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Info submitted by Noreen Lavender

 ?? FISHER married ??, children:

  1. Mary Ann Fisher

Next Generation

               Mary Ann FISHER on 28 Apr 1834 in Bombay India, married Charles BELL (b 1811 in Calicut, India, Baptised: 27 Sep 1812, Bombay Maharastra, India. Military service: India. Rank Colonel. Occupation: 1884, Bombardier in the Honourable Company Regiment Of Artillery Bombay India).

(Notes for CHARLES BELL: Church of the latter day Saints have a record of Charles Bell born 27-sept 1812 source no 0538254 batch no 6934253 sheet 14 type film..two dates given for his birth not to sure which one is right 19-3-1811born in Calicut india was entered in the family Bible & then there was 27 sept 1812 in the census?. Marriage Notes for CHARLES BELL and MARY FISHER: Charles Bell,  Bachelor,  (Bombadier Of the Honourable  Regiment Of Artillery) Married Mary Ann Fisher  Spinster, on the 28-4-1884 In this Church By Banns Published April 13th, 20th, & 27th. in the Year of the Lord 1834 By D Young Garrison Chaplin . Charles Signed & Mary Ann Fisher Marked the register, Witnesses Robert Foulkes & Charlotte Foulkes Robert Signed Charlotte Marked). Children of CHARLES BELL and MARY FISHER are:

  1. JAMES BELL, b. 1830, Dessa Gujrat India; d. 20 Oct 1831, Dessa Gujrat India.  Baptised: 25 Dec 1830, Dessa Gujrat India.

  2. LOUISA BELL, b. 1839, Mhow Madhya Pradesh, India;

  3. CHARLES HENRY BELL, b. 10 Feb 1849, Shikapour India; d. 05 Jul 1894, India.



info from , My husband, Geoffrey Meppen-Walter is the son of Groves and Norah and is second cousin once removed to Rhonda Mathew.

?? FISHER married ??, children:

  1. Ann Fisher (Indo-Briton, d 25th May 1833, aged 16 yrs 2 mnths.)

Next Generation

Ann FISHER (Indo-Briton, d 25th May 1833, aged 16 yrs 2 mnths.) on 15th Feb 1832, married William RIGG, Private HM Light Dragoons (b. probably Halifax, Yorks, UK c. 1807, .d 19th March 1846, aged 39 years, of cholera.)



?? FISHER married ??, children:

  1. Jesse Fisher

Next Generation

Jesse FISHER married ?, children:

  1. Arthur Thomas Fisher (b 1894)

Next Generation

Arthur Thomas FISHER (b 1894) at 26yrs on 25 Nov 1920 in Bangalore married 26yr Mary Teresa FONCECA (b 1894 daughter of Thomas Fonceca), children:

  1. Ernest George Fisher (30 Jan 1921 Bangalore)


info from Martin Barry

(Felix and Edna Fischer were my maternal grandparents, but I don't want to include information on people still alive, certainly not without their permission.) Thanks! Best wishes, and keep up the good work. Martin Barry.


?? FISHER married ??, children:

  1. George Fisher (b abt 1865)

Next Generation

George FISCHER (b abt 1865) in 1891 married Celestine D'CASTRO (Sally) (b 1868, Moulmein), children:

  1. Felix Christopher Fischer (b 1893, Moulmein, d 1988 London)

Next Generation

Felix Christopher FISCHER (b 1893, Moulmein, d 1988 London) married Edna Mary FRANCIS (b 1894, Mandalay, d 1973, London), 7 children:









Info submitted by Michael John Broughton


?? FISHER married ??, children:

  1. Stanley Patrick Fisher (b 1930)

Next Generation

Stanley Patrick FISHER (b1930) married Fiona Sidney BROUGHTON (b 21 Mar 1935 New Delhi, daughter of Irwin John and Maisie Eileen Broughton)


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