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info from CAROLMKING@GMAIL.COM  Looking for the children/grandchildren of Tyrrel Douglas King from Jhansi: Josephine Annabelle, June Marie, Frank Tyrrel, Cynthia Joyce, Marlene Yvette, Pamela Maud, Richard Winston, Ronald Desmond & Yvonne Jeanette King.  Would love to hear from anyone connected to you.  Please, please contact me, just need info.  Promise wont be a nuisance!


?? FOOTE married ??, children:


Next Generation

Alice LOUISE FOOTE (B. 12TH AUGUST 1891) married Tyrrel Douglas KING , CHILDREN:

  1. Alec Douglas King (c 16 Dec 1923 Jhansi)

  2. Christopher Joachim King (b 12th Feb 1927 JHANSI, INDIA)

  3. Marie King (B. 1929 Jhansi, INDIA (d 11th Oct 1933)

Next Generation



info from Margaret Gordon <>

?? FOOTE married ??, children:

  1. Margaret Emily Foote

Next Generation

Margaret Emily FOOTE (born 1922 Bandiqui) married Benjamin St John MARTINDALE (born 1922 Calcutta), Children:

  1. Margaret Fidelia Martindale (born 1949 Calcutta)

  2. Patricia Ann Martindale (born 1951 Calcutta)

  3. Nigel St John Martindale (born 1955 Calcutta)



info from Cheryl-Ann Shivan

?? FOOTE married ??, children:

  1. George Foote

Next Generation

George FOOTE married Grace ROZARIO, Children:

  1. Nigel Foote

  2. Helen Foote

  3. Alan Foote

  4. Geraldine Foote

  5. Claudine Foote

  6. Maria Foote

Next Generation:
Nigel FOOTE married Brinelle VASSOU, children:

  1. Linda Foote

Helen FOOTE married Daryl HART, childen:

  1. Rachael Hart

  2. Lorraine Hart

Geraldine FOOTE married Glen CASTER, children:

  1. Gabriella Caster

  2. Brandon Caster

Claudine FOOTE married John McFARLANE



info from

?? FOOTE married ??, children:

  1. Mavis Evelyn Foote

Next Generation

Mavis Evelyn FOOTE married  Arthur Alfred BALLARD (born 1908 Lonavala, Poona, worked on the GIPR. Last post was Station Master, Byculla.), children:

  1. Noel Ballard

  2. Malcolm Arthur Ballard

  3. Lorraine Ballard

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