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James TAYLOR married Christian ??, children:

  1. Henry George Andrew TAYLOR (c 22 Dec 1783 London)

Next Generation

Henry George Andrew TAYLOR  (c 22 Dec 1783 London) on 25 Jun 1812 in Bombay married Eliza MAUGHAN, children:

  1. Eliza Jane Taylor (b 1 Jul 1815 Secunderabad)

  2. Christiana Louisa Taylor (b 21 Jul 1818, c 3 Dec 1818 Bangalore)

  3. George Noble Taylor (b 2 Jun 1820 Chelsea, London)

  4. James Marriott Taylor (b 5 Apr 1824 London)

  5. Ralph Neupulle Taylor (b 15 Mar 1827 Madras)

  6. Charles Philip Taylor (c 30 Apr 1823 Middlesex)

Next Generation

Charles Philip TAYLOR (c 30 Apr 1823 Middlesex, d 14 Dec 1868 Madras) on 26 Dec 1853 in Madras married Elizabeth Barbara FOSBERRY (daughter of George Fosbery), children:

  1. Henry George Fosberry Taylor (b 8 Feb 1855 Madras)

  2. Charles Arbuthnot Fosberry Taylor (b 20 Feb 1856 ootacamund)

  3. Caroline Lilian Taylor (b 19 Aug 1864 Bangalore)

  4. Augustus Philip Fosbery Taylor (b 29 Jan 1868 Madras)



?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. Louis Taylor

Next Generation

Louis TAYLOR  married Maude Ivy GILHOLY (b 1901 d 23 June 1944) in Bombay. (her 2nd marriage)



Hi, I am looking for more info on my grandfather and would appreciate any help. He was a station Master in Chalis Gau (not sure of the right spelling) but in India. John Taylor married Ruby Taylor nee Amor second marriage to Ethel Amor. He had 4 sons from the first Marriage (maybe 7 but 4 I am aware of) Cecil, Louis, Leslie an Maurice Taylor from the second wife he had Tessie (could be Theresa). Looking for John's DOB and his father/mother etc..want to trace back. Regards, Patrick. patrick_taylor@sympatico.ca


?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. John Taylor

Next Generation

John TAYLOR married Ruby AMOR , children (4-7):

  1. Cecil Taylor

  2. Louis Taylor

  3. Leslie Taylor

  4. Maurice Taylor

John TAYLOR married Ethel AMOR, children:

  1. Tessie or Theresa Taylor


I am trying to locate my cousin and her family who moved from Bombay to the UK about 25-30 years ago and I lost touch with them, so if I you could post the following information, I would be eternally grateful. Sincerely, Heather Ferman bellaferman@gmail.com

?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. George Taylor

Next Generation

George TAYLOR married ?? , children:

  1. David Taylor (immigrated to N. Zealand, where he is/was a school Teacher)

George TAYLOR (2nd marriage) married Thelma AUGUSTO from Bombay, sister of Mavis Augusto (Rome) & Aileen Mulholland (Virginia), children:

  1. Richard Taylor (He worked at Air India)

  2. Lionel Taylor

  3. Ellen (Cookie) Taylor


info from Ryan Taylor ryan@forbesfacility.com, Forbes Concept Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. Project Manager - South India, Mob: +91 98456 97651


?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. John Taylor

Next Generation

John Taylor (played the violin at Buckingham Palace London) married ??, children:

  1. John Taylor Jnr

Next Generation

John Taylor Jnr married ??, children:

  1. Anto Taylor (b ?,  Died 1972 railways driver Mysore)

Antony Taylor (born 19th May ??, died 1858 serving British army) married Margeret PETLER, Children

  1. Robert Taylor

  2. Philo Taylor

  3. Raymond Taylor

  4. Celiene Taylor Late 2004

  5. Marlene Taylor

  6. John Taylor

  7. Hycenth Taylor

  8. Glen Taylor

Next Generation

Robert Taylor (d 2006) married ??, children:

  1. Robert Taylor ( Brenden)

Raymond Taylor married ?, children:

  1. Dominic Taylor

John Taylor married ?, children:

  1. Ryan Taylor,

  2. Neil Taylor,

  3. Wayne Taylor,

  4. Tyron Taylor

Glen Taylor married ?, children:

  1. Maureen Taylor,

  2. Ana Taylor



James TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. William Stephen Taylor

Next Generation

William Stephen TAYLOR on 4 Apr 1866 in Bangalore married 17yr  Mary Jennings BANTLEMAN (b 1849 daughter of Lazar Bantleman), children:

