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info from Alison Wallwork

?? BARTLETT married ??, children:

  1. Eleanor Charlotte BARTLET

Next Generation

Eleanor Charlotte BARTLETT married John Squire Wallwork Jnr (1879-??), Children:

  1. George Wallwork (1919-1968)

  2. Edgar Wallwork

  3. Margaret Wallwork

  4. Amy Wallwork

  5. Nellie Wallwork


info from Bartlett

?? BARTLETT married ??, children:

  1. Cecil George Bartlett (born in March 1944)

Next Generation
Cecil George BARTLETT (born in March 1944.Came to England in 1963 attended St Anthonys school Lawrence road Lahore)  married Mary Bridget Reville from Ireland in August 1975. two Children:

  1. Michael Bartlett (born 1976)

  2. Michelle Bartlett (born 1981)


info courtesy of

?? BARTLETT married ??, children:

  1. Cathleen Bartlett

Next Generation

Cathleen BARTLETT married Douglas Colin Mervyn PEACOCK (born 1921, India, studied at St. Xavier's College, Calcutta, d 17/1/1997 Bombay)  children:

  1. Edward Peacock

  2. Heather Peacock

  3. Shirley Peacock.


info from 

?? BARTLETT married ??, children:

  1. Jessie Maria Bartlett

Next Generation

Jessie Maria BARTLETT married Henry George LEICESTER on 7/4/1838, Calcutta, INDIA. Children: (Known)

  1. James Everard LEICESTER (b. 9/9/1844 Comillah, Tipperah, E. BENGAL)


info from Margaret Bartlett

? BARTLETT married Margaret WEBB


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