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info from Christopher Venning <>

?? VANSPALL married ??, children:

  1. Gladys Ernestin(e) VANSPALL

Next Generation

Gladys Ernestin(e) VANSPALL on 11/02/1902 in Calcutta (St Andrews Church) married David Richard GELLATLY (b. 1865 Forfar, Scotland). Children:

  1. Jessie Gellatly

  2. Angus Gellatly

  3. Twin of Angus

  4. Alan Gellatly

  5. Keith Gellatly (b. 1910 Calcutta)


info from

I am Roystone C.G. Fernandez. I am writing to your regarding the Vanspall family tree. My late Grand Father Mr. Cyril Anthony Godfrey Fernandez had this letter in his possession. He was from Telicherry(Near a Convent) in Kerala, India. This letter was given to him by his Grandfather. I hope to find out more about my family history. I hope that this would help you to help me out. Yours Sincerely, Roystone Fernandez.


G C VANSPALL, Criminal and Law Agent of North Malibar, Telicherry married ?, children:

  1. William Vanspall

  2. Thomas Vanspall

  3. Fredrick Vanspall

  4. John Vanspall

  5. Arthur E Vanspall

  6. Charlotte C Vanspall

  7. W E Vanspall


info from records of Church of the Latter Day Saints


George Charles VANSPALL married Amelia ?, children:

  1. George Albert Vanspall

  2. Henry William Vanspall

  3. Jane Charlotte Vanspall

  4. Sophia Elizabeth Vanspall

  5. Raymond Eugene Louis Vanspall

  6. Joseph Adolphus Vanspall






info from

?? VAN SPALL married ??, children:

  1. Joseph William Van Spall ((b ?, d 13th Nov 1964 Madras)

Next Generation

Joseph William (sonny) VAN SPALL (Railway station manager or superintendant. (b ? d13th Nov 1964 in madras where they lived) married Edith Bernadette ?? (b 13/7/1889, d 18/8/1962 Madras) . They had 3 daughters,

  1. Helga Vanspall.

  2. Enid Vanspall

  3. Fay Vanspall.


Update from


?? VAN SPALL married ??, children:

  1. Peter Van Spall (born ?)

Next Generation

Peter VAN SPALL  married Deborah RADEMAKER, Children:

  1. John Lambertus VAN SPALL

  2. Francis Christian VAN SPALL

  3. Cornelisz VAN SPALL

  4. Maria Alletta VAN SPALL

  5. Peter VAN SPALL

  6. Petronella Deborah VAN SPALL

 Next Generation

John Lambertus VAN SPALL (1748-1816) married Maria Margareth Dirksz Beck (not sure about his wifes surname) (1753-177?) Children:

  1. Aletta Deborah VAN SPALL 

  2. Johanna Maria VAN SPALL

  3. Hens Rademaker VAN SPALL

  4. Petronella Margerita VAN SPALL

  5. J.L Cornelisz VAN SPALL

  6. Peter Cornelisz VAN SPALL

  7. Anna Henrietta VAN SPALL

  8. William Mathorst VAN SPALL

  9. Johanna Wilhelmina VAN SPALL

  10. Francis Christian VAN SPALL

  11. Harold Henrick VAN SPALL

  12. Cornelia Carlotta VAN SPALL

Cornelisz VAN SPALL married ??, Children:

  1. Maria Theodore Deborah Elizabeth VAN SPALL

  2. Peter John Andrew VAN SPALL

Peter VAN SPALL married ??, Children:

  1. Simon Deidrick VAN SPALL

  2. Peter Gozenson VAN SPALL

  3. Johannus Carolus VAN SPALL

  4. William VAN SPALL (not sure about his name, hard to read on the family tree)

  5. Johannus Marinus VAN SPALL

  6. James Rademaker VAN  SPALL


info from Charlotte Van Spall

?? VAN SPALL married ??, children:

  1. Charles Harold Van Spall (born 8th june 1914, India; died in Halifax, WY, England in 1970), Married 3 times (5 Sons and 2 daughters)

  2. Alfred Van Spall

  3. ?? Van Spall (sister)

Next Generation
Charles Harold Van Spall (born 8th june 1914, India; died in Halifax, WY, England in 1970) married Launa ?? of Indian origin


Charles Harold Van Spall (born 8th june 1914, India; died in Halifax, WY, England in 1970) married  ??, children:

  1. Patrina Van Spall married David Slater

  2. Sandra Van Spall (2nd marriage)

  3. Son ?? (2nd marriage)

Charles Harold Van Spall (born 8th june 1914, India; died in Halifax, WY, England in 1970) married Elfrieda E. Ashman of Austrian Origin, children:

