ALWEYN Family Tree

ALWEYN Family Tree

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Info supplied by Alister FULLER

?? ALWEYN married ??, children:

  1. Gerard Kevin Alweyn

  2. Ivor Alweyn (b1944, Coimbatore)

  3. Jean Alweyn

Next Generation

Gerard Kevin ALWEYN (b Coimbatore on 20 Jan.?) married at Madurai on 29 Dec.1969, Leonora FIGREDO (b 1943). Leonora is a teacher; Gerard is a writer, and works for Lipton India. (5 children)

  1. Michelle Alweyn (born at Madurai 1971)

  2. Sabrina Alweyn (born at Coimbatore 1973) Nurse

  3. Debra Alweyn (born at Coimbatore1975) Administrator

  4. Jennifer Alweyn (born at Coimbatore1977) Secretary & Student.

  5. Conway Alweyn (born 1981) Student

Ivor ALWEYN (b 1944, Coimbatore) married Lydia LOPEZ (b1944) on 11/04/1970 at CHRIST THE KINGS CHURCH, COIMBATORE. Children:

  1. NEIL ALWEYN (Born 1971) in Coimbatore, settled in COIMBATORE

  2. ELTON ALWEYN (Born 1973) in Coimbatore, Settled in THE U.A.E (Dubai)

  3. BREYNELL ALWEYN (Born 1976) in Coimbatore, Settled in Mysore

  4. CLYDE ALWEYN (Born 1977) in Coimbatore, settled in BANGALORE

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Jean ALWEYN married Dennis HOOPER , live in Bangalore. Children:

  1. Gary Hooper

  2. Andrea Hooper

  3. Sharon Hooper (Settled in The U.A.E),

  4. Alistair Hooper

  5. Ricardo Hooper (Lives in Bangalore).

Next Generation

Michelle ALWEYN married on 28/12/1994 Ian SANDYS. Michelle is a dietician. Ian works for Tata Iron & Steel,1 child: 

  1. Conell Sandys (b1996)


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?? ALWEYN married ??, children:

  1. Nestor Terence Alweyn (b1947, Coimbatore, d 24/9/03, Perth, Australia)

Next Generation

Nestor Terence ALWEYN (b1947, Coimbatore, d 24/9/03, Perth, Australia) married Pansy Gillian BIRD (born 8/10/49 Trichi, India) on 6th October 1976.children:

  1. Natasha Paula Alweyn (born 77 - Attadale Hospital, Perth, Australia)

  2. Neil Patrick Alweyn (born 79 - Woodside Hospital, Perth Australia) engaged to Rachel Hancox (born 17/4/80 Liverpool, England)


info from Terence ALWEYN , heather leonora dias  ,

?? ALWEYN married ??, children:

  1. Terence Alweyn

Next Generation


  1. Audrey Alweyn

  2. Royden Alweyn                                                     

  3. Sylvia Alweyn

  4. Guy Alweyn

  5. Ken Alweyn

  6. Ann Alweyn

  7. Dudley Alweyn                                                   

  8. Mary Alweyn 

  9. Bernadette Alweyn 

  10. Noelina Alweyn

 Next Generation

Royden ALWEYN married Grace SIMMONS, They had 6 children

  1. Lorraine Alweyn  

  2. Dean Alweyn

  3. Sharon Alweyn  

  4. Yolanda Alweyn  

  5. Caroline Alweyn  

  6. Suzanne Alweyn

 Sylvia ALWEYN married Reginald MURRAY, They had 3 children

  1. Darryl Murray

  2. Gerard Murray

  3. Antoni Murray

Ken ALWEYN married Adia BARTHOLOMEUZE, children:

  1. Terence Alweyn

  2. Philip Alweyn

  3. Laurel-Ann Alweyn

  4. Nicolette Alweyn

Dudley ALWEYN married Heather DIAS, children: 

  1. Richard Alweyn 

  2. Wendy Alweyn 

  3. Michael George ALWEYN (b1973, Coimbatore, India)

  4. Christopher Alweyn 

  5. Ann-maree Alweyn

                       (info from Dudley Alweyn )

Mary Alweyn married Danny D’CRUZ, They had 2 children

  1. Salina D'CRUZ ,

  2. Cameron D'CRUZ

 Bernadette Alweyn married Jude FERNANDEZ, They had 1 child

  1. Caroline FERNANDEZ

Next Generation

Lorraine ALWEYN married Elstan FERNANDEZ, children:

  1. Andre Fernandez

  2. Shane Fernandez

Dean ALWEYN married Maria De'SOUZA, children:

  1. Adina Alweyn

Sharon ALWEYN married Philip ALWEYN, children:

  1. Keri-Ann Alweyn

  2. Nicole Alweyn

Richard ALWEYN married Anita RAM, child : 

  1. Stephanie ALWEYN

Wendy Alweyn married David HAWKINS – 3 children

  1. Amali,

  2. Macy 

  3. India

Christopher Alweyn married Jade HARRIS – One son

  1. Cooper

Michael Ann-Maree Alweyn married Jonothan MIGALE.


Terence ALWEYN married Cheryl De'SOUZA (d 1997)


Terence ALWEYN married Charmaine D'NETTO children 

  1. Stacey ALWEYN In Canada

Laurel-ann ALWEYN married Hubert COELHO, children:

  1. Trevor Coelho

  2. Samantha Coelho

Nicolette ALWEYN married Jude FERNANDEZ, children:

  1. Christabelle Fernandez

  2. Stephanie Fernandez

  3. Megan Fernandez

  4. Nathan Fernandez

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