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Dorothy Marie Therese DESMIER b. 4 Feb 1901 Burma  married Louis Jules Clarence FERNANDEZ on. 8 May 1922 at St Mary's Cathedral, Rangoon, Burma. Now lives in San Francisco USA. The family name was changed from Fernandez to EDWINSON by deed poll in 1949. Dorothy's great grandparent is believed to have married a Miss Roberts who was the daughter of a Dr Roberts and the daughter of the Nizam of Hyderabad. person referred to may be Theophilus Desmier. According to Herman, Dorothy's middle name is Violet. Children:

  1. Ivan Randolph Edwinson b 1924 Burma            

  2. Stella Edwinson b 1926 Burma d 1945 Burma               

  3. Richard Edwinson b 24 Jul 1928 Burma. Also worked in Journalism. Now lives in a suburb of San Francisco, operates a card shop and drives a taxi.               

  4. Edwin Edwinson b 1930 Burma d 1939 Burma               

  5. Louise Edwinson b 1932 Burma,  married Harry Dawson. Louise was a Carmelite nun in Burma but left the order when they would not accept her into the order in England. She later emigrated to USA.               

  6. Lionel Cedric Edwinson b. 18 May1936 in Burma

Next Generation

Ivan Randolph EDWINSON b. 1924 Burma  married Violet Dorothy AITKEN. Now lives in USA, children:

  1. Christine Edwinson 

  2. John Edwinson

  3. Josephine Edwinson

  4. David Edwinson

  5. Stella (twin) Edwinson

  6. Louise (twin) Edwinson

  7. Richard Edwinson         

Louise EDWINSON b 1932 Burma, married Harry DAWSON. Louise was a Carmelite nun in Burma but left the order when they would not accept her into the order in England. She later emigrated to USA. 


Lionel Cedric EDWINSON, b. 18 May1936 in Burma, (son of Louis Jules Clarence Fernandez and Dorothy Marie Therese Desmier) occupation Interior Designer, married Audrey Mae HALL on 30 Sep 1959 in Rangoon, Burma. Emigrated to Perth from Burma 6 October 1964, divorced 1983. Children:

  1. Earle Ryan Edwinson, b. 31 July1960 in Burma, occupation Flight Lieutenant RAAF.

  2. Aurelia Lynn Edwinson b. 2 Sep 1961, occupation Teacher

  3. Lloyd Christian Edwinson, b. 20 Dec 1962 in Burma, occupation Land Developer.

  4. Natalie Kay Edwinson, b. 13 April 1967 in Perth WA, occupation Public Sector Trainer
        (info from Natalie Edwinson  natalieedwinson@iinet.net.au )

Next Generation
Christine EDWINSON  married David McMillan. children.

  1. John McMillan , 

Richard EDWINSON married Phyllis KERNEY, children:

  1. Michael Edwinson

  2. Lorraine Edwinson

  3. Idwyll Edwinson

  4. Glen Edwinson

Aurelia Lynn EDWINSON (b. 2 Sep 1961) on 4 Sep 1982 in Perth WA,married Eric Gavin COLE, Children:

  1. Amberley Lynn Cole, b. 18 Aug 1992 in Perth WA.

  2. Alexandra Paige Cole, b. 3 July 1994.

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