SIBELLE Family Tree

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Jean Francois SIBELLE (b. Port Louis d. Unknown) married Marie Fanny Lodoiska (Port Louis Cathedral) ,Known Son :

  1. Julius Louis Sibelle (b 1889. Port Louis d. Calcutta 1957)

Next Generation

Julius Louis SIBELLE (b 1889. Port Louis d. Calcutta 1957) married Mary Bridget Clotild FERNANDEZ in 1900 (b.Chittagong East Pakistan), children:

  1. Louis Nemrode Francis Sibelle (b 31 Oct 1919)
  2. Eric Percy Joseph Sibelle (b 14 Oct 1922)
  3. Frank Reginald Sibelle (b 22 June 1927)
  4. Charles Melville Sibelle (b July 1929)
  5. Douglas John Sibelle (b 28 April 1935)
  6. Edmund Vincent Sibelle (b 15 April 1937)
  7. Muriel Irene Sibelle (Cantopher) (b 26 December 1925)
  8. Mae Constance Sibelle (West) (b 22 June 1932)


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