  1. Ada Florence Taylor (b 2 Feb 1879, c 6 Apr 1870 Bangalore)

  2. William James Lancelot Taylor (b 19 Jan 1867, c 4 Apr 1867 Bangalore)

  3. Percival St George Taylor (b 18 Dec 1872 Bangalore)

  4. Charles Hilton Treslove Taylor (b 23 Jan 1875 Bangalore, d 7 Jul 1876 age 1)

  5. Hebert Hamilton Taylor (b 5 Nov 1876 Bangalore, d 25 Aug 1877, infant)

William Stephen TAYLOR on 7 Apr 1933 in Ahmedabad married Mary Oberlin FRACKELTON (daughter of Frederick O H Frackelton)


Next Generation

William James Lancelot Taylor (b 19 Jan 1867, c 4 Apr 1867 Bangalore) at 34yrs on 12 Dec 1898 at Fort William married 19yr Agnes Gertrude ELEAZAR (b 1879 daughter of Alexander Ter Eleazer)


Ada Florence TAYLOR (b 2 Feb 1879, c 6 Apr 1870 Bangalore) at 23yrs in Assam on 10 Feb 1893 married 24yr Robert William HENDERSON (b 1869 son of Robert Beverage Henderson).


Ada Florence HENDERSON (neeTaylor) (b 2 Feb 1879, c 6 Apr 1870 Bangalore) widow. at 39yrs on 8 May 1909 in Calcutta married 33yr William Henry George BAKER (b 1876 son of William Henry Baker)



?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. William Taylor

Next Generation

William TAYLOR married ?, children:

  1. William Taylor (b 1869)

Next Generation

William TAYLOR (b 1869) at 29yrs in Trichinopoly on 16 Nov 1898 married 21yr Florence Mabel MORRIS, (b 1877 daughter of Thomas William Morris) children:

  1. Dorothy Jane Dulce Taylor (b 24 Aug 1900, c 25 Dec 1900 Trichinopoly)

  2. Maurice Ernest Taylor (b 13 Jun 1903, c 18 May 1904 Secunderabad)



Searching for family of my father Ernest Taylor, born in 1904 died in 1961. He was an engineer in India where he met my mother and married in 1948 in Calcutta India. They had three other children before I was born:  Ernest born Dec 1950, Georgina born Feb 1953 and Robert born in August 1954. They arrived in Australia in January 1961. any information would be great jimlsr@iinet.net.au


?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. Ernest Taylor (b 1904 died in 1961)

Next Generation

Ernest TAYLOR, Engineer (b 1904 died in 1961) in 1948, in Calcutta, married ??, arrived in Australia in January 1961. 3 children:

  1. Ernest Taylor (born Dec 1950)

  2. Georgina Taylor (born Feb 1953)

  3. Robert Taylor (born in August 1954)

  4. Linda Taylor.

Next Generation

Linda TAYLOR married ?? LeMASTERS



info from Melanie MELDBEER@MSN.COM

?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. Wilfred John Taylor (born Madras 14/05/1894)

Next Generation
Wilfred John TAYLOR (born Madras 14/05/1894) married
Bridget Da Sylva (born Chakardharpur 15/12/1906),


info from Les Soong (nee Fitzgerald) wsoo0569@bigpond.net.au

The information I have provided was given to me/my mother by his grand daughter Jean Cunningham now (deceased) who lived in Tweed Heads. I can recall as a small child meeting his daughter Pamela, my great grandmother (always pronounced Permila) shortly before she passed away at 89, she was on a day bed on the verandah, with a big mosquito net around the bed, she had broken her hip in a fall. Having read my notes a little further so I can also add some more information. Henry Matthew Taylor had another brother Peter Almyra Taylor (from my mothers notes with a notation “from May’s copy, 29 th August, 1918” I must ask her who May was.


?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. Henry Matthew TAYLOR (born ?)

  2. Peter Almyra TAYLOR (born ?)

Next Generation

Henry Matthew TAYLOR (born ?) married Rebecca HALL, Children:

  1. Unnamed stillborn premature daughter, 7th July 1864

  2. Charlotte Ann Taylor (Triplet born 24th April 1865 died 14 December 1865 of diphtheria buried at Redfern)

  3. Pamela Elizabeth Taylor (Triplet born 24th April 1865, died 20 December 1865 died of diphtheria buried at Redfern)

  4. Rebecca Jane Taylor (Triplet b ? died 15 June ??? 19??)

  5. Edwin Henry Taylor (Ned) born 23 March 1867

  6. Charles Ernest Taylor born 30th March 1869

  7. Pamela Elizabeth Taylor, born 18th November 1870 died 26 December 1959

  8. Charlotte Ann Taylor , born 30 October 1870, died 16 July 1949

  9. Annie Maud Taylor , born 30 October 1872, died Kirra 19 June 1941

  10. William Broughton Taylor born 28th December 1875 died 16 July 1877

  11. Louisa May Taylor , born 7 August 1877 died 23 June 1929,

  12. Percy Thorpe Taylor , born 17th March 1880

  13. Walter Harold Taylor , born 31 October 1881

  14. Horace Gilbert Taylor , born 6th March 1884, died 29 November 1963

  15. Ralph Oscar Taylor , born 13th may 1887

Next Generation

Rebecca Jane TAYLOR (Triplet b ? died 15 June ??? 19??) married Michael McHATTON June 3rd 1886,


Edwin Henry TAYLOR (Ned) born 23 March 1867, married Elizabeth Jane DICKSON, no family  died March 1941 Geelong Victoria Australia.


Charles Ernest TAYLOR born 30th March 1869, married Emily GRAHAM, 12 December 1889 died 28 June 1963 in Western Australia


Pamela Elizabeth TAYLOR (born 18th November 1870 d 26/12/1959) married (1) James FITZGERALD on 22 July 1895, widowed.


Pamela Elizabeth TAYLOR (born 18th November 1870 died 26 December 1959) married (2) Alexander Thomas  CLOTHIER on21 February 1922


Charlotte Ann TAYLOR (born 30 October 1870, died 16 July 1949) married on 7 April 1898, Robert CUNNINGHAM


Annie Maud TAYLOR (born 30 October 1872, died Kirra 19 June 1941) married Jim HALL 18th July 1898


Louisa May TAYLOR, born 7 August 1877 died 23 June 1929, married Charles BOXELL 9 January 1898


Percy Thorpe TAYLOR, born 17th March 1880, married Susannah WARD 18 July 1900


Walter Harold TAYLOR born 31 October 1881 married Mildred Emma McDonald 9 March 1905


Horace Gilbert TAYLOR born 6th March 1884, died 29 November 1963, married Fanny WALTERS


Ralph Oscar TAYLOR born 13th may 1887, married Anne SUTTON 26 August 1948



info from Joanna Taylor   diehardmei@yahoo.co.in

?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. John Taylor

Next Generation

John TAYLOR married Irene Nongrum, children:

  1. Joanna Taylor (Studied at Dr Grahams Homes School Kalimpong)


info from lestay@ease42.freeserve.co.uk

?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. Leslie Ernest Taylor

Next Generation

Leslie Ernest TAYLOR (studied at Dr. Graham's Kalimpong & St. Thomas, Kidderpore.) married Arlene BEDDOE



info from zod668@hotmail.com

?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. Valerie C TAYLOR (b 24/10/44, St Thomas Mount, Madras)

Next Generation

Valerie C TAYLOR (b 24/10/44, St Thomas Mount, Madras) married Hamlyn J JOHNSTONE (b 9/06/42, Royapuram, Madras), children:

  1. Neal J Johnstone


info from Geraldine Raymond gerwal@hotmail.com Herewith some details with regard to my Mother, Maisie Constance Crawford's family tree. If anyone can add any more information to this, shall be grateful.


?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. Joseph Taylor

Next Generation

Joseph TAYLOR, a Gunner in the Royal Hussars, in 1896 married Elizabeth ?? (both born and married in UK), children:

  1. Lillian Gertrude TAYLOR , Britisher

Next Generation

Lillian Gertrude TAYLOR (Britisher, died 6/8/1933) married Charles CRAWFORD, children

  1. Maisie Constance Crawford (born on 14th June, 1923 and died on 3 Jan 1984)  took the name of her Stepfather and went as Maisie Constance HEPPOLETTE. She married Cyril Thomas ROBERTS (born on 23rd March 1914 and died on 14th June, 1985,  s/o Willy Roberts and Sarah Ann Caroline. Sarah died on 2nd April 1967.) Maisie has 9 children whose names are: Aurelia, Jacqueline, Olive, Geraldine, Carlton, June, Bernadine, Bernard and Lynette. Maisie & Cyril and their children lived and died in Marredpally, Secunderabad.

  2. ?? Crawford (Buddah) married Patricia ?? and had quite a few children. The boys names were Andrew and Ivan Crawford. Ivan married Deborah Edwards on 27th April (year not known) and their family had settled down in KGF, Bangalore.


info from jktaylor@internode.on.net  
Seeking information on the father/parents of William Robert Ernest Taylor (died August 1942) married to childhood sweetheart Caroline Ward (died at 85 in 1959).

?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. William Robert Ernest Taylor (died August 1942)

Next Generation

William Robert Ernest TAYLOR (died August 1942) married childhood sweetheart Caroline WARD (died, aged 85yrs in 1959).,William Robert was an Engineer who attended Stewart School, Cuttack, Orrisa, as did Caroline, and retired in Gaya. Children:

  1. John William Taylor (Jack), Engineer on Bengal Napur Railway.


info from Peter Taylor peter@sureslim.net.au

??TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. William TAYLOR

  2. John TAYLOR

  3. James TAYLOR

  4. Ann TAYLOR (b.1811) 

  5. ?? TAYLOR (daughter)

Next Generation

William TAYLOR (occupation: Superintendant of the Manager Choultry, Madras) married 3 Jan 1823, Blacktown Chapel Madras,  Charlotte Ann THORPE (parents are John Luke THORPE (1) and Jane MORGAN), Children:

  1. Henry Matthew Taylor (Born: 23 Mar 1836, Chr: 14 Jun 1836 - Black Town Chapel, Madras, India, Died: 31 Aug 1925 - Residence, South Arm, Tweed River, NSW, Aust. Nov 1853 - on ship "Palmyra" to Sydney, Australia) Married on 13 Aug 1863 Rebecca HALL, Brides Mth House, Gerrigong, NSW, Australia)

  2. Charles Thorpe Taylor 

  3. William Roy Taylor 

  4. Pamela Elizabeth Taylor 

  5. Edwin John Taylor 

  6. Benjamin James Taylor 

Ann TAYLOR (b.1811) married ? SCHOFFER or SCHAFFER (or similar spelling) in 1844.


Ann TAYLOR (b.1811) married (her 2nd marriage)  John Luke THORPE (brother of Charlotte Ann THORPE)



info submitted by John Jacob johnjacob@aanet.com.au

?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. Eileen Ann Taylor

Next Generation

Eileen Ann TAYLOR, who was born on 10th of June 1932 at Rangoon Burma, died on 9th May 1998 at Bacchus Marsh Victoria, Australia, married on 3rd October 1953 (in England ) to Albert G JACOB, children :

  1. Susan Patrcia Jacob ( b: 31-3-1957At  Doncaster Yorkshire England, )

  2. John Michael Jacob ( b:19-02-1954 at  Sheffield Yorkshire England)


Regards, Geoffrey Williams, Sheffield.UK.  gapmin@btinternet.com


?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. John Taylor

Next Generation

John TAYLOR  on 11 Jan 1858 in Jullundur married Hannah Louisa CLARKE (b 13 Jan 1873 daughter of Samuel & Mary Clarke) - They retired in Fraser Town, Bangalore. Gt.Aunt Hannah CLARKE died there in around the late 1940's early 1950's. Children:

  1. Anna Maria Taylor (b 16 Jun 1859 Sealkot)

  2. Mary Hellen Taylor (b 6 Jan 1862 Shahjampore)


?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. Cecil Taylor

Next Generation

Cecil TAYLOR married Lucy FONCECA 



?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. Cyril Taylor (now in Melbourne)

Next Generation

Cyril TAYLOR married Gemma (Colleen) RAWLINS, Children: 

  1. Wayne Taylor, 

  2. Sharon Taylor, 

  3. Caroline Taylor


info from Patricia Gilgan beanknock@hotmail.com patricia.gilgan@beanknock.hotmail  ...also looking for any currans from secunderabad india they were all connected to the railway in lallgoda I think I have it spelt wrong thank you patricia


?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. Harold Taylor

Next Generation

Harold TAYLOR married Adelaide CURRAN in Secunderabad, children:

  1. Blossom Taylor

  2. Phyllis Taylor

  3. Shirley Taylor

  4. Patricia Taylor


info from Peter Cotter denisecotter@optusnet.com.au

?? TAYLOR married ??, children:

  1. Michael Taylor

Next Generation

Michael TAYLOR married Yvonne COTTER , children

  1. Natasha Taylor 

  2. Nathan Taylor


info supplied by Beverly Miller (nee Reid) bpmiller@optusnet.com.au

Philomena (Filly) TAYLOR (born ?) married  Frank Abel REID (born ? )– children:

  1. Margaret Reid (Maggie)

  2. Alice Reid

  3. Doris Reid

  4. Ernest Reid

  5. Norman Reid

  6. Beatrice Reid

  7. Eilleen Reid

  8. Florence Reid

  9. Douglas Reid


June TAYLOR married Stephen Jude REBELLO (b 1958)



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