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?? BURBY married ??, children:

  1. George Burby

Next Generation

George BURBY married Charity Christiana Grace ? (b 1801 d 5 Dec 1874 Trivandrum, age 73), children:

  1. Daniel Burby (b 14 Oct 1827 Quilon)

  2. Joseph Burby (b 29 May 1831 Quilon)

  3. David Burby (b 24 May 1834 Quilon)

  4. Joanna Charity Burby (b 23 Jun 1835 Quilon)



?? BURBY married ??, children:

  1. Daniel Burby

Next Generation

Daniel BURBY married Ann ?, children:

  1. George James Burby (b 8 Feb 1821 Quilon, Madras)

  2. James Alexander Burby (b 1824)

Next Generation

George James BURBY (b 8 Feb 1821 Quilon, Madras) at 29yrs on 16 Feb 1849 in Madura married 20yr Antoinette HEINTZIES (b 1829 daughter of John Heintzies), children:

  1. Edmund George Burby (b 19 Mar 1850 Madurai)

  2. Arthur Henry Burby (b 4 May 1852 Madurai)

James Alexander BURBY (b 1824) at 23yrs on 25 May 1847 in Madras married 28yr Rebecca BURBY (b 1819 daughter of George Burby)


Next Generation

Edmund George BURBY (b 19 Mar 1850 Madurai) at 34yrs on 19 Jan 1887 in Madras married 20yr Esther Donella SIMOENS (b 1867 daughter of Robert Hastings Simoens)


Edmund George BURBY (b 19 Mar 1850 Madurai) widowed at 47yrs on 27 Sep 1899 at St Thome, Madras married 33yr widow Louisa Van Deerlin PRAGER (nee Barren. b 1866 daughter of Alexander Barren)



info from debra.beale@blueyonder.co.uk

?? BURBY married ??, children:

  1. Mary Elizabeth Burby

Next Generation

Mary Elizabeth BURBY on 9 Feb 1836 in Quilon married William George BEALE (b 1799, d 8 May 1885 Trivandrum). William I believe was a Judge. Children:

  1. Edward Benjamin Samuel Beale (b 28 Jul 1838 Quilon)

  2. Jane Mary Beale (b 20 Oct 1842 Alleppey)

  3. David Beale (b 16 Oct 1844 Quilon, d 2 Mar 1856 Ootacamund age 11)

  4. Elizabeth Mary Beale (b 29 Oct 1846 Quilon)

  5. Maria Elizabeth Beale (b 1851) at 15yrs on 16 Apr 1866 in Quilon married Stephen Benjamin SAWYER (b 1841, son of Manuel Sawyer)


Joseph BURBY married ?, children:

  1. Letty Beatrix Burby (b 1875)

Next Generation

Letty Beatrix BURBY (b 1875) at 39yrs on 20 Apr 1914 in Podanur married 34yr Charles James BIRD (b 25 Sept 1880, son of George Bird)



?? BURBY married Lavonne FERNANDEZ, children:

  1. David Burby

  2. Alison Burby


info from Suzanne Burby steffiburby@yahoo.co.uk

?? BURBY married ??, children:

  1. Stafford Anthony Burby

Next Generation
Stafford Anthony BURBY on 16/16/1999, married Suzanne Mary HART (B1972). This family is currently in Melbourne, Australia.,   Children: 

  1. Saasha Marieta Burby B2000, 

  2. Sethh Sebastian Burby B2005.


info available from N Burby styver82@aol.com

?? BURBY married Sally WOODMAN


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