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info from debra.beale@blueyonder.co.uk

?? BURBY married ??, children:

  1. Mary Burby

Next Generation

Mary BURBY married William George BEALE (B.1799?). William I believe was a Judge. Children:

  1. William George BEALE (B.1836) Married Anne Sarah EVERETT (1) Married (2) Beatrice LA FRENAIS who apparently was a widow.

  2. Thomas Charles Beale married Josephine LLOYD—sons Joseph, Linus, Daniel and Ernest
    Children Marriage (1)
    Mary Evelyn
    Frederick Charles b. 1870
    Robert Alexander


?? BURBY married Lavonne FERNANDEZ, children:

  1. David Burby

  2. Alison Burby


info from Suzanne Burby steffiburby@yahoo.co.uk

?? BURBY married ??, children:

  1. Stafford Anthony Burby

Next Generation
Stafford Anthony BURBY on 16/16/1999, married Suzanne Mary HART (B1972). This family is currently in Melbourne, Australia.,   Children: 

  1. Saasha Marieta Burby B2000, 
  2. Sethh Sebastian Burby B2005.


info available from N Burby styver82@aol.com

?? BURBY married Sally WOODMAN

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