  1. Trevor Van Spall (born 22nd July 1953 from 3rd marriage)

  2. Peter Van Spall (born 1957 (?); died 1957-58)(3rd marriage)

  3. Adrian Van Spall (born 8th July 1959)(3rd marriage)

  4. Trevor Van Spall (born 22nd July 1953) from 3rd marriage, married Jane Mahoney (divorced),1 Son: Sasha Van Spall (born 3rd january 1980)

Next Generation

Adrian Van Spall (born 8th july 1959,  from 3rd marriage) married Patricia Lister (divorced),1 daughter:

  1. Heather Van Spall (born 9th july 1982)

Adrian Van Spall (born 8th july 1959,  from 3rd marriage) married Lynne Severy-Pallatina, 2 daughters:

  1. Charlotte Van Spall (born 8th june 1991)

  2. Francesca Van Spall (born 28th april 1994)


info from Philip Monk

In my family tree I have Peter Gozenom Vanspall of the Netherlands around 1800 who went to India. His second daughter was Emilia Vanspall.  She married my great-great-great Grandad who was Edwin James Mackay.  I think Edwin was something to do with the Dutch East India Company. Edwin and Emelia had a son called Edward Neville Mackay who was born in 1852 and through this line I exist! Philip Monk


?? VAN SPALL married ??, children:

  1. Emilia Van Spall

Next Generation

Emilia VANSPALL married Edwin James MacKAY, children:

  1. Edward Neville MacKay (b 1852)


info from Bernard Vanspall . Looking for info on Charles Vanspall  and  Stanley Vanspall

?? VAN SPALL married ??, children:

  1. Jan Lambaretus Vanspall

Next Generation

Jan Lambaretus VANSPALL (last Dutch Govenor of Cochin  1793--1795) married ??, children:

  1. ? Vanspall

Next Generation
? VANSPALL married ??, children:

  1. Charles Henry Vanspall (born 1860, died 1940 at Erode, South India)

Next Generation

Charles Henry Vanspall, Post Master General (born 1860, died 1940, Erode, South India) married Harriet ?? (born 19/6/1881,died  4/11/1918), children:

  1. Stanley Vanspall  (born  22/8/1898)

Next Generation
Stanley Vanspall,  Special grade Guard (born  22/8/1898, special grade guard) married Margaret ??, children:

  1. Valentine Vanspall   born 10/2/1950

  2. Bernard Vanspall  born 14/8/1952

Next Generation
Valentine Vanspall   (born 10/2/1950) married Merlin ??, children:

  1. Urusula  Vanspall

  2. Elvis Vanspall

Bernard Vanspall  (born 14/8/1952) married Bernardine ??, children:

  1. Natalie Vanspall

  2. Lynn Vanspall

  3. Bertrand vanspall

Next Generation
Natalie Vanspall married Adrian Letoille, 1 child:

  1. Alanis

Lynn Vanspall married Rohit D'souza, children:

  1. Scaralette Simone D'souza

  2. Brooke D'souza

Bertrand Vanspall married Roxanne NORONHA


info supplied by Tina Vanspall

?? VAN SPALL married ??, children:

  1. John Vanspall

Next Generation

John VANSPALL of Madras married Monica BROWN from Delhi, children :   

  1. Tina Vanspall


info from  

? VANSPALL married ? , children :

  1. Sebastian Vanspall (b ?)

Next Generation

Sebastian Vanspall of Hubli married Eunice ?. Children:

  1. Mellie Vanspall

  2. Ashley Vanspall

  3. Oswald Vanspall

  4. Renza Barbara Vanspall

Next Generation

Mellie Vanspall married Gertrude ? (Hubli). No children.


Renza Vanspall married Cecil FERNANDEZ (born in Madras and a guard in Guntikal). Children

  1. Nadine Fernandez (married Denzil Joseph Paris from Villupuram). Children - Cecila Wood (Australia), Renza, Marissa, Oslyn (Australia), Gertrude and Maxwell Mario.

  2. Lyra Fernandez (married Babalola from Nigeria). Children - John, Philip, Mary, Ruth and Joshua.


info from Noel Vanspall ( )

?? VAN SPALL married ??, children:

  1. Noel Phillip Vanspall

Next Generation

Noel Phillip VANSPALL (studied at St. Marys and at Loyola College, Madras) married Renate  MIKOVITS (of Austria), now living in Australia , children:

  1. Andrew Vanspall

  2. Martina Vanspall


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