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?? TENNENT married ?? D'SILVA, children:


Next Generation

?? TENNENT married ??, children:

  1. Lloyd Tennent (studied at St Mary`s Mount Abu 1984, La Martiniere Lucknow 1987, Lucknow University -1990. Grandparents Wilson (winoo) and Maude D`silva)


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?? TENNENT married ??, children:

  1. John William Tennent

Next Generation

John William TENNENT(Schoolmaster) married Harriet ?? (Dates unknown - possibly Bangalore), Children:

  1. Robert John Tennent (b1886? Madras - Baptised St. Patrick's Catholic Cathedral, Bangalore)

  2. Joseph Patrick Tennent

  3. Ernest Tennent

  4. Mary Tennent

  5. Mabel Tennent

Next Generation

Robert John TENNENT(b. 10 October 1886? at Madras - Baptised in St. Patrick's Catholic Cathedral, Bangalore) married Lydia Muriel NOLAN 14th February 1918 at Nagpur, Children:

  1. Alfred Anthony Tennent (b 1918 at Nagpur - d. 6th May 1969 at Cardiff, Wales)

  2. Constance Josephine Tennent

  3. Esme Tennent

  4. Denzil Tennent

  5. Oliver Patrick Tennent

  6. Vernon Arthur Tennent

  7. William (Billy) Joseph Tennent

  8. Rex (Peter) Tennent

  9. Yvonne Tennent

  10. Edna Rita Joyce Tennent

  11. June Dorothy Hazel Tennent

Joseph Patrick TENNENT married Ida Ivy COULTRIP of Madras, children:

  1. Eric James TENNENT (b1910, d 1980)

Next Generation

Alfred Anthony TENNENT (b 1918 at Nagpur - d. 6th May 1969 at Cardiff, Wales) married Elizabeth Faith St Clair EDWARDS 18th January, 1943 at Ranchi, Children

  1. Ewan Michael Tennent

  2. Gwynn Christopher Tennent

  3. Valerie Ann Tennent

  4. Robert Charles Tennent (ME!) b. 1958

Eric James TENNENT (b1910 d1980) from Railway Colony, Arkonam, Madras, on 5th April 1937 married Alice Margurite GLEESON (b1914, d2002) : children:-

  1. Trevor Tennent b 29th of July

  2. Kevin Tennent 

  3. Althea Tennent 

  4. Rowena Tennent 

  5. Dexter Tennent (b1952, Arkonam)

  6. Bernadette Tennent (b1956)

Next Generation

Trevor TENNENT (b 29th of July ?) on the 26th of October ? married Adrienne SIMONS (b19th of Feb), children:

  1. Andrew Tennent born on the 20th of January

  2. Karen Tennent born on the 7th of March

  3. Mark Tennent born on the 17th of July

  4. Ian Tennent born on the 14th of October

Rowena TENNENT (b1949) married Horace JASON (b1938) Children:

  1. Lovelynne Maria Jason born on the 1st of April married 1st March 1987 to Carl David Solder, child named Jasmine Althea Solder 12th December 1992 and Mitchell David Solder 14th November 1997.

  2. Marcello Joseph Jason born on the 24th of September married Justine Virgo on 15th October 1994, child named Olivia Claire Jason 2nd October 2002 and Gemma Sophie Jason 7th November 2004.

  3. Sonya Mary Jason b1975 married Michael Snare on 12th May 2001 child Niklas Kai Snare 3rd May 2005

Dexter John TENNENT (b1952 Arkonam, Madras) on 27/1/1973, married Deidre Joy BOYD (b 1955), children:

  1. Gavin James Tennent (b1978)

  2. Nigel John Tennent (b1980)

  3. Justine Althea Alice Tennent (b 1989)

Next Generation

Gavin James TENNENT (b 1978) married on 1/10/2000
Rebecca Jade TUCKER (b1978)

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