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Feliciouz is the anglicized form of Felicio.  The Felicio family came from Algravia which is on St. Michael's Island in Portugal. The Portuguese ancester who reached  Cochin, India (some where in the later part of 1700's) married into an Anglo- Indian family of Irish origin hence the surname Clements-Feliciouz (Felicio was Anglicized). The Clements part of the  family were of Irish origin, hence Felicio was made Feliciouz.  The Portuguese  ancestor's (name not known) son was James (Diago) Clements- Feliciouz the father of John Clements-Feliciouz who married Eliza  Fernandez from Tangesseri, Quilon (daughter of John and Francesca Fernandez). Kindly add this information this was given to me by an  aunt who has it all written. Thank You. George Feliciouz. Further information and photos can be viewed at http://feliciouztangy.tribalpages.com/


John Clements-Feliciouz married Eliza Fernandez and had three children:

  1. James Clements-Feliciouz (1880-1923)

  2. George Clements-Feliciouz(1885-1970)

  3. Steven Clements-Feliciouz(1890-date unknown) Unmarried

Next Generation  

James Clements-Feliciouz married Gregoria Gosmeo, Children.

  1. Pauline Edwina Clements-Feliciouz (Minnie)

  2. Alice Clements-Feliciouz

  3. Ernest Clements-Feliciouz (1910) did not marry.

George Clements-Feliciouz married Josephine Fernandez ( first marriage) c.1928, Children from this marriage only one son.

  1. Malcolm Romance Feliciouz (28-02-1929)

NB. The family had by now migrated to Bombay and were residing at Clare Road, Byculla. Malcolm was baptised at The Church of St. Anne, Mazagon, Bombay-10 on the 17th of March 1929 (Reg no.2045). His mother Josephine died when he was just 10 days old, 10th of March 1929. George Clements-Feliciouz, a qualified pharmacist, went to Burma where his uncle was a doctor at the end of 1929. The name of the uncle is not known. There he married a  burmese (second marriage).

George Clements-Feliciouz (b ?, d 13th February 1970) married ?? a Burmese lady (name not known) place could be Thaketa, Rangoon, Burma. Their daughter is:

  1. Collette Feliciouz.

His burmese wife died, so George spend his last days at a poor home. Collette first stayed with a family by the surname Crampton, then with George Paul's family then  with a D'Castro family. George Clements-Feliciouz died on the 13th February 1970. The above mentioned families may have been Anglo-Burmese Families. After her father's death Collette lived with her mother's sister in Thaketa.

 (From this onwards generation the Clements part of the Surname was dropped)


Next Generation

Pauline Feliciouz married Thomas Victor Fernandez (Uncle Archie) (brother of Josephine, Paulines uncle George's wife) (Uncle Archie is buried at Bombay, aunty Pauline (Minnie) d USA, Danbury, CT Jan 19, 2000), children.

  1. Desmond Paul Fernandez (b Nov 15th 1930, d 2008 USA, August 14, 2008 in his home in Danbury, CT) married Barbara Joyce Rosario (USA)

  2. Maureen Teresa Fernandez (May 1st 1934) married Josef Aigner (UK)

  3. Deryck Clement Fernandez (Oct 29th 1938, d at Sea) married Dorothy Manning-Barklett.

  4. Ivor Benedict Fernandez (Nov 8th 1940, d November 19, 2002 in Danbury, CT) did not marry.

  5. Daphne Ruphina Fernandez (Jul 10th 1943) married to first- Chapman and second- Emmanuelle.(USA)

Alice Feliciouz married Martin Vaguez (both are no more Buried at Madras), children.

  1. Mavin Vaguez married Averil Cunningham. (Australia)

  2. Noel Vaguez married   Cheryl Wooleridge. (Madurai)

  3. Osburn Vaguez  did not marry.(Died buried in Madras)

  4. Philyy Vaguez married Terrry Tobitt (Australia)

  5. Quennie Vaguez married Bazil Tully (Australia)

  6. Richard Vaguez married Margery Leecock.(Australia)   

Malcolm Romance Feliciouz (b1929, Bombay) married Yvonne Ann Ambrose (26th July 1944 Cannanore, Allepey in Kerala) on the 16th of May 1968.children.

  1. Edward Antony Keith Feliciouz (b 1970, Cannanore, Kerala) married Prudence Maria Freeman (4th May 1979,Erode), at Madurai on the 5th of May 2006.

  2. George Raphal Feliciouz (b 1972, Cannanore in Kerala)- He is studying for the priesthood for the Diocese of Kannur (Cannanore).

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