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info from natasha johnbeale4005@yahoo.com

?? HART married ??, children:

  1. Philip Hart

Next Generation:

Philip HART married Maureen TANNEN, children:

  1. yvonne hart

  2. tyrone hart

  3. keith hart (b ? d ?)

  4. christine hart (b ? d ?)

  5. bernadine hart

  6. caroline hart (b ? d ?)

Next Generation:

Yvonne HART married Melvin JAMES, children:

  1. fenella james,

  2. crystal james

Tyrone HART married Ann ??, children:

  1. nikitha hart,

  2. amanda hart,

  3. andrea hart,

Bernadine HART married Richard NEWCASTLE, children:

  1. tarina newcastle,

  2. natasha newcastle,


info from Cheryl-Ann Shivan cherylshivan@gmail.com

?? HART married ??, children:

  1. Daryl Hart

Next Generation:
Daryl HART married Helen FOOTE, childen:

  1. Rachael Hart

  2. Lorraine Hart


Info supplied by Maria Hendricks  hendricm@bupa-intl.com  hendricm@hotmail.com

?? HART married ??, children:

  1. Lyn Hart

Next Generation

Marie Hendricks (passed away in June 1992) married Lyn HART - six children.  

  1.  ?


?? HART married ??, children:

  1. William Hart born circa 1767

Next Generation

William HART; born circa 1767; married Camilla Porterfield PATERSON, daughter of Thomas Paterson and Ann PORTERFIELD, 1804; died 22 Jun 1843 at Barham House, East Hoathley, Sussex, England. Children:

  1. Thomas Frederick HART, born Jul 1805 at Madras, India; 

  2. Ann Elizabeth HART, born 1806 at Madras, India; 

  3. William Hamilton HART, born 26 Oct 1807 at Madras, India; 

Next Generation
Thomas Frederick HART; born Jul 1805 at Madras, India; married Laura Frances MacDONALD 1 Jul 1830 at St Mark's C of E, Kennington, London, England; died 2 Feb 1868 at Wollongong, NSW, Australia, at age 62, Children

  1.  William Hamilton Shirriff HART, born 20 Jun 1832; 

Ann Elizabeth HART; born 1806 at Madras, India; married Langford Lovell HODGE 28 Mar 1830 at Edinburgh, Midlothiam, Scotland; died 1838 at Blandford Square, London, England. children

  1. Camilla HODGE

  2. William Henry Obrien HODGE.

William Hamilton HART (born 26 Oct 1807 at Madras, India)  married Fanny LLOYD 1832 at Madras, India; died 14 Nov 1863 at St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, at age 56, Children

  1. William Shepheard Casamajor HART; born circa 1833; 

  2. Camilla Rose HART; born 1835.

  3. Frederic Hamilton HART; born 26 Mar 1836 at Madras, India.

  4. Fanny Mary HART; born 1838.

  5. Graham Lloyd HART; born 1839.

  6. Studholme Browning HART; born 1843 at NSW.

  7. F R HART; born circa 1847.

Next Generation
William Hamilton Shirriff HART (born 20 Jun 1832) married Mary Anne de Mestre, daughter of Prosper de Mestre and Mary Ann Black, 20 Aug 1856 at St John's C of E, Terara, NSW, Australia; died 26 Mar 1868 at 68 George St, Edinburgh, Scotland, at age 35. Children were as follows:

  1. Laura Frances HART; born 6 Jul 1857 at Cuttack, Bengal, India; 

  2. Prosper de Mestre HART, born 7 Mar 1859 at Cuttack, Bengal, India; 

  3. Camilla Porterfield HART; born 30 Apr 1864 at Wellington, Madras, India; 

  4. Mary Hamilton HART; born 27 May 1866.

William Shepheard Casamajor HART; born circa 1833; married Adelaide Eliza HENFREY 1871.

Next Generation
Laura Frances HART; born 6 Jul 1857 at Cuttack, Bengal, India; married Alliston Champion TOKER 23 Nov 1881 at Dinapore, Bengal, India.


Prosper de Mestre HART; born 7 Mar 1859 at Cuttack, Bengal, India; married Ethel Marian LEMAN, daughter of Elias Leman and Julia O'Brian, 13 Aug 1902 at St Peter's C of E, Hamilton, Newcastle, NSW, Australia; died 5 Jun 1941 at 43 King St, Ashbury, Sydney, NSW, Australia, at age 82. Children:

  1. Francis Hamilton HART, born 15 Aug 1903 at Gordon St, Hamilton, Newcastle, NSW, Australia; 

  2. John de Mestre HART; born circa 1905; died 27 Jan 1935 at Grafton, NSW, Australia.

Camilla Porterfield HART; born 30 Apr 1864 at Wellington, Madras, India; married Alfred H KEOGH 9 Feb 1888 at Bengal, India.

Next Generation
7. Francis Hamilton HART; born 15 Aug 1903 at Gordon St, Hamilton, Newcastle, NSW, Australia; married Thelma HOYLE, (daughter of George Henry Hoyle and Martha Ervin), 15 Jan 1927 at St Peter's C of E, Richmond, NSW, Australia; died 24 Dec 1952 at 43 King St, Ashbury, Sydney, NSW, Australia, at age 49. Children are as follows:

  1. John Allan HART

  2. Marian de Mestre HART 

Next Generation

John Allan Hart and Gloria Dawn HOLLIS, children, both born at Stanmore, Sydney, NSW, Australia,  are as follows:

  1. Peter John HART 

  2. Craig Allan HART

Marian de Mestre HART and John Walter Wanstall, children. both born at NSW, Australia,  are as follows:

  1. Wayne WANSTALL 

  2. Kerryn WANSTALL

There were no children of Marian de Mestre Hart and Ronald Melville Jarman.

Next Generation
Craig Allan Hart and Miriana Anita Herc, children, all born at Canberra, ACT, Australia, are as follows:

  1. Matthew Allan HART 

  2. Michael Jamie HART 

  3. Jason Craig HART


(Info supplied by Frank Blewitt)

?? HART married ??, children:

  1. Amelia Sarah Hart

Next Generation

Amelia Sarah HART married Albert Hastings NAHER (born 22 Nov 1864, Died:8th May 1943), children: 

  1. Eileen Weston Gladys (Born: 8 Sep 1897, Died: 26 Aug 1982 )


?? HART married ??, children:

  1. Louise Hart (Lou)

Next Generation

Louise (Lou) HART married George Donald (Puppy) TIMMINS , children: 

  1. Michael Donald (Hardy), 

  2. Ronald Aubrey.

?  HART married ? , children : 

  1. Hector HART 

  2. Herbert HART 

  3. Harold Victor HART (b.13th.July,1921)

Next Generation

Herbert HART married Linda TAYLOR, children : 

  1. Patricia Margarette HART 

  2. Harold HART 

  3. Loxley HART 

  4. Ann Hyacinth HART 

  5. Jacqueline HART 

  6. Raymond HART 

  7. Lawrence Eugine HART (b 29-10-1949)

Harold Victor HART (b.13th.July,1921) married on 25th.June,1952 to  Beryl Marie D'CRUZ (b.12th.December,1932): children:

  1. Blodwyn Beryl Janet HART (b.3rd.April,1953)

  2. Colette Marie HART (b.27th.July,1954)

  3. David Randolph Keith HART (b.4th.February,1958)

  4. Errol Dexter HART (b.28th.December,1959) (Schools: Vestry, Trichy / St.George's, Doveton Corrie / Madras. College :Loyola / Madras)

  5. Felicia Gloria Antoinette HART (b.16th.December,1960)

Next Generation

Ann Hyacinth HART married Michael Donald (Hardy) TIMMINS, children:

  1. Michelle TIMMINS

  2. Sandra TIMMINS

Patricia Margarette HART  married Gerald Colin Francis BIRD

  1. Vanessa Hyacith Bird (b12.03.70)

  2. Sharon  Antoinette Bird (b20.07.71) married Bruce Alan Naysmith 25.11.06.

  3. Collin Norman Bird (b23.07.72)

Raymond Alphonsa Hart (b ?? d 13th of May 2002) married Hazel Olga MURRAY on 8th May 1970, Children:

  1. Suzanne Mary Hart Born 17/12/1972

  2. Jurgen Peter Hart Born 29/6/1974

  3. Michelle Fathima Hart Born 13/2/1976

  4. Raynard Dominic Hart Born 01/11/1980

Lawrence Eugine HART (b 29-10-1949) married Bronwyn Sue FRANCIS (21-11-1955) on May 31st 1975. Children:

  1. Christine Linda Hart (born 27-7-1975, Kalgoorlie Australia.  Married David Roberts (11-2-1966))

  2. Shane Lawrence Hart (born 11-5-1977)

Blodwyn Beryl Janet HART married on 28th.December,1978 to Adelwert Arthur Sylvester DUMENIL: child:

  1. Conan Mark DUMENIL (b.27th.September,1981)

David Randolph Keith HART married on 14th May 1991 at Apostolic Christian Assembly, Madras, to Penelope Anne KEIL (born 21/08/1963, New Zealand) : children:

  1. Joel HART (b.3rd.March,1992)

  2. Isaac HART (b.14th.May,1994) twin

  3. Daniel HART (b.14th.May,1994) twin

  (info from David Hart hartpd@optusnet.com.au )


Errol Dexter HART married on 25th.January,1988 to Alyson Florence SATUR :(Both ex-champs/athletes of India) (Settled in Australia -- contact e-mail:<ehart@redcross.org.au> ) children:

  1. Luke Harold HART (b.4th.March,1989)

  2. Darren Arnold HART (b.31st.May,1990)

Felicia Gloria Antoinette HART married on January,1980 to  Olumedi AJIBULU :


  1. Vanessa AJIBULU (b.3rd.November,1980)

  2. Vaughan AJIBULU (b.17th September,1982)

  3. Sarah AJIBULU (b.21st.July,1986)

Next Generation

info from Suzanne Burby steffiburby@yahoo.co.uk
Suzanne Mary Hart Born 17/12/1972 Married Stafford Anthony BURBY 16/16/1999. This family is currently in Melbourne, Australia.,   Children: 

  1. Saasha Marieta Burby Born 21/09/2000, 

  2. Sethh Sebastian Burby Born 08/10/2005.

Jurgen Peter Hart Born 29/6/1974 married Tamara Judith PETERS (19/3/2005). This family is currently in Melbourne, Australia.


Michelle Fathima Hart Born 13/2/1976 married Denver Jude ARLAND ( 03/01/2003) This family is currently in Melbourne, Australia.   Child: 

  1. Paige Joanne Arland Born 04/12/2003.


info from ivytee182@aol.com and Cheryl  kahana05@yahoo.com

I am trying to research my family tree as far back as possible. My grandfather worked the rail road ,died when my mother was very young. Grandfathers name was Charles H. Brook and was married to Doris (Hart ?) I do not know if he was born in India but he did die there. My mother was born in Cuddalore, her name was Philomena and she had brothers , Eric, Michael, Cyril and a sister Rosemary. They have since immigrated to England. My Mother is now deceased and I have not gotten any help with this information from her living siblings. Would like to know who my great grandparent were and when they came to India. I appreciate any information. Thank you.


?? HART married ??, children:

  1. Doris Hart

Next Generation

Doris HART (?) married Charles H BROOK (died in India), children migrated to England:

  1. Philomena Brook (born Cuddalore)

  2. Eric Brook

  3. Michael Brook

  4. Cyril Brook

  5. Rosemary Brook

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