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?? PEACOCK married ??, children:
  1. Kenneth Vernon Peacock

Next Generation

Kenneth Vernon Peacock married Marlene Teresa Bulloch, Children:

  1. Roger Peacock (Deceased)
  2. Neil Gerard Peacock
  3. Christine Anne Peacock


info from JANE PEACOCK

?? PEACOCK married ??, children:

  1. Vivian Basil Peacock

Next Generation

Vivian Basil PEACOCK married Maryanne CARROLL, children :

  1. Sharlene PEACOCK
  2. Arlene PEACOCK
  3. Shane PEACOCK
  4. Jane PEACOCK


info from Dale Peacock &

?? PEACOCK married ??, children:

  1. Earl Peacock

Next Generation

Earl PEACOCK (Late) married Yvonne ??, Children:

  1. Barry Peacock (b Bangalore)
  2. Loraine Peacock (b Bangalore)
  3. Dale Peacock (b Bangalore)
  4. June Peacock (b Bangalore)
  5. Geoffrey Peacock (b Bangalore)

Next Generation

Barry Peacock married Olive VYEIRA,  Children:

  1. Clinton Peacock
  2. Nicola Peacock

Loraine Peacock married Reginald HEALY, Children:  

  1. Samuel Healy
  2. Jason Healy

Dale PEACOCK married Patricia FERNANDEZ, Children:

  1. Candice Peacock
  2. Samantha Peacock

June PEACOCK married Robert DAVID, Children:  

  1. Rhea David
  2. Natasha David

Geoffrey PEACOCK married Vanessa FERNANDES, Children:  

  1. Dylan Peacock
  2. Sean Peacock


info from Jeff Conquest

?? PEACOCK married ??, children:

  1. Mercy Peacock

Next Generation

Mercy PEACOCK married Arthur FAIRMAN ( b ?, d 1926 Bangalore), 11 children:

  1. Kate Fairman
  2. Noel Fairman
  3. Rocky Fairman


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Douglas Colin Mervyn PEACOCK ( born 1921, India, studied at St. Xavier's College, Calcutta, d 17/1/1997 Bombay) married Cathleen BARTLETT, children:

  1. Edward Peacock
  2. Heather Peacock
  3. Shirley Peacock.


info from Graydon Halge,  3500 Glen Erin Drive, #23, Mississauga, Ont L5L 1W6, Canada . Tel. 905 607 4937

 Esther Therasa PEACOCK married Desmond Wilfred HALGE , children :

  1. Graydon HALGE (born 1954)
  2. Amanda HALGE
  3. Melanie HALGE

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