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info from Blake Reardon

?? REARDON married ??, children:

  1. George Reardon

Next Generation

George REARDON married Val ??, Children:

  1. David REARDON

  2. Ian REARDON

  3. Barry REARDON

  4. Sue REARDON

  5. Tania REARDON

Next Generation

Married Ann MULLIGAN, Children:

  1. Blake REARDON


Information provided by:  Dennis Joseph Reardon

? REARDON of Madras married ??, children : 

  1. Douglas Reardon, 

  2. Joseph Reardon, 

  3. Ralph Reardon

( cousins of Malcolm Joseph REARDON)

Next Generation

Douglas REARDON married Doris LaRIVE

Malcolm Joseph REARDON (d Adelaide) married Aileen Constance JAMES (b 24/9/1911, d 24/1/1994 Adelaide), children

  1. Ronald Joseph Reardon 

  2. Ann Cecilia Reardon 

  3. Marion Joan Reardon 

  4. Dennis Joseph Reardon

Ronald Joseph Reardon married Hyacinth QUENTAL and have 1 son:  

  1. Michael Joseph Reardon

Ann Cecilia REARDON married Harry BRAYSHAW, 1 son 

  1. Peter John Brayshaw married Kathy Lampard

Marion Joan REARDON  married Alfred D'SYLVA , 1 son 

  1. Andrew Paul D'Sylva.

Dennis Joseph Reardon married Christina Marie Chandra Roy, 1 son 

  1. Aaron Joseph Reardon.

Next Generation

Michael Joseph REARDON married Gina BASSO and they have one daughter

  1. Siobhan Alexandra Reardon (born on 12 October 2000)


info from

?? REARDON married ??, children:

  1. Patrick Reardon

Patrick came from a family of 5 brothers and 5 sisters, his Mother (my grandmother died at 100 years old) in fact all his brothers and sisters are now gone, my Dad , the youngest and the last to go. He was very artistic and sold quite a few of his paintings, he lived a good life, had 9 grandsons and one granddaughter.

Next Generation

Patrick St. Albans REARDON (b 21/10/1899 Nagpur, d 1968, school St. Francis DeSales Nagpur, worked for Calcutta Customs 1925-50  )on 7/10/1929 at St Thomas, Middleton Row married Gwendolyn Marie KEANE (b 28/7/1903 Khargpur, d 17/7/1956 US, worked with the American Red Cross 1944 -1945 in Calcutta), family left India for US in1950 and settled in California, children:

  1. Patrick St. Albans Reardon (Paddy) (b 5/11/1930, d 23/9/1975 USA, school St.Josephs Convent Chandanagore, St.Joseph college Nanital, St.Joseph college Coonoor)

  2. Christine Reardon (b 30/12/1933, Calcutta, d 2/5/1949 Calcutta. St.Joseph convent Coonoor, St.Joseph Convent Kalimpong, St.Joseph convent Bankipore, Patna)

  3. Valerie Anne Reardon

  4. Daniel St.Albans Reardon (b 15/2/1939 Calcutta, d 12/1/2003 California)

Next Generation

Patrick St. Albans Reardon (Paddy) (b 5/11/1930, d 23/9/1975 USA, school St.Josephs Convent Chandanagore, St.Joseph college Nanital, St.Joseph college Coonoor) married  Jeanne PERNAU, children:

  1. Patrick Reardon (deceased)

  2. Michael Reardon,

  3. Mark Reardon

  4. Benon Reardon (deceased)

Valerie Anne REARDON  on 26/11/1955 married Rocco Joseph LOGOZZO , 4 children, 11 grandchildren and 2 great grand daughters:

  1. Rocco Logozzo

  2. Vincent Logozzo

  3. Michael Logozzo

  4. Cristina Anne Logozzo

        (info from )

Daniel St. Albans Reardon (b 15/2/1939 Calcutta, d 12/1/2003 California. Studied at St. Georges Manor House. St. Joseph College. Coonoor)  married Kathleen ??, children:

  1. Sean St. Albans Reardon

  2. Suzanne Reardon


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