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?? BAKER married ??, Children:

  1. Lilian Baker (b1926 Coimbatore, d 1999 Perth)

Next Generation

Lilian BAKER (b 1926 Coimbatore, d 1999 Perth) married Manuel (Max) FERNANDEZ, children: 

  1. Ronald FERNANDEZ , 

  2. Gillian FERNANDEZ, 

  3. Teresa Emberline FERNANDEZ.


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?? BAKER married ??, children:

  1. Frances Ann Baker

Next Generation

Frances Ann BAKER in 1901 married  Edward Howison JOHNSTONE. Family served in India from 1853- 1950's.They mainly lived in Landour, Dehra-Dun and Naini Tal, children:

  1. Douglas Howison Johnstone (born in 1910)

  2. Angela Mary Johnstone ( b circa 1912, India)

The family lived in Dehra Dun. However I have not found any trace of them since 1947. I am Angela's brothers great-grandaughter.



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William BAKER married ?, children:

  1. Charles Henry Samuel BAKER (b1857, d 31 May 1916 Vellore)

Alfred BAKER married Elizabeth ??, children:

  1. Benjamin Alfred Baker (b 1873, d 21 Apr 1925 Ootacamund)

  2. ? Alfred Farmer Baker (b 12 Dec 1878 Madras)

Next Generation

Benjamin Alfred BAKER (b 1873, d 21 Apr 1925 Ootacamund) married Ethel Lilian THOY (b1881 Secunderabad d 1934, grave B/89), children:

  1. Alfred Samuel BAKER (b 11 Sep 1903 Secunderabad, d 25 Oct 1932 Ootacamund, grave B/90) )

Charles Henry Samuel BAKER (b1857 son of William Baker, d 31 May 1916 Vellore) at 32yrs on 18 Dec 1879 in Vepery married 16yr  Grace Alexandra ROSS (b 1863, daughter of Hugh Edwin Ross), children:

  1. William Hughes Charles Baker (b 13 Mar 1882 Madras)

  2. Hilda Maude Winnifred Baker (b 12 Jul 1884 Secunderabad)

  3. Ethel Blanche Evelyn Baker (b 14 Aug 1886 Bellary)

  4. Samuel Benjamin Baker (b 13 Dec 1887 Bellary, d 23 Dec 1887, infant)

Charles Henry Samuel BAKER (b1857 son of William Baker, d 31 May 1916 Vellore) widowed, on 9 Jan 1889 in Vepery married 17yr Elizabeth Jane LOVEJOY (b 18 Apr 1871 Vepery daughter of John Lovejoy), children:

  1. Grace Nina Gwyneth Baker (b 16 Jan 1890 Vepery)

  2. Mary Faith Prudence Baker (b & d 27 Oct 1893)

  3. Richard Arthur Baker (b 15 Jul 1895 Madras)

Charles Henry Samuel BAKER (b1857 son of William Baker, d 31 May 1916 Vellore) widowed, married Martha Peace GOWE (b 3 Dec 1865 Blacktown, daughter of William & Julia Gowe. Martha at the age of 15yrs married 25yr Frederick Moore b 1856, son of John Moore on 12 Sep 1881 in Madras), children:

  1. Patrick Henry Saxon Baker (b 2 Nov 1899 Madras)

  2. Constance Hester Sybil Baker (b 10 Nov 1902 Bangalore)

Next Generation

Alfred Samuel BAKER (b 11 Sep 1903 Secunderabad d 25 Oct 1932 Ootacamund, grave B/90) at 21yrs on 3 Sep 1924 in Coimbatore married 22yr Blanche Alice MANSFIELD (b 29 April 1902 Pallavaram, daughter of James William and Elizabeth Mansfield, d 1939, buried in St. Thomas cemetery, Ootacamund,), children:


Blanche Alice (Centre), Elizabeth (Betty) - front left, Sonna on Blanche's lap, Roxy - right front and Dolly - standing on the right hand side


William Hugh Charles BAKER (b 13 Mar 1882 Madras) at 22yrs on 6 Dec 1905 in Negapatnam married 19yr Ethel Beatrice WINTER (b 1886, daughter of Daniel Chilcott Winter), children:

  1. Norman William Baker (b 19 Nov 1906 Madras)

  2. Claude Egbert Lochiel Baker (b 16 Oct 1908 Negapatnam)

  3. Cyril Hugo Samuel Baker (b 1912, d 21 Sep 1923 Madurai, age 11)

  4. Hector Baker

William Hugh Charles BAKER (b 13 Mar 1882 Madras) at 40yrs in Podanur re-married on 28 June 1924 (after Ethel died) 22yr Freda Agnes GORMAN (b 1902, daughter of Reuben Gorman):

  1. Ernest Baker

  2. Hilda Baker

  3. Roy Baker

Richard Arthur BAKER (b 15 Jul 1895 Madras) at 30yrs on 19 Apr 1926 in Madras married 35yr widow Marie Mary STUBBS (nee CRIPPS) (b 6 Oct 1888 Bangalore, daughter of Henry Alexander & Charlotte Cripps)


Constance Hester Sybil BAKER (b 1902)  at 17yrs on 18 Jun 1919 in Bangalore married 22yr William Wiltshire UNDERWOOD (b 1897 son of William Underwood)


Next Generation

Norman William BAKER (b 19 Nov 1906 Madras) at 27yrs on 5 Feb 1934 in Mudurah married 19yr May Beatrice LOWE (b 1915 daughter of Clarence John Manuel Lowe), children:

  1. William Owen BAKER 

  2. Kenneth Norman BAKER  

  3. Donald BAKER 

  4. Leonard Keith BAKER.

Claude Egbert Lochiel BAKER married Phyllis Sheila TRINDER:

  1. Daulton Baker

  2. Derek William Baker

  3. Patricia Anne Baker

  4. Sally June Baker

  5. Karina Baker

Next Generation

William Owen BAKER married Gwendoline Anne POPPEN , children:



Leonard Keith BAKER married Christine HAYDOCK


Daulton BAKER married Catherine EDMUNDS:

  1. Karina Baker

  2. Elaine Baker

  3. Claire Baker

Derek William BAKER married Priscilla HENDERSON:

  1. Gary William Baker

  2. Glen Richard Baker

Karina BAKER married Wayne PROUD:

  1. Alex Proud

  2. Jarad Proud

  3. Ryan Proud

  4. Callum Proud

Next Generation

Kim Caroline BAKER married Jason BEAUMONT, children:


Steven William BAKER married Katherine Anne FLASKETT, children:


Elaine BAKER married Neil TRAYNOR:

  1. Amelia Traynor

Karina BAKER married Rodger HUNT


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?? BAKER married ??, children:

  1. Neville Baker

Next Generation

Neville BAKER married Helen GREENE, Children: 

  1. Warren Baker 

  2. Chantelle Baker 

  3. Lisa Baker

  4. Ryan Baker


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