CURTIS Family Tree

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?? CURTIS married ??, children:

  1. John Nicholas Curtis

Next Generation

John Nicholas CURTIS married ?, children:

  1. Matthew Alexander Curtis (b 1912)

Next Generation

Matthew Alexander CURTIS (b 1912) at 30yrs on 8 Apr 1942 in Bombay married 20yr Daphne Frances FANDERLINDEN (b 1922 daughter of William Patrick Fanderlinden)



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?? CURTIS married ??, children:

  1. Glenda Curtis (studied at Sacred Heart Convent, Hubli 1950's)

Next Generation

Glenda CURTIS (studied at Sacred Heart Convent, Hubli 1950's) married Norman David FERNANDEZ of Hubli, now living in Brisbane, children:

  1. Dean Fernandez (Studied in St. Mary's School, Hubli and La Martinere College, Lucknow - now living in Canberra, Australia)

  2. Deanna Fernandez (Studied in Sacred Heart Convent, Hubli.  Completed University at the Women's College, Hubli and QUT Brisbane - now living in Brisbane, Australia.

  3. Kerwin Fernandez (Studied in St. Mary's School, Hubli.  Completed university at JGCC, Hubli and Post Graduation at Shivaji University, Kholapur - now living in Brisbane, Australia)

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