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info from Alastair Cole

IN SEARCH OF ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION REGARDING MY FATHER'S PARENTS/RELATIVES: Any help/advice would be appreciated. Cheers, Al (in Ottawa, Canada)

Great aunt- Dr. Miss Maude Conway (d. Bangalore? ~1949-50). (Missionary Doctor).  Last known address: 3 Grant Road, Bangalore (1949'ish). The few letters from her, that my father, Ian Harry Cole (b. Madras, Nov 1908) left me, indicate that Aunt Maude was "very" elderly in the late 1940's.

?? CONWAY married ??, children:

  1. Mary Conway (b. Bombay ?, India 1875?)

  2. ?? Conway

Next Generation

Mary CONWAY (b. Bombay ?, India 1875?) married Harry COLE (b. England, 1875?), children:

  1. Ian Harry Cole (b. Madras, Nov 1908)

(Both Mary (nee Conway) & Harry Cole were missionary Doctors, died in Madras in late 1908, leaving Dr. Miss Aunt Maude Conway to raise their son Ian Harry Cole.) Ian had cousins in Bombay, Celia, Bryan & Lorna Conway (b 1904-1910) any info please contact Alastair Cole

?? CONWAY married ??, children:

  1. Celia Conway (b. Dec 1904- Jan 1905, Bombay)

  2. Bryan Conway (guesses are Bombay, around 1910)

  3. Lorna Conway (guesses are the same as for Bryan)

Next Generation


?? CONWAY  married ??, children:

  1. Patrick Charles CONWAY (b 1831 Northen Ireland, d 31/10/1911 Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London)

  2. James Conway (b abt 1838)

  3. Catherine Conway (b abt 1840 Ireland)

Next Generation

Patrick Charles CONWAY (b 1831 Northen Ireland, d 31/10/1911 Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London) enlisted in the British Army in 1848 after falsely claiming to be 18yrs old. Sergeant in 'G' Battery, Royal Artillery, stationed in Hamilton. In 1854 flought in the Crimean war, battle of Inkerman, Turkey. On 15/2/1857 in Northampton Baptist Chapel. Graduated as a Veterinary Surgeon in 1864, married Harriet MARSHALL (b 1835 Northamptonshire, d 27/9/1907 Geraldton). Arrived at Hamilton, Ontario Canada military base in Jan 1862. Chicago home destroyed in great fire in Oct 1871. Children:


  1. James Marshall Conway (b 19/4/1858 Hampshire, d 23/8/1859 Kent)

  2. William Thomas Conway (b 21/11/1860 Kent, d 24/9/1862, Canada))

  3. Elizabeth Catherine Conway (b 26/9/1863 Canada, d 18/3/1951 Leederville, Western Australia)

  4. Charles Conway (b 15/1/1867 Chicago, d 15/9/1950 Wagin, W Aust )

  5. John Lincoln Conway (b 30/9/1869, d 1910 )

  6. Robert Rixon Conway (b 12/9/1872 Chicago d 29/1/1945 Queensland )

Patrick and family left for England in 1873 following the Chicago great fire, and then left for Fremantle on 12 /3/1878 aboard ship "Lady Elizabeth with 4 children. Ship sank off Rottnest after 9 years of service on 30/6/1878. Patrick served as a Vet in Geraldton.


Next Generation

Elizabeth Catherine CONWAY (b 26/9/1863 Canada, d 18/3/1951 Leederville, Western Australia) in 1893 in Perth married Robert Mann FONCECA (b 1859, d 1919 Northam). Lived at Lincoln St, Perth. Children:

  1. Charles John Mann Fonceca (b 1895 Katanning) married Alexandra Marie Louise Taylor in 1898. Lived at 231 Adelaide Terrace, Perth in 1936.



info from David Conway

?? CONWAY married ??, children:

  1. Philip Conway

Next Generation

Philip CONWAY married Rosalind ??, children:

  1. David Conway (born 26/10/1966, Madurai, India). Studied at St.Georges Home, Ketti (1974-1982)
    and at St.Patricks School, Adyar, Madras (1982-1985)


info from & Edwin Michael

?? CONWAY married ??, children:

  1. William Conway

Next Generation

William CONWAY married Myrtle REID (born 30/5/1917, d 7/8/1989 Perth). Had two children:

  1. Dorothy Maria Conway (born 12/12/47)

  2. Susan Conway (born 8/1/53.)

Next Generation

Dorothy Maria CONWAY (born 12/1247, New Delhi) married Edwin George MICHAEL (born 16/07/40, Calcutta). children:

  1. Brenda Michael (born 16/11/66 Calcutta), married Wayne Forkin & had two children: Michael born 12/12/95 & Stephanie born 19/8/97

  2. Sharon Michael born 27/1/72 Perth

  3. Steven Michael (born 5/12/73 Perth) married Laureen Selvaratnam & had two children: Elise born 14/5/01 & Christopher born 9/10/02.


info submitted by

?? CONWAY married ??, children:

  1. Clement Conway

Next Generation

Clement CONWAY married Stella GAUGHAN, children:

  1. Albert Victor Conway (b 30/7/1932 d 8/6/1993)

  2. Malcolm Conway,  living in Delhi,

  3. Leslie Conway (deceased) lived in England,

  4. Denzil Conway (deceased) lived in Hubli ,

  5. Pat Conway , living in Sydney

  6. Hazel Conway (deceased) lived in England.

Next Generation

Albert Victor CONWAY (b 30/7/1932) married Mavis Ruth FERNANDEZ at St. Francis Xavier's Church, Bangalore, children:

  1. Fitzgerald Anthony CONWAY (b 11/5/1964)

  2. Conrad John CONWAY (born 11/12/1965, Cox Town, Bangalore)

  3. Louanna Sophia CONWAY (b 25/9/1971, Bangalore)

Hazel CONWAY (deceased) married ??WEST. Lived in England.

Next Generation

Conrad John CONWAY (born 11/12/1965, Cox Town, Bangalore) married Carole FRANCIS at St. Francis Xavier,s church, Bangalore, now in Australia. children:

  1. Tyler Albert CONWAY (b 31/12/1999)

Louanna Sophia CONWAY (b 25/9/1971, Bangalore) married Wayne KEEBLE, now in Australia. children:

  1. Sienna Rose Keeble (born 19 Dec 2005.)


Info submitted by celine fernandez

?? CONWAY married ??, children:

  1. Charles Conway (b ?, expired in the /government Hospital Madras)

Next Generation

Charles CONWAY (expired in the /government Hospital Madras) married Florence RODGERS (b abt 1880's) children:

  1. Louise Conway

  2. Irene Conway

  3. Charles (Sonnah),

  4. Ivy Conway (b 1910)

  5. Cyril Conway

  6. Gladys Conway

  7. Coral Conway

  8. Hyacinth Conway

Next Generation

Ivy CONWAY (b 1910) in 1930 married Percival FERNANDEZ from Rajahmundry India, children:

  1. Denzil Fernandez

  2. Beryl Fernandez

  3. Daphne Fernandez

  4. Celine Fernandez

  5. Rosalind Fernandez

  6. Allwyn Fernandez

  7. Errol Fernandez

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