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I am searching for Jean and Joyce Edwards, daughters of Frank and Edna Edwards nee Breeze. Edna was my maternal aunt. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Janis Bell (nee Loane) Janis Email_Address:    jananddoug@telus.net


?? EDWARDS married ??, children:

  1. Frank Gerald EDWARDS (b 1910)

Next Generation

Frank Gerald EDWARDS (b 1910) at 24yrs on 12 Dec 1924 in Byculla married 19yr Edna Muriel BREEZE, (b 1915 daughter of Thomas & Winifred Breeze) children:

  1. Jean Edwards

  2. Joyce Edwards


info from Bob Tennent bob@tennent.name & berniewoo10@hotmail.com

?? EDWARDS married ??, children:

  1. Elizabeth Faith St Clair EDWARDS

Next Generation

Elizabeth Faith St Clair EDWARDS on 18th January, 1943 at Ranchi, married Alfred Anthony TENNENT (b. 24th November 1918 at Nagpur - d. 6th May 1969 at Cardiff, Wales) Children

  1. Ewan Michael Tennent

  2. Gwynn Christopher Tennent

  3. Valerie Ann Tennent

  4. Robert Charles Tennent (ME!) b. 9th March 1958


info from Philip Monk  phil@heathfield.biz
My great grandfather was Charles Edwards.  I know he was in India in about 1878 because he married my great grandmother Winifred Mackay.  Charles died in India in 1926.  He had 8 children.  One was my grandmother Georgina Edwards.


?? EDWARDS married ??, children:

  1. Charles Edwards (b about 1878 India, d 1926)

Next Generation

Charles EDWARDS (b about 1878 India, d 1926) married Winifred MacKAY, 8 children:

  1. Georgina Edwards

Next Generation

Georgina EDWARDS married ??, children:



info from Clarence William Wilson joannebaranelli@hotmail.com


?? EDWARDS married ??, children:

  1. June Edwards (b 15.05.43  in Moradabad India.)

Next Generation
June EDWARDS (b 15.05.43  in Moradabad India.) married Clarence William WILSON (b 27.07.41 in Saharnpur India,) Wanting to contact any friend's, mainly family member's if possible. We are both living in England, Leeds.



info from vince@planetcollins.co.uk

?? EDWARDS married ??, children:

  1. Martin EDWARDS

Next Generation

Martin EDWARDS married ??, children:

  1. Grace Lillian Edwards (my grandmother) born July 15 1906 in Madras

  2. James Edwards (was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Army Medical Corps in WW2. He was a surgeon.)

Family story is that Grace was former head girl of Madras University - not sure if that was the case. She definitely had a brother, James who was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Army Medical Corps in WW2. He was a surgeon. I believe that the Edwards were an Anglo-Indian family. Anyone know any more about my family please?


Next Generation

Grace Lillian EDWARDS (born July 15 1906 in Madras) married Joseph COLLINS in Trinity Chapel, Park Town, Madras on February 28 1927. Joseph was serving with 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers, stationed in Calicut. Children:

  1. James Joseph Edwards Collins (born in Fort St George Madras on April 29, 1927. He died in Bolton, Lancashire on April 30, 2003.)


info from Lee Antony Edwards  lee.edwards@bt.com

My name is Lee Edwards. I really would/need to trace my family; don't know where to begin, I would appreciate any help that you could provide. My father was anglo Indian, I know his name George Edwards, he was born on  19/10/1935. His fathers name was Maurice Edwards who I believe was from Wales, .thats pretty much all i know as my father didn't talk much of his life or his family, only to say that he was the oldest of 7 or 8.but i have never met any of them and would really love the chance to get to know them. My father came to England i believe in 1956, he lived in new addington nr croydon london. if you could point me in any direction that might help me i would be eternally grateful. Yours sincerely, Lee Edwards. lionlennyuk@yahoo.co.uk

?? EDWARDS married ??, children:

  1. Maurice EDWARDS

Next Generation

Maurice EDWARDS from Wales married ??. There were 7 or 8 children:

  1. George Edwards (born 19th Oct 1935)

Next Generation

George EDWARDS (born 19th Oct 1935) married ??. Migrated to the UK in 1956 and lived in New Addington near Croydon, London, children:

  1. Lee Antony Edwards (born 30/7/1976) married Tracy Ann Wild


I am searching for the following person(s) on behalf of concerned relatives, last known location, Agra or Rawalpindi.  Thanks
George georgem@iinet.net.au

?? EDWARDS married ??, children:

  1. Winifred Louise EDWARDS (born. 4 Jan. 1925. Bangalore.)

Next Generation

Winifred Louise EDWARDS (born. 4 Jan. 1925. Bangalore.) married Henry Blessington PETERS ( bandleader), children:

  1. Sylvia Mary Eva Peters (born in Agra in 1945)


I would like to post my interest in the hope that someone, somewhere might be able to make a connection with members of the MARTIN family. Charlie Swain  (Birmingham.UK) charlie@swainfamily.freeserve.co.uk 

?? EDWARDS married ??. children:

  1. Irene Olive EDWARDS (b 6/9/1919)

Next Generation

Irene Olive EDWARDS (b 6/9/1919) married John MARTIN


?? EDWARDS married ??. children:

  1. Stanley EDWARDS

Next Generation

Stanley EDWARDS married Florence ROACH



?? EDWARDS married ??. children:

  1. Rex EDWARDS

Next Generation

Rex EDWARDS married ?, children : 

  1. Lancy Edwards 

  2. May Edwards 

  3. Leopold Joseph Edwards 

  4. Rita Edwards

Lancy EDWARDS married D HAMILTON :

  1. Mark EDwards

  2. Deanne Edwards

May EDWARDS married Ernest GABRIEL


Rita EDWARDS entered a Convent


Leopold Joseph (Bunny) EDWARDS married Dorothy Maud TRINDER

  1. Ursula Mary Edwards 

  2. Jeffrey Peter Reginald Edwards (b ? d 2012 Perth)

  3. Jillian Kerena Edwards 

  4. Judy Edwards (d 1998 Perth)

  5. Caroline Lesley Anne Edwards

Ursula Mary EDWARDS married Maximilian Richard JOHN:


Jeffrey Peter Reginald EDWARDS (b ? d 2012 Perth in a tragic cycle accident) married Jacinta ?? :


Jillian Kerena EDWARDS married Ronald Aubrey TIMMINS, children:

  1. Sarah-Jane TIMMINS

Caroline Lesley Anne EDWARDS married Roger John HUNT



?? EDWARDS married ??. children:

  1. Theresa Helen EDWARDS (b.19/07/1927)

Next Generation

Theresa Helen EDWARDS (b.19/07/1927) on 15/08/1952 married Ralph Benjamin BROUGHTON. They had 6 sons:

  1. Gregory Thomas Broughton (b.1953) married Moira Mei-Lin LEE (b1958)

  2. Michael John Broughton (b1955)

  3. Noel James Broughton (b1956)

  4. Raymond Samuel Broughton (b1958) married Celestine Chor-Hoon PNG (b1963)

  5. Gerard Mark Broughton (b1964) married Leelah NAGIAH (b1965)

  6. Bernard Basil Broughton (b1965)


Hi, I would appreciate any information on the whereabouts of my aunt her husband and children.

Thanks, George

?? EDWARDS married ??. children:

  1. Marie  Josephine EDWARDS (born 17 April. 1926. ? possibly Bangalore.)

Next Generation

Marie  Josephine EDWARDS (born 17 April. 1926. ? possibly Bangalore.) married  Kenny SOLOMON, Children. 

  1. Yvonne Solomon. 

  2. Melvin Solomon . 

  3. Errol Solomon. 

  4. Archie Solomon .
             (Last known location.  Dehra Dun.1959)


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