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info from Glenys Savage  mortontrees@gmail.com  . There are many holes in the knowledge we have of the above children and of Mr. Ritchie. Any and all help gratefully received. Family contact welcomed.


Edgar Earl JAMES married Elizabeth FAULKNER, children:

  1.  ?

  2.  ?

  3. Joseph Edgar James

Next Generation

Joseph Edgar JAMES,  (b. Dec 1875, d 1940 Patiala, INDIA) on 1 Feb 1909  married Emma Constance Couper LLOYD (b.19 Feb 1891 Secunderabad, Madras INDIA, 2nd child of Walter John LLOYD and Henrietta Rebecca nee COURT) . There are 4 known JAMES children:

  1. Gladys Kathleen James b. 16 Dec 1909, d 15 Apr 1964 Daw Park, SA, AUS; married Alistair Charles Lionel AUSTIN and they came to South Australia in 1955.

  2. Albert (Bertie) Walter James b. 18 May 1912; married ?? in England and has 2 daughters who wish to know more of him and his siblings.

  3. Aileen (Tutu) Muriel Constance James b. 24 Sep 1918 d. 24 Feb 1994 Kalamunda Hospital, WA AUS, married Norman MURDEN (b 21 Nov)

  4. John Frederick James b. 1921. died aged 2 in India

Next Generation

Kathleen Gladys JAMES (b. 16 Dec 1909 Chittoor, IND d. 15 Apr 1964 Daw Park, SA, AUS) married Alistair Charles Lionel AUSTIN Occ: Inspector of Telephones, (b. 18 Mar 1906 Ghorpuri, IND d. 5 Feb 1982 Adelaide, SA AUS) on 23 Apr 1928 Madras, INDIA, , children:

  1. Joan Helen Sheila AUSTIN b. 16 Nov 1928 Calcutta, INDIA d. 15 Nov 1993 Mitcham, SA, AUS 

  2. Gene Oscar AUSTIN b. 26 Apr 1930 Ghorpuri, INDIA d. 2005 QLD AUS

  3. Dorothy Priscilla AUSTIN b. 3 Jul 1932 Hubli, INDIA,

  4. Carl Desmond AUSTIN b. 20 Jun 1933 Hubli, INDIA

  5. Janet Marlene AUSTIN (b. 24 May 1934 Pakala, INDIA,  d. 27 Aug 2007)

  6. not known AUSTIN

  7. George Brian AUSTIN b. 16 Jul 1937 Bangalore, IND 

  8. Faye Margaret Ursula AUSTIN b. 25 Jun 1940 Ghorpuri or Pakala, INDIA d. 12 Jun 2001 Noarlunga, SA, AUS

  9. Cedric Garth AUSTIN b. 17 Jul 1944 Hubli, INDIA

  10. still born AUSTIN

  11. Peter Lionel AUSTIN b. 1 Nov 1952 Ghorpuri, INDIA d. 13 Jun 1997 Bondi, NSW, AUS

Aileen (Tutu) Muriel Constance JAMES b. 24 Sep 1918 d. 24 Feb 1994 Kalamunda Hospital, WA AUS, married Norman MURDEN (b 21 Nov), went to Lincolnshire in early 1950ís and lived about 12 months with her brother Bertie and his family, 3 children:

  1. Kensley MURDEN b. 30 Sep,

  2. Peter Murden b 15 Sept,

  3. John Murden. Kensley m. Alan GRIVELL and they had: Bryan GRIVELL  b. Adelaide, SA AUS,  Wendy GRIVELL b. 6 Nov ??  Adelaide, SA AUS,  Susan GRIVELL b. Adelaide, SA AUS.



info submitted by  vivianlawless@supanet.com 

John JAMES,  Sgt 8th HM Regiment, married Mary ?, children:

  1. John JAMES (b12/8/1815)

Next Generation

John JAMES married Hanna FREEMAN (b1830) Band Master., .HHRajah of Puddacotta, children:

  1. John Robert JAMES (born 1851) married Emile FOX. D/OHenry Fox. Asst Band Master HH Raja of Puddacottah at ST Georges Cathederal Madras children: Victoria. Married Mr Cowie , Grace.    Msiired. William James Trower, one name unknown.Married Mr Philips, Gertrude. Married John Percival Trower, Mabel.    Married Fred Merit Hubert(Sonny)

Next Generation

John Robert JAMES (born 1851) married Emile FOX, daughter of Henry Fox, .Asst Band Master HH Raja of Puddacottah, at St Georges Cathederal Madras children:

  1. Victoria JAMES

  2. Grace JAMES

  3. Amie JAMES

  4. Gertrude Maude JAMES

  5. Mabel JAMES

Next Generation

Victoria JAMES married Mr COWIE,


Grace JAMES married  William James TROWER


Amie JAMES married Mr ? PHILIPS,


Gertrude Maude JAMES married John Percival LAWLESS, children:

  1. Edwin James Richard LAWLESS born.1909 married H. Holder. children Margaret and Elvis

  2. Margaret LAWLESS married Donald Mictich

  3. Elvis LAWLESS married Mary, children : Marina and Anita.

Mabel JAMES married Fred Merit HUBERT (Sonny)



from Bas Thyer 

?? JAMES married ??, children:

  1. Henry JAMES (b??)

Next Generation

Henry JAMES married Margaret KERR, children:

  1. Enid JAMES (1891)

  2. Ernest JAMES (1893)

  3. Henry JAMES (1894)

  4. Dorothy JAMES (1896)

  5. Beryl JAMES (1901)

  6. Ruth JAMES (1903)

  7. Cicely JAMES (1905)

Next Generation

Enid JAMES (b1891) married Harry WATERLOW, then Oliver Howard-Smith.


Ernest JAMES born 1893 married Sheila CURRAN.


Henry JAMES born1894 married Gladys Van MILDER.


Dorothy JAMES born1896 married John FREEBOURN.


Beryl JAMES born 1901 married Will ROOSE.


Ruth JAMES born 1903 married Don FITZPATRICK.


Cicely JAMES born1905 married William THYER (my parents), children:

  1. Basil Thyer


info from Irene

?? JAMES married ??, children:

  1. Rachel JAMES (b??)

Next Generation

Rachel JAMES married John GONSALVES, children :

  1. Helen

  2. Alfred

  3. John

  4. Pearl

  5. Cyril

  6. Joseph


?? JAMES married ??, children:

  1. Penny JAMES (b??)

Next Generation

Penny JAMES married Edwin COTTER, children

  1. Fiona, 

  2. Tina, 

  3. Edwin (Jnr), 

  4. Angela


?? JAMES married ??, children:

  1. Aileen Constance JAMES (b??)

Next Generation

Aileen Constance JAMES married Malcolm Joseph REARDON (both deceased in Adelaide), children :

  1. Ronald Joseph REARDON

  2. Ann REARDON

  3. Marion REARDON

  4. Dennis Joseph REARDON


info from Marie James mariegunnion@hotmail.com

?? JAMES married ??, children:

  1. Patrick JAMES

Next Generation

Patrick JAMES married Marie GUNNION

  1. Rowan Patrick James (b 2004)


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