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?? FOX married ??, children:

  1. Barbara Fox

Next Generation

Barbara FOX married Oscar D'CUNHA. (after Barbara died, Oscar married Barbara NEWMAN)


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?? FOX married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Fox (b ??1799)

Next Generation

Thomas FOX (b 1799) married ??, children:

  1. Rebecca Fox (b1806 in Bellary, Madras, India. Rebecca was baptized in Bellary, Madras, India on 10 Aug 1806.)

Next Generation 

Rebecca FOX (b 1806 in Bellary, Madras, India. Rebecca was baptized in Bellary, Madras, India on 10 Aug 1806). On 22 May 1833 when John was 27, she in Bellary, Madras, India, married John AITKINS (b1806 in Trichinopoly, Madras, India. John was baptized in Trichinopoly, Madras, India on 2 Jul 1806) . They had the following children:

  1. John William Matthew Aitkins (1834-)

  2. Frederick Vincent Stark Aitkins (1838-1890)

  3. Charles Samuel Aitkins (1840-)

  4. Charlotte Aitkins . Born on 21 Mar 1842 in Bellary, Madras, India. Charlotte was baptized in Bellary, India on 24 Mar 1842.

  5. Donald Fox Thomas Aitkins . Born on 28 Jun 1843 in Bellary, Madras, India. Donald Fox Thomas was baptized in Bellary, Madras, India on 31 Jul 1843.

  6. Charlotte Edith Rebecca Aitkins . Born on 24 Jun 1846. Charlotte Edith Rebecca was baptized in Bellary India on 13 Dec 1846.

  7. Daniel Abraham Aitkins (1850-1917)

  8. Ambrose Robert George. Born on 12 Sep 1854. Ambrose Robert George was baptized in Pallaveram India on 6 Dec 1854.


?? FOX married ??, children:

  1. Henry Fox (Drum Major)

Next Generation

Henry FOX (Drum Major) married Elizabeth ?, children: 

  1. Alexander Benjamin FOX (became a Magistrate) (b 1840, bap. 10 Jan 1841 @ Chunar, bap. Chunar church)

Next Generation

Alexander Benjamin FOX (Magistrate) married Evelyn Maud MILLS 1862 @ Bengal Presidency (1862-

Benjamin A FOX to Joelina (??) A MILLS - Vol 102 folio 647 )

Archibald D FOX (b1869, baptised 15 Oct. @ Sialkot Punjab ~ died 1950 @ Lahore, Punjab (post partition) Occupation: Head clerk in Military accounts dept., church official in Lahore cathedral) married  Elsie PINTO, md. 20 Dec 1901 @ Buldana, Maharashtra-)

Conway FOX 18 Nov 1904, baptised 22/3/05 @ Rawalpindi * ~ died 1971 @ Auckland NZ#1227 (Occupation: Clerk military accounts dept.)

Myrtle Alice FOX (b 1912, baptised 10/11/1912 @ Lahore * ~ died 4 Dec 1990 @ Greenlane hospital NZ*, married  Henry V O WATERS on 16 Dec1936 @ Lahore Cathedral * Punjab, children:

  1. Rosemary E WATERS b 1937, baptised 20 Dec. 1937 @ Lahore ~ 265 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland 1309, married Neville THOMAS,  md. 2 May 1959 @ St.Columba,  Grey Lynn *NZ#6788-)

* indicates I have certificate or copy of entry. Compiled by: Neville J THOMAS


info from Bas Thyer, and John FOX 

?? FOX married ??, children:

  1. Sidney Fox

Next Generation

Sidney FOX married Daisy KERR b.1879, Child:   

  1. Jocelyn Errol FOX (educated in England and married and lived in West Indies, Trinidad, Jamaica. Went on to live in Malawi Africa and subsequently returned to England.)

Next Generation

Jocelyn Errol FOX married Joyce Mildred LITTLEPAGE and had 3 children, All Living in England with children of their own.

  1. John FOX

  2. Richard FOX

  3. Diana FOX


?? FOX married ??, children:

  1. Fred Fox

Next Generation

Fred FOX of Chaubiettna Ramekhit-- Color Sergt-1st South L.Regt. married Agnes Letitia ??, children:

  1. William Campbell FOX born July 8, 1882, baptised at Ranekhet on Sept 1,1882 , Chaplain W C BELL

Charles James FOX, mechanic of Calcutta, married Matilda ??, children:

  1. Mary Ann Tulip FOX born May 22 1882, baptised at Mission Church, Calcutta, Fort William, on July 10 1882

George FOX, Guard T.S.Railway, married  Sarah??, children:

  1. Percy David FOX born Morufferpore Nov 9, 1882, baptised at Somastipore, on July 23, 1882, chaplain: J.Richardson, A.C.S.


?? FOX married ??, children:

  1. William Henry Fox

Next Generation

William Henry FOX married ???, children:

  1. John FOX

Next Generation

John FOX married (1st marriage) ???

John FOX full age, widower, D. supt of jail, Alipore married on 3/5/1884 at Burdwan (2nd marriage, by banns) Ethel SANKEY, full age, spinster, of Chenawah. father: John Sankey. witnesses: John Fox, E Sankey. (Film#0510872-Vol 187 Jan-Jun 1884)


?? FOX married ??, children:

  1. Henry Fox

Next Generation

Henry FOX married ??, children:

  1. Emile FOX

Next Generation

Emile FOX married John Robert JAMES (born 1851), Asst Band Master HH Raja of Puddacottah, at St Georges Cathedral Madras children:

  1. Victoria JAMES married Mr Cowie ,

  2. Grace JAMES married  William James Trower

  3. ?? JAMES, one name unknown married Mr Philips,

  4. Gertrude JAMES married John Percival Trower,

  5. Mabel JAMES married Fred Merit Hubert (Sonny)


? FOX married ??, children:

  1. Clement Anthony FOX

Next Generation

Clement Anthony FOX married Ivy Florizal JOHNSON : children:  

  1. Maisie FOX

Next Generation

Maisie FOX married George William RUSSELL (b1919, d 21/12/2004 Perth), children:

  1. Babsy Russell

  2. Patrick Randolph Russell 

  3. Miriam Russell 

  4. Cedric Robert Allan Russell

  5. Barbara Thelma Russell 

  6. Margaret Russell

  7. Tommy Russell 

  8. Kevin Hugh Russell


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