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?? HUGHES married Elizabeth HARBEN (b 1955, Adra)


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? HUGHES married ?, children:

  1. Cheryl Ann Hughes

Next Generation

Cheryl Ann HUGHES (Calcutta) married Gregory Anthony GOMES (Bombay) Children:

  1. Nathan Arthur Gomes.(b 1997 Dubai )


info from Rozita Vanderputt nee Henricus

?? HUGHES married ??, children:

  1. Lynette Catherine Hughes (born 11/05/1942, Guntakal, Andhra Pradesh)

Next Generation

Lynette Catherine HUGHES (born 11/05/1942, Guntakal, Andhra Pradesh) on the 28/12/1964 in Madras, married Roland Aloysius HENRICUS (Born 04/02/1939 Georgetown, Madras) . Children:

  1. Rozita Geraldine Henricus (born 26/10/1965, Georgetown, Madras)

  2. Emerald Mary Henricus (born 18/05/1969 Georgetown, Madras)

  3. Carissa Dominique Antoinette Henricus (born 12/06/1981, Georgetown, Madras)


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?? HUGHES married ??, children:

  1. Marlene Hughes (Podanur Railway School, St. Francis Convent - Coimbatore (1958-64)

Next Generation

Marlene HUGHES married ? HAWES, now living in Brisbane)


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?? HUGHES married ??, children:

  1. Ethel Hughes

Next Generation

Ethel HUGHES married Harry Joseph McMAHON (served in the British Army in India before independence), children:

  1.  ? McMahon


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In Search Of: Any relations on my Mother's side of the family, her name was Beryl Hughes nee Tondorf she was born in Amballa in 1897 her father was a P.W.I. on the E.I.Rly. The only relations I remember were My Aunt Trixie who's name was Rollo and I belive that her daughter married a Dignam from Moradabad. I have heard that they might be in Australia, if so, and they read this, please get in touch I would love to hear from you also any one who knew our family in Saharanpur.


?? HUGHES married ??, children:

  1. Louis Hughes of Saharanpur U.P. India, (Mail Driver on the N.W.R, d 1946)

Next Generation

Louis HUGHES of Saharanpur U.P. India, (Mail Driver on the N.W.R, d 1946)  married Beryl TONDORF (born Amballa 1897, her father was a P.W.I. on the E.I.Rly.), children:

  1. Joyce Hughes

  2. Hal Richard Hughes (studied at N.W.R.School Saharanpur 1942-46 All Saints Liverpool 1948-52 ) married ??, 3 children

  3.  ?

Louis died in 1946.  After his death my mother together with my two sisters and myself left India for Liverpool in 1948. We returned to Saharanpur in 1952. Mother went to work as a Matron at the Aukland House School in Simla. I went to live with my Sister Joyce and her Husband Dudley Jacobs in Jamnagar we moved from Jamnagar to Bombay in 1954. I left Bombay for Saharanpur in 1955 Joined the Northern Railway in 1956. Stationed at Saharanpur left India for the UK on the P&O Orion on the 29th Feb 1962 I have been married twice have a son and two daughters by my first marriage and a son by my second wife Helen who comes from Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands


Next Generation

Joyce HUGHES married Dudley JACOBS

Hal Richard HUGHES married ??, 3 children:

Hal Richard HUGHES married Helen ?? from Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands , 1 son :

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