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I am trying to research my family tree as far back as possible. My grandfather worked the rail road ,died when my mother was very young. Grandfathers name was Charles H. Brook and was married to Doris (Hart ?) I do not know if he was born in India but he did die there. My mother was born in Cuddalore, her name was Philomena and she had brothers , Eric, Michael, Cyril and a sister Rosemary. They have since immigrated to England. My Mother is now deceased and I have not gotten any help with this information from her living siblings. Would like to know who my great grandparent were and when they came to India. I appreciate any information. Thank you.


William BROOK married ?, children:

  1. Edwin Brook (b 1821, d 18 Aug 1902 Bangalore)


Edwin BROOK (b 1821, d 18 Aug 1902 Bangalore) at 28yrs on 9 Oct 1849 in Madras married 14yr Charlotte JOHNSON, (b 1835 daughter of Richard Johnson) children:

  1. Eliza Jane Brook (b 26 Aug 1850 Bangalore)

  2. Charles Henry Brook (b 5 Jun 1852 Bangalore, d 10 Jul 1918 Cuddalore)

  3. Edwin Brook (b 1 Jun 1854 Bangalore)

  4. Henrietta Brook (b 5 Nov 1857 Bangalore)

  5. Bertha Amelia Brook (b 1865, d 12 Nov 1866 Bellary)

  6. Eleanor Brook (b 7 Apr 1868 Bangalore)

Next Generation

Eliza Jane BROOK (b 26 Aug 1850, d 23 Mar 1909 Bangalore) on 15 Jul 1868 in Bangalore married George John DUCKWORTH (son of John Duckworth), children:

  1. George Percy Duckworth on 28 Jan 1869 married Julia Eliza Carissa ZEIGLER (daughter of James Zeigler). 2nd marriage: at 29yrs on 26 Apr 1899 in Bangalore married 23yr Adelaide Anne MURRAY (b 1876 daughter of Charles Alfred Murray). 3rd marriage: at 43yrs on 24 Dec 1912 at Quetta married 34yr widow Rose May WALSH (b 1878 daughter of Robert McCrea)

  2. Edwin Victor Duckworth (b 1873) at 53yrs on 10 May1926 in Bangalore married 19yr Ethel Iona PERRIN (b 1907 daughter of William Henry Perrin)

  3. Ethel Mabel Duckworth

  4. Amy Louisa Duckworth

  5. Cyril Brook Duckworth (b 1880) at 27yrs on 5 Jun 1907 in Nagpur married 24yr Louisa Clara DODD (b 1883 daughter of Benjamin Dodd)

  6. Alice Maud Duckworth


Charles Henry BROOK (b 5 Jun 1852 Bangalore, d 10 Jul 1918 Cuddalore) married Henrietta ? (b 1861, d 4 Feb 1893 Negapatam) 

  1. Charles Henry Francis Brook (b 15 Jun 1883 Negapatam)

  2. Earnest William Brook (b 8 Jun 1885, c 20 Sep 1885 Negapatam)

  3. Francis Henry Brook (b 6 Mar 1887, c 1 Jun 1916 Cuddalore)

  4. Charles Egbert Brook (b 6 Mar 1887 Negapatam)

  5. George Alfred Brook (b 11 Apr 1888, c 29 Jul 1888 Negapatam)

  6. Florence Beatrice Brook (b 16 Mar 1891 Mysore)

Eleanor BROOK (b 7 Apr 1868 Bangalore) on 27 Jun 1888 in Bangalore married John Ebeneazer HALL (son of John Chadwick Hall)


Next Generation

Charles Henry Francis BROOK (b 15 Jun 1883 Negapatam) at 33yrs on 5 Jun 1916 in Cuddalore married 18yr Adolphina Lamberta HART (b 1898 daughter of Joseph Hart), children migrated to England:

  1. Philomena Brook (born Cuddalore)

  2. Eric Brook

  3. Michael Henry Brook (b 28 Jan 1924 Villupuram)

  4. Cyril Hubert Brook (b 15 Jun 1927 Villupuram)

  5. Rosemary Brook

Next Generation

Philomena BROOK (born Cuddalore) married ??, children:


Michael Henry BROOK (b 1924) at 20yrs on 29 Nov 1944 in Trichinopoly married 20yr Hazel Mary Gertrude McCARTHY (b 1924 daughter of Frederick McCarthy)




?? BROOK married ??, children:

  1. John Brook

Next Generation

John BROOK married Mabel ?, children:

  1. Catherine Eugenia Brook (b 25 Sep 1926 St Maublian)



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