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Francis Rudolph REBEIRO (b 1914 Calcutta) married Sheilagh Emily HOGAN



Francis Joseph REBEIRO married ??, children:

  1. Basil Martin REBEIRO (b 1884, d 1 Sep 1929 Bengal)

Next Generation

Basil Martin REBEIRO (b 1884, d 1 Sep 1929 Bengal) at 23yrs on 5 Nov 1907 in Calcutta married 23yr Helen CHIENE (b 1884, daughter of George Chiene) , children:

  1. George Arnold Rudolph Rebeiro (b 17 Sep 1908 Calcutta)

  2. Denis Eustace Rebeiro (b 6 Oct 1909 Calcutta)

  3. Isabel Rebeiro (b 1924, d 24 Jan 1926 Calcutta)


info from michelle rebeiro

?? REBEIRO married ??, children:

  1. Raymond Rebeiro (b ?)

Next Generation
Raymond REBEIRO in 1978 married Doris WHITEFIELD ( b?), have 2 children

  1. Angelo Rebeiro

  2. Michelle Rebeiro


info from stetson rebeiro

?? REBEIRO married ??, children:

  1. Peter Rebeiro

Next Generation

Peter REBEIRO married Hilda JACOB. Their Children:

  1. Mabel Rebeiro,

  2. Bernard ,Rebeiro

  3. Birdie Rebeiro,

  4. Horace Rebeiro

  5. Leslie Rebeiro.

Next Generation

Horace REBEIRO married Marjorie TURNER on 31/12/1958 Their children:

  1. SABRINA Rebeiro , (B1959, Bousavel. D 1977)

  2. SHARON Rebeiro , (B 1961, Igathpuri)

  3. SHAYNE Rebeiro , (B 1965, Igathpuri)

  4. STETSON Rebeiro . (B 1972, Hubli)

Next Generation

SHARON REBEIRO , (B1961, Igathpuri.) married Michael CHAMBERS .


SHAYNE REBEIRO  (B1965, Igathpuri. ) married Michelle ARNOLD, children:

  1. Sabrina Arnold (B1990, HUBLI)

  2. Simone Arnold (B1998, Hubli)

STETSON REBEIRO . (B1972, Hubli. ) married Lorraine ARNOLD, Their Child:

  1. Gareth Rebeiro (B2003, Hubli)



info from Vivian Lawless  

?? REBEIRO married ??, children:

  1. M Rebeiro

Next Generation

M REBEIRO married Anna JASMY born 1892. children.

  1. Allen Rebeiro

  2. Oswald Rebeiro

  3. Edward Rebeiro (last known place of residence -Calcutta)

Next Generation

Allen Rebeiro married Dolly Granger


Oswald Rebeiro married Mabel Taylor



info from Errol Clement Rebeiro & "Pinto, Conchita" <>

?? REBEIRO married ??, children:

  1. Edward Clement Rebeiro

Next Generation

Edward Clement REBEIRO (b 1921) married Barbara TAYLOR, children:

  1. Errol Clement Rebeiro (b1964   Karachi Pakistan)

  2. Conchita Angela Rebeiro (b1968 Karachi Pakistan)

Next Generation

Errol Clement REBEIRO (b1964   Karachi Pakistan) married Valerie SCHROEDER  (b1965 Karachi Pakistan, D/o Fredrick Schroeder), children:

  1. Blake Enrique Luke Rebeiro     B1992

  2. Esmeralda Veronica Rebeiro    B1994

  3. Keenan Elliott Andrew Rebeiro B2001

Conchita Angela REBEIRO (b1964 Karachi Pakistan) married Jacques Anthony PINTO (b1965 Karachi Pakistan, S/o James Pinto), children:

  1. Jonathan Christopher Pinto B1991

  2. Jason Errol Michael Pinto B1993

  3. Jolene Louise Mary Pinto B1997

  4. Caitlyn Claudette Mary Pinto B 2008


info from Wayne David  Chester Rebeiro

?? REBEIRO married ??, children:

  1. Bernard Oscar Rebeiro

Next Generation

Bernard Oscar REBEIRO married Myrtle FERNANDEZ, Children:

  1. Mervyn Rebeiro

  2. Avril Rebeiro

  3. Glynn Rebeiro

  4. Vivian Rebeiro

Next Generation

Mervyn Rebeiro married Dean FERNANDEZ,  children -

  1. Chester Dominic Rebeiro

  2. Basil Oscar Rebeiro

Avril Rebeiro married Eric DAVID ,  children -

  1. Michelle Valary David married Randall Carter

  2. Wayne John David

Glynn Rebeiro married Juanita VAZ,    children -

  1. Beverly Christina Rebeiro

  2. Fabian Savio Rebeiro

Vivian Rebeiro married Heather FERNANDESchildren -

  1. Conrad Victor Rebeiro

  2. Honerine Jennifer Rebeiro

Next Generation

Beverly Christina REBEIRO married Douglas ROSARIO



info from

?? REBEIRO married ??, children:

  1. Janet REBEIRO (b1954, Ripon Lane, Calcutta)

Next Generation

Janet REBEIRO (b1954, Ripon Lane, Calcutta) married Desmond MURRAY (b1949 Bhojudih, India, living in England since 1961),, children:



?? REBEIRO married ??, children:

  1. George REBEIRO (b 1959 Tiruchinopoly)

Next Generation

George REBEIRO (b 1959 Tiruchinopoly) married Deborrah RODRIGUES, children:

  1. Dominic Rebeiro (b 1994)

  2. Gary Rebeiro (b 1995)


?? REBEIRO married ??, children:

  1. Karen REBEIRO

Next Generation

Karen REBEIRO married  Stafford PETERSON, child: 

  1. Henrietta PETERSON (b 1997 ?)


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