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Info submitted by Michael John Broughton

(I myself am a Singaporean. I studied at St Joseph's Institution, a school run by the De La Salle Brothers and I am a De La Salle Brother today and the Deputy Principal of this 151 year old institution. Brother Michael Broughton, FSC)

?? BROUGHTON married ??, children:

  1. T D Broughton

Next Generation

T D BROUGHTON (Bangalore) married ?? (wife died in 1920, Madras), only son :

  1. Thomas Ramsey BROUGHTON, (b.1882,d.1956)

Next Generation
Thomas Ramsey BROUGHTON
(b.1882,d.1956) married Mignonette Edwina HARDY,(b.1884,d. 1974,daughter of Edward 'Apothecary' HARDY) at St George's Cathedral, Madras on 14 Dec 1905.Children, 5 sons:

  1. Ramsay Thomas BROUGHTON, b.1905, d.1984

  2. Irwin John BROUGHTON, b.1910, d.1986

  3. Hubert James BROUGHTON, b.1912, d.1963

  4. Sydney Samuel BROUGHTON, b.1915(resides at Whitefield, Bangalore)

  5. Ralph Benjamin BROUGHTON, b.1918, d.1987 (my father)

Next Generation
Ramsay Thomas BROUGHTON, b.1905, d.1984 married
Olive Mildred REGAL (b.1908; d.1997). They had 7 children:

  1. Brian BROUGHTON (b.1936)

  2. Dorothy BROUGHTON (b.1937)

  3. Rosalind 'Rose' BROUGHTON (b.1939)

  4. Arthur BROUGHTON (b.1941)

  5. Malcolm BROUGHTON (b.Nov 30, 1943))

  6. Oscar BROUGHTON (b. ??)

  7. Jennifer BROUGHTON (b.1949)

Irwin John BROUGHTON married Maisie Eileen CACACIE (b.1912; d.1995). They had 3

  1. Fiona Sidney Broughton (b.21/03/1935)

  2. Rodney Vernon Broughton (b. 30/10/1937)

  3. Peter Niall Broughton (b.3/12/1941)

Hubert James BROUGHTON married Florence 'Flossie' Gladys DENNIS (b.4/01/1913;d.1986). They had 6 children:

  1. Yolanda Clarice Broughton (b.1938)

  2. Pamela Joan Broughton (b. 1939) married Mahinder MURARI (b. ??)

  3. Anne Victoria Broughton(b.1945) married Michael RUTHNASWAMY (b. ??)

  4. Jean Heather Broughton(b.1943) married Darius Nariman IRANI (b.1940)

  5. Elizabeth Alexandra Broughton (b.1953) married Gregory HAUBRICH (b.1952)

  6. Hugh Samuel Broughton(b.1947; d.1973)

Sydney Samuel BROUGHTON married Mona Constance DENNIS (b.1923). They had one daughter:

  1. Lyn Broughton (b.1951) married to Harold Milton AYER Jnr (b.1956)

Ralph Benjamin BROUGHTON married Theresa Helen EDWARDS (b.19/07/1927) on 15/08/1952. They had 6 sons:

  1. Gregory Thomas Broughton  (b.7/06/1953) married Moira Mei-Lin LEE (b.16/06/1958)

  2. Michael John Broughton (b.10/09/1955)

  3. Noel James Broughton (b.24/12/1956)

  4. Raymond Samuel Broughton (b.17/06/1958) married Celestine Chor-Hoon PNG (b.6/04/1963)

  5. Gerard Mark Broughton (b.15/02/1964) married Leelah NAGIAH (b.20/10/1965)

  6. Bernard Basil Broughton (b.21/06/1965)

Next Generation

Brian BROUGHTON (b.1936) married Marine FERNANDEZ (b.1935)


Dorothy BROUGHTON (b.1937) married Oliver TIMMINS (b.1935)


Rosalind 'Rose' BROUGHTON (b.1939) married Raj RAGHUVEER (b.1941)


Arthur BROUGHTON (b.1941) married Freda LAYETTE (b.1941)


Malcolm BROUGHTON (b.Nov 30, 1943) married Gwen FERNANDEZ (b. June 23rd, 1944 ), children:

  1. ?

Jennifer BROUGHTON (b.1949) married Darryl BARTON (b.1948)


Fiona Sidney BROUGHTON (b.21/03/1935) married Stanley Patrick FISHER (b.29/10/1930)


Rodney Vernon BROUGHTON (b. 30/10/1937) married Janice Ellen O'BRIEN (b.1941)


Peter Niall BROUGHTON (b.3/12/1941) married Helen May WILLIAMS (b.1944)


Yolanda Clarice BROUGHTON (b.1938) married Arnold William SATUR (b. ??)


info submitted by Chris & Jane BEATTY 


?? BROUGHTON married ??, children:

  1. Stella Broughton

Next Generation

Stella BROUGHTON on December 28, 1957 at Walthamstow, London, England, married Peter Douglas BEATTY  (born January 18, 1930, Calcutta, India). children:

  1. TINA BEATTY July 9, 1961

  2. PETER BEATTY February 2, 1963

  3. CHRISTOPHER JAMES BEATTY September 9, 1964

  4. JAQUELINE BEATTY Born January 25, 1968

  5. MICHAEL BEATTY Born July 21, 1971.



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