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? CARROLL married ?, children:

  1. James Carroll

Next Generation

James Henry CARROLL married Caroline Emma ?, children:

  1. Agnes Carroll (b 30 Nov 1853 Madras)

  2. Lucy Florence Carroll (b 19 Sep 1862 Colaba)

  3. Herbert James Carroll (b 15 Aug 1865 Poona)

  4. Florence Laura Carroll (b 13 Jun 1869 Peshawar)

  5. Edith Lilly Carroll (b 29 Oct 1871 Rawalpindi)

  6. Francis Edgar Carroll (b 18 Dec 1873 Lahore)

  7. Algernan James Montagu Carroll (b 25 Mar 1878 Secunderabad)

  8. Charles Herbert Carroll (b 18 Oct 1879 Coonoor)


Next Generation

Agnes CARROLL (b 30 Nov 1853 Madras) at 17yrs on 6 Oct 1871 in Bangalore married 28yr Robert BERTON (b 1843 son of John Berton)



info from . I am looking to trace my maternal ancestry. Unfortunately I lost my mother in 1981 when I was 8 yrs old only. I am now in touch with her only surviving sister and longing to trace my roots. All I have to go on is my grand father's name EDWARD LEONARD CARROLL. He was from Whitfield in Bangalore but moved to Jamshedpur. I'm assuming he is buried in Bistapur. Any information would be much much appreciated.


? CARROLL married ?, children:

  1. Thomas Carroll

Next Generation

Thomas CARROLL married Emma GUNTHER, children:

  1. Edward Leonard CARROLL (b 25 Sept 1894, d Dec 1966)

Next Generation.

Edward Leonard CARROLL (b 25 Sept 1894, d Dec 1966) married ??, children:

  1. ?? Carroll

Next Generation

?? CARROLL married ?? , children:

  1. Belinda Carroll


info from Christine D'Souza


?? CARROLL married ?? Children:

  1. Thomas Arthur Carroll

Next Generation.

Thomas Arthur CARROLL married Elizabeth Anne HAMILTON, Children:

  1. Arthur Thomas Carroll (b September 23, 1893)

(Later, Elizabeth Anne HAMILTON (Carroll) (2nd marriage) to Alfred James D'SOUZA . Children: Alfred Hamilton D'Souza born: February 27, 1900, Henry Hamilton D'Souza born: July 21, 1903 , Ronald Hamilton D'Souza born: November 16, 1905 (d: November 4, 1906)


Next Generation.

Arthur Thomas CARROLL (b Sept 23, 1893) married Charlotte Alexandra Jane WILKINS (Lahore) Children:

  1. Eileen Carroll

  2. Jean Carroll ,

  3. Patrick Carroll ,

  4. Andrew Carroll (?)



info from
O'CARROLL left Cork, Ireland for India during Potato Famine circa 1845

?? CARROLL married ??, children:

  1. Charles Robert Carroll (b ?)

Next Generation
Dr Charles Robert CARROLL. Colonel and Doctor in Indian Army and Founder of a Chennai Gynae/Maternity Hospital. Retired to Coonoor in Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu. died circa 1836 ? married Jeanette KINSLEY, died 1910, 4 children see below:

  1. Charles Kinsley CARROLL

  2. ?? Twin Boy 1 Carroll (some descendants believed to be in Nilgiri Hills, India)

  3. ?? Twin Boy 2 Carroll

  4. Daughter ?? Carroll

Dr Charles Robert CARROLL. Colonel and Doctor in Indian Army and Founder of a Chennai Gynae/Maternity Hospital. Retired to Coonoor in Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu. died circa 1836 ? married (his 2nd marriage) Charlotte Harriet MERLIN, died 14 June 1930 aged 68 and buried All Saints Church, Coonoor, Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu, no children but step-mother to the 4 below

Next Generation

Dr Charles Kinsley CARROLL, left India circa 1914 to attend Edinburgh Medical School, became GP in London, married Mary Ann ?? and had 3 children, never returned to India, died 1950 in London.

  1. ?

  2. ?

  3. ?

Next Generation


info from JANE PEACOCK

?? CARROLL married ??, children:

  1. Maryanne Carroll

Next Generation

Maryanne CARROLL, married Vivian Basil PEACOCK,  children :

  1. Sharlene PEACOCK

  2. Arlene PEACOCK

  3. Shane PEACOCK

  4. Jane PEACOCK


info from Gladys Anthony Gladys Anthony would like some information from anyone who knew Ruby Carroll (nee Nailer), who lived in Bhusawa. Her sisters names were MAY, and IVY (my mother), and her brothers were ARNOLD, and JOE.  Her parents names were HENRY and FLORENCE NAILER.

?? CARROLL married ??, children:

  1. ?? Carroll

Next Generation

Arthur William CARROLL on 10 Jul 1929 at 34yrs in Calcutta married 18yr Ruby Dorothy Andrea NAILER (b 1911 daughter of Harry Nailer), children:

  1. Joyce Theresa Carroll (b 26 Jan 1933 Bhusaval)

  2. Iswin Joseph Carroll (b 20 Jun 1934 Bhusaval)


info from Gordon Burke My name is Gordon Burke and I am interested in finding information about my Aunt Phyllis.
She was the sister of Nellie Burke (nee Carrol) and her last known address was in Delhi. If you know any information about my Aunt please contact me on



?? CARROLL married ??, children:

  1. Sarah CARROLL

Next Generation

Sarah CARROLL married CHARLES MCDERMOTT (date of birth: c 1868. date of death: OCCUPATION: STATION MASTER; DENOMINATION: C OF E) on 30 JUN 1917 at THAZI, BURMA; ; Only recorded child of Charles McDERMOTT: 

  1. IDA MCDERMOTT born in THAZI, INDIA, c 1900; married Ernest CORNELIUS on 30 MAY 1917 at ST MARYS R.C. RANGOON; DENOMINATION: R.C;


Info supplied by Ernest Cocker

Margaret CARROLL married Abraham COCKER (born 30/12/1854, Two Car Crompton, Lancashire) children:

  1. James Cocker (born 4/12/1886,Trimulgherry, Secunderabad, India)

  2. Edward Cocker, born 23rd August 1892 in Coonoor, India?

  3. George Cocker (born20/8/1899,Perambur,Madras,India)

  4. Alice Cocker (born unknown), India,

  5. Ethel Cocker (born unkown), India,

  6. Gertrude Cocker (born unkown) ,India, children; Egdar, Ernest, George, Doris, Barbara


info from
?? CARROLL married ??, children:

  1. Lita Carroll (born 1944 CKP)

Next Generation

Lita CARROLL married Derek ROBERTSON (born Bilaspur 1942), children:

  1. Linda ROBERTSON (born 1969, Calcutta, India)


?? CARROLL married ??, children:

  1. Terence George CARROLL

Next Generation

Terence George CARROLL married Cynthia VANJOUR, children:

  1. Marian Carroll                

Marian CARROLL of Kharagpur, West Bengal married Peter Mathew DeCRUZE (born30 may 1955), children:

  1. Reuben Michael DeCruze

  2. Rebecca Marian DeCruze


info supplied by Merle CARROLL (nee STOPFORD)

?? CARROLL married ??, children:

  1. James CARROLL

Next Generation

James CARROLL married ???: son- 

  1. Thomas CARROLL

Next Generation

Thomas CARROLL married Mary QUICKLEY

  1. William Patrick CARROLL (17/3/1918)

(below info supplied by Hugh PORTER )

Thomas CARROLL married Mary DONAHOUGHUE (2nd wife), children:

  1. Terence CARROLL

  2. Frederick Charles CARROLL

  3. Thomas CARROLL

  4. Gertrude CARROLL

Next Generation

William Patrick CARROLL married Winifred Elizabeth MACBETH (29/1/1882): 

  1. Carl Ernest CARROLL

Frederick Charles CARROLL married Agnes Millicent deSANTOS (3 June 1903), children:

  1. Albert CARROLL

  2. Theresa CARROLL

  3. Monica CARROLL

  4. Bunny CARROLL

  5. Mary Rose CARROLL

  6. Geraldine CARROLL

Next Generation

Carl Ernest CARROLL married Merlyn Alice Sheila STOPFORD (9/4/1920):

  1. Joseph

  2. Floyd

  3. Margaret

  4. Wendy

  5. Loretta

  6. Donford

  7. Elizabeth

  8. Henslee

  9. Euan

  10. Eugene

  (info from Margaret )

Mary Rose Lillian CARROLL married Angus Hugh PORTER , children:

  1. Hugh

  2. Victoria

  3. Francis

  4. Michael

  5. Christopher

(above info supplied by Hugh PORTER )


Next Generation

Floyd CARROLL married Cathy PRITCHARD

  1. Dennis Bosco Carroll 

  2. Carl Carroll 

  3. Llewellyn Carroll (deceased)

Margaret CARROLL married Derrick JUDE, children;

  1. Venetia Jude (b 1974) married George Beever, children; Jasmine Beever (b 2005)

  2. Dwayne Jude (b 1981)

    (info from venetia beever )

Loretta M CARROLL married Graydon P ROSS

  1. Peter Ross

Elizabeth CARROLL married Leslie A FONCECA

  1. Zena

  2. Shereen

  3. Jacqueline

  4. Gerard

  5. Rebecca

  6. Nicholas

Henslee G CARROLL married Shereen Teresa ?


Next Generation

Denis B CARROLL (son of Floyd) married Jacqueline C FONCECA

  1. Joshua

  2. Ashley

  3. Katelyn


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