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Hello, Im contacting you to ask if you are able to find out about my family tree in India. Thomas Russell was my great grandfather born 1855 and was Anglo Indian. We know he was a jailer in Rajamundry. Im trying to trace who his father was. I was born in West Bengal ( Kharagpur) in Sept 1945 to an anglo indian mother, and father who was serving in the RAF.(British) Mothers name was Naomi Wilkins. Her mother Lillian Olivier Wilkins. This is the side that we dont have much information about- namely who the father is of Thomas Russell. How do we find this out please? We have been to the India information here in the UK but the only likelihood that we came up with was Thomas Jenkin Russell who served in the army. This needs to be clarified more and I would really appreciate finding out more. regards Angela Chandler 


?? RUSSELL married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Russell

Next Generation

Thomas RUSSELL married Victoria Eva ?, children:

  1. Matilda Mary Russell (b 23 May 1887 Cocanada, Madras)

  2. Lilian Olivia Russell (b 1 Sep 1888 Rajahmundry)

  3. Herbert Thomas Russell (b 9 Feb 1894 Rajahmundry)

  4. Rupert Randolph Russell (b 27 Dec 1895 Rajahmundry)

  5. Frederick Victor Russell (b 26 Jun 1897 Vellore)



?? RUSSELL married ??, children:

  1. Charles Russell

Next Generation

Charles RUSSELL married Elizabeth ??,(b 1780, d Mar 1824 Bangalore, age 44) children:

  1. Mary Russell (b 5 Sep 1815 Bangalore, d 28/11/1835)

  2. Jane Russell (b 1 Apr 1817 Bangalore)

  3. William Russell (b 26 Dec 1820 Bangalore)

Next Generation

Mary RUSSELL (b 15/9/1815 Bangalore, d 28/11/1835) on 21/7/1830 at St Marks Church Bangalore married James (MacGregor) FERGUSON (b.c. Barony Lanarkshire Scotland Oct 1801) In November 1820 joined the 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys). On 25th July 1828 he was transferred to the 13th Light Dragoons Serial Number 256 and went to India. On 1st March 1840 he was transferred to the 15th Kings Hussars. He was discharged on medical grounds on 18th January 1848 and on 25/4/1848 received a pension TNA Reference - WO/120 Vol 69 p.52 Queen's Pensioner. Died 11th January 1849 and was buried in St Marks Cemetery Bangalore India. – Their Children:

  1. Jane Ferguson (b 2 Sep 1831)

  2. Isabella Ferguson (b 25 Oct 1833, d 8 April 1872. In 1850, Isabella became a mistress at Mitralaya Girl's High School at 3 Mission Rd, Bangalore which was built in 1842.

  3. Adelaide Ferguson (b 21 Nov 1835, d 22 Nov 1835)


info from ;

?? RUSSELL married ??, children:

  1. Douglas Russell (born 27.07.1950 – Jabalpur)

Next Generation

Douglas RUSSELL (born 27.07.1950 – Jabalpur) on 19.05.1979 at Scared Heat Church, Dharamtolla, Kolkata, married Iona POPE (born 15.10.60, at Chennai (Madras) , Children:

  1. Geraldine Russell (born 29.01.1980), Kolkata, West Bengal, India

  2. Leon Russell (born 11.02.1984), Kolkata, West Bengal, India


?? RUSSELL married ??, children:

  1. Alfred Russell

Next Generation

Alfred RUSSELL married ?  in England (she was previously married to a BERTON, and later on married (3rd marriage) TATHAM ): children.

  1. Thomas William RUSSELL (born 1888)

Next Generation

Sgt. SNTC Thomas William RUSSELL (born 1888) on  2/9/1918 married Mabel Laura Anna FERNANDEZ (born 11th Nov1896. Mabel’s father was Stanislaus Fernandez.), children:

  1. George William Russell (born 29/4/1919, d 21/12/2004 Perth. George was orphaned at the age of about 2 and was brought up by his grand parents. He studied under the Jesuits and distinguished himself in various fields. He served in the British Army in the 2nd world war in the middle east.)

Next Generation

George William RUSSELL (born 29/4/1919, d 21/12/2004 Perth) married Maisie Yvonne FOX (born 25/5/1924) on 16/8/1941 at Madras. children :

  1. Bernadette Yvette Russell (Babsie)(b 1944 Madras)

  2. Michael Alistair Russell (b 24/9/1945, d 24/9/1945 Madras)

  3. Cedric Robert Allan Russell (b 1947 Madras)

  4. Patrick Owen Randolph Russell (b 1949 Madras)

  5. Anthony Maxwell Russell (Tony) (b 1951 Madras)

  6. Miriam Anne Russell  (b 1952 Madras)

  7. Thomas Gerard Russell (Tommy) (b 1954 Madras)

  8. Margaret Audrey Russell (b 1955 Madras)

  9. Barbara Thelma Russell  (b 1956 Madras)

  10. Kevin Hugh Russell (b 1959 Madras)

  11. Geraldine Rosalind Russell (b 1963 Madras)

  12. Maria Antoinette Russell (b 1968, d 5/5/1969)

Next Generation

Cedric Robert Allan Russell (b 1947 Madras) married Sigrid Shepard on 29/9/1973, now divorced. Children:

  1. Sean Russell (b 1974 Madras)

  2. Alistair Russell (b 1979 Madras, d 5/10/1979)

Patrick Owen Randolph RUSSELL (b 1949 Madras) on 23/4/1977 married Colette Mary FONCECA, Children:

  1. Kevin Russell (b 1978 Perth)

  2. Steven Russell (b1982 Perth)

  3. Alison Russell  (b 1987 Perth)

  4. Amanda Russell  (b 1989 Perth)

  5. Dean Russell (b 1990 Perth)

Anthony Maxwell Russell (Tony) (b 1951 Madras) on 20/6/1992 in Perth, married Carol WILLS, children:

  1. Christopher Russell (b 1993 Perth)

  2. Charlene Russel (still born May 1994, Perth)

  3. Matthew Russell (b 1996 Perth)

  4. Ashley Russell (b 1998 Perth)

Miriam RUSSELL (b 1952 Madras) on 10/12/1982 in Perth, married Derek MARKLEW, children

  1. Melissa Marklew (b 1985 Perth)

  2. Marcelle Marklew (b 1986 Perth)

  3. Marina Marklew (b 1988 Perth)

Thomas Gerard Russell (Tommy) (b 1954 Madras) on 5/1/1985 in Madras, married Desiree RODGERS, children:

  1. Davin Russell (b 1985 Madras)

  2. Sien Russell (b 1992 Madras)

  3. Athena Russell (b 1996 Madras)

Margaret Audrey Russell (b 1955 Madras) on 24/4/1982 in Madras, married Jerome D'ROZARIO, children:

  1. Andrew Russell (b 1987 Perth)

Kevin Hugh RUSSELL (b 1959 Madras) on 15/9/1990 in Perth, married Barbara Antoinette MATHIAS, children:

  1. Sheldon Russell (b 1996 Perth)

Geraldine Rosalind RUSSELL (b 1963 Madras) on 14/1/1989 in Perth,  married Russel FOX, children:

  1. Katrina Fox (b 1993 Perth)

  2. Larissa Fox (b 1996 Perth)

  3. Miranda Fox (b 1998 Perth)

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