. Shawn Holmes

  2. Roberta Holmes

  3. Shania Holmes
  4. Nathan Holmes

Vere HOLMES married Naomi SPENCER, children:

  1. Robert Holmes

  2. Ron Holmes

Romayne HOLMES married Terence MAELZER, children:

  1. Terence Maelzer Jr.,

  2. Renee Maelzer

  3. Nathan Maelzer

Corinne HOLMES Married Craig D'SANTOS, children:

  1. Leanne D'Santos


info supplied by Lester Jacob lesterjacob@bigpond.com

?? HOLMES married ??, children:

  1. Theodore Owen HOLMES (b ?)

Next Generation

Theodore Owen HOLMES married Noreen PEREIRA, children :

  1. Ronald Holmes, 
  2. Winston Holmes, 
  3. Deanna Holmes, 
  4. Gordon Holmes, 
  5. Rosalind Holmes (Rose), 
  6. Marguerite Holmes

Next Generation

Ronald HOLMES married Shirley SUARES.

Winston HOLMES married Margaret MACKIE.

Deanna HOLMES married Adolf JACOB.

Gordon HOLMES married Gillian KENT.

Rosalind (IRose) HOLMES married Rick CATLEY.

Marguerite HOLMES married William CHAPMAN



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