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26 Surnames beginning with  J

Surnames or family names developed in the early days by adding the suffix SON to the name of the father. For example TOM, son of JOHN might be called TOM JOHNSON

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WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JACKSON

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JACOB

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JACOBS

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JAMES

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JAMIESON


WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JANES

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JANSEN

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JASMY

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JEFFERY


WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JENKINS

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JENNINGS

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JEREMIAH

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JOACHIM

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JOHN

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JOHNSON

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JOHNSTON

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JOHNSTONE

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JOLLY

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JONAS

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JONES

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JORDAN



WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JORDON

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JOSEPH

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JOYCE

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JUDE

WB01542_1.gif (729 bytes)JUST